Franchise & Yung x Nick Greer - 3 EP

11/18/2011 22:00:00 PM

The 3 EP by 3 (Franchise & Yung x Nick Greer)The homies, Franchise & Yung, have teamed up with Nick Greer of Mantis to bring you 3, an EP featuring rhymes from all three artists and production from Franchise and Nick. For the intuitive few that ...

I Got Swag, Because Everybody Needs Toucan Stubs

11/02/2011 16:06:00 PM

Herman Cain - Everybody Needs Toucan StubsRick Perry - Save A Pretzel For The Gas JetsMitt Romney - Stuff The Ice ChestCheck out all the BadLipReading videos. Shit's hilarious.

The Sunday Soapbox - CQ Muzik & t.h.e. MisFit Crazy 8

10/16/2011 16:03:00 PM

The Sunday SoapBox by CQ & t.h.e. MisFit Crazy-8The Sunday Soapbox is one of those conceptual projects that works in part because its vision is not over-thought. A mix of honesty and tongue-in-cheek humor, the tape is meant to be a soundtrack ...

sOuL - The Unspoken Word

10/03/2011 14:25:00 PM

Oakland, CA based MC, sOuL just released his newest project, a 7 track EP called The Unspoken Word. We were introduced to the artist through a dope video for the album's single, "I Am You". Check it out below. sOuL - "I Am You"Although perhaps ...

Featured Artist: Kim D

09/01/2011 13:12:00 PM

I randomly stumbled across Kim D's mixtape In My Lane several months back in an intense interweb surfing session. Turns out she had made the move to Houston from Tallahassee, Florida just four days earlier. A minute into listening to the tape's ...

07/21 REAL Hip Hop and Rhythm & Blues ft. Fullmetal F dot & The Bandtastic Four + Lee-Lonn + Marx De Lux + CHANE @ The Mink Backroom

07/21/2011 18:33:00 PM

Trackstar Laxative is proud to present our first sponsored show tonight at The Mink Backroom. We've been involved in the planning and development of other shows, but we are official sponsors of this one. The line-up represents some of Houston's ...

Don't you Understand? Nobody Canna Cross It!

06/27/2011 17:55:00 PM

6/08 Creme de la Creme w/ Killa Kyleon, Hollywood FLOSS, B L A C K I E, Elroy Boogie & Ipod Ammo @ HoB

06/06/2011 20:58:00 PM

Donnis is not back in H again on Wednesday. This time he's touring in promotion of his latest mixtape Southern Lights, but will not be making that tour stop in Houston this Wednesday as planned. ** Due to, what we've been told are, unforeseen ...

Trackstar Laxative Interviews: Cooley Kimble

06/03/2011 22:58:00 PM

My man Cooley Kimble seems to wear sun glasses- a lot. I mean, I assume he does, because the two times I've seen him have both been at night, and he had them on the entire time. Experience has taught me that if you wear shades at night you likely ...

6/02 Turnin' Headz One Year Anniversary Show @ The Mink Backroom

06/01/2011 20:59:00 PM

Awwww, Houston's monthly hip hop showcase, Turnin' Headz, is turning one. My, how they grow so fast. That Purple Bastard, who puts on TH, has recently started booking artists from other cities and states for the showcase and has been asked to ...