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Getting Pretty Alpha

04/18/2014 10:01:22 AM

I guess I made some bad design decisions early on which have taught me to take longer designing any future project before I start hacking away at the code. However, I didn’t set out to write a full game. I thought … Continue reading ...

The Mike Harding Conundrum

04/17/2014 07:02:44 AM

Mike Harding seems to be following me. Or I’m following him. The least likely answer is that there exists some strange quirk about the great universal cog that makes Mike Harding decide to visit Manchester’s Waterstones whenever I’m there. ...

So that was a Monday….

04/14/2014 21:00:34 PM

It’s the end of what was a cruel day in which I ultimately gave in to the world. A bad photo of myself is now out there, not that it matters to anybody but myself and I doubt if anybody … Continue reading →No visits yet


04/14/2014 06:07:20 AM

Terrible night’s sleep. Couldn’t rid myself of my self-loathing and sheer nervous worry about this job and their demand that I provide a photograph of myself. This morning, I’m utterly tired of being me, of having thoughts, ideas, feelings, ...

I Think Therefore I’m Not…

04/13/2014 18:36:19 PM

At some point in the past decade introversion was criminalised. Being what was called ‘an introvert’ somehow became synonymous with old hackneyed phrases much loved by the media such as ‘loner’ and ‘misfit’. ‘Oh, he liked to keep ...

The Best Mouse I Ever Owned

04/09/2014 08:24:37 AM

My beloved laser mouse has died. It was a ten year old Logitech RAG97 and simply the best mouse I’ve ever owned. I’ve just checked the websites and £50+ for the latest model is just too much, especially since I … Continue reading → ...


04/03/2014 07:35:08 AM

Dear Blog, I know I’ve not written in quite a long time but there haven’t been enough hours in the day to do everything I’ve wanted to do. I think things went crazy when I discovered Unity. Unity, if you … Continue reading →(Visit ...

Some New Tory Posters

03/20/2014 09:25:41 AM

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A Drawing About Hammers

03/19/2014 14:13:28 PM

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Another Guardian Comment Bites The Dust

03/19/2014 12:18:43 PM

I left a comment over at The Guardian which has now been censored like so many others when a nobody dares question a celebrity. However, I don’t see why my carefully chosen words can’t find a home here and it … Continue reading →(Vi ...

Stop the world etc.

03/18/2014 14:25:39 PM

First of all, just to keep up with the moronic zeitgeist, I thought I better post this video. It might well be the most nauseating thing I’ve seen this year. And when you consider some of the nauseating things I’ve … Continue reading ...

Programming Android: Three Weeks On

03/15/2014 12:46:16 PM

As much as I hate to admit it, I think I’ve finished my app. It’s a proper monstrosity of bad design, hastily drawn graphics and butchered code but in the space of less than a month I’ve gone from not … Continue reading →(Visited 1 ...

David is now online…

03/14/2014 06:20:20 AM

Time. There’s never enough of it and never enough to do all the things I intend to do in a single day. Something always has to suffer and it’s usually the thing that’s most pleasurable, such as writing a decent … Continue reading ...

Blood Blister

03/13/2014 07:22:49 AM

My chair is fixed. I’m not so certain about my body. It took me a few hours yesterday to remove the old bolt from the seat. There was about half an inch of threaded end stuck in the hole and … Continue reading →(Visited 1 times, 1 vis ...

Some Thoughts on Bob Crow

03/12/2014 07:49:42 AM

Hemingway wrote whilst standing up. He wasn’t the only writer to do so. Perhaps it accounts for something special in his writing, his characteristic stocky phrases or the muscular pull of his lines. I don’t write standing up but perhaps ...

Hey Bob! Here’s More Self-Centred Waffling

03/11/2014 06:54:25 AM

An anonymous Bob, from, left a comment this morning accusing me of ‘self-centred waffling’. It’s always a little unsettling getting such an anonymous comment, though thankfully, in this case, Bob’s IP address included what ...

Cartoon: New Ideas in Horror

03/06/2014 06:52:08 AM

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Deep in Geekdom

03/04/2014 07:09:54 AM

My brain imploded the moment I tried to do something which was just far too advanced for its limited ability. It involved strange ugly creatures that lurk in the deep places of the Java programming language; exotic elaborations of inconceivably ...

Cartoon: The Selfie

03/04/2014 06:09:13 AM

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02/24/2014 09:19:53 AM

I don’t want to ignore the blog at the expense of the app but, over the weekend, I definitely became more serious about the work I’m doing with Android. I actually found myself adding comments to my code. It’s a … Continue reading ...

Android Programming: Day 3… Bright Colours

02/22/2014 07:54:50 AM

Yesterday morning I was pretty delighted by my progress and intended to make my humble app a little more functional. This morning I’m just exhausted. Yesterday was crazy ambitious even by my standards of blindly leaping into things without ...

Android Programming: Day 2… (Yes, this blog post is really going to be that exciting!)

02/21/2014 07:26:29 AM

Sadly, there’s been no word from Joleen, she of the big boobs and even bigger butt, but I have managed to create a SQL database inside Android, so you needn’t be too downhearted. [Counts to three before he opens his … Continue reading ...


02/20/2014 06:43:54 AM

Joleen found me via Facebook, though I don’t really use Facebook but she was excited nonetheless. She thought I was cute, though my picture doesn’t appear anywhere. But that was okay. She wanted to share some hot photos with me … Continue ...

Vegetable Slicing and the Symbolic Castration of Ant & Dec

02/18/2014 11:28:18 AM

Men of the world unite! Either Ant or Dec has chopped off the top of his thumb and, oh, what a fine time it is to be a man, when the best among us has done what we all aspire … Continue reading →(Visited 4 times, 1 visits today)

Movie Poster for a Modern Classic

02/17/2014 08:37:13 AM

Another Michael Gove Cartoon

02/17/2014 07:52:35 AM

Monday. I’m not sure what the hell I’m doing. I didn’t intend to draw another of these ‘Great Figures of State’ cartoons, though I liked the idea of doing a series of them and I thought it would give me … Continue reading →(Vi ...

Great Figures of State: George Osborne

02/16/2014 07:59:41 AM

I drew a quick Nixon caricature for yesterday’s blog post but I was so underwhelmed with the result that I decided not to publish it. It would have looked woeful at the head of a post where I was also … Continue reading →(Visited 3 ti ...

Nixon’s The One: Review

02/15/2014 08:52:31 AM

Watching the third part of Sky Art’s sublime ‘Nixon’s The One’ last night, I realised that the show really isn’t about the words. It’s about the silences. The words themselves are the actual words taken from the secret White House ...

The Hairy Cornflake Effect

02/14/2014 07:10:50 AM

I shouldn’t eat cheese late at night, though it’s rare that I do. I can’t recall the last time I did eat cheese so close to my bedtime but around 10pm last night I was offered a quality cheese and … Continue reading →(Visited 7

Winter Sport

02/13/2014 07:38:02 AM

Not my best but last night I was hugely tired and my eyes were aching, probably from too much drawing.

Two Bogies in a Storm

02/12/2014 14:17:50 PM

Tonight, as I sit under this Red Alert issued by the Met Office, I’ve been watching ‘Treasure of the Sierre Madre’, which I’m pretty certain is my favourite film of all time. I’m a big John Huston fan and I … Conti

Storm Latest: Cameron Ready To Make Tough Decisions

02/12/2014 11:34:58 AM

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Cartooning Hell: Even A Rejection Would Be Nice

02/12/2014 08:11:27 AM

Plenty of outgoing emails this morning and, so far, only one automated response suggesting that I’d managed to hit the nerve feeding raw photographs from field reporters straight into a newspaper’s command centre. My cartoon will clearly ...

The Finest Thing

02/11/2014 10:13:36 AM

If you read my blog regularly (allow me to enjoy that small fantasy), you’ll know that there are many things that annoy me about the internet and about culture in general. I’m a hardened cynic in most things. Yet, occasionally, … Co

The Square Root of -1

02/11/2014 09:29:19 AM

Christ, I think I just have luck so complex and bad that it can only be expressed as the square root of a negative number. I woke up this morning about 7am with an idea rattling around in my head. … Continue reading →(Visited 6 times, 3 ...

Big in Egypt

02/11/2014 04:00:40 AM

The internet is sometimes just strap-yourself-in crazy. Overnight I became a big player in Egyptian cyber activism. I say ‘big’ meaning a few thousand page views shortly before midnight. I say ‘I’ meaning Richard Madeley became a big ...


02/10/2014 11:51:12 AM

Floods everywhere and never have I felt this lucky to live on high ground. I once read that we live at the same level as the top of Blackpool Tower, which seems the place to be now that The Flood … Continue reading →(Visited 4 times, 4 ...

The Flappy Bird Leaderboard: A Roster of the World’s Biggest Scoundrels?

02/10/2014 05:08:51 AM

There are lots of things to be angry about. Barely a day passes when I don’t open a newspaper and heave a heavy curse about humanity’s propensity towards wickedness. The world is filled with high profile people it’s easy to … Continue ...


02/09/2014 17:53:30 PM

Posting this two minutes to midnight, just in time to save the day and say that I blogged. I didn’t post earlier, though I had big ambitions this morning. I wrote 1000 words and I thought they were good words, … Continue reading →(Vis ...

The Slim Hope

02/08/2014 07:01:34 AM

I’ve already put in four solid hours today and I really should take the time to stop and write a blog post. Yesterday was so busy, I finally fell asleep around 1am, drawing a cartoon as I tried to watch … Continue reading →(Visited 6 ...

The New Flood Barrier

02/07/2014 04:05:09 AM

A quick Eric Pickles cartoon. I didn’t bother sending this anywhere…

Storm Update Cartoon

02/06/2014 13:11:19 PM

From Steve Bell to My @MartinRowson Moment and then Nixon’s The One

02/06/2014 05:52:44 AM

I drew a cartoon for today but I liked it so much that in a moment of deluded arrogance I sent it off to The Guardian’s Comment is Free hoping the catch the attention of the cartoon editor. Had I … Continue reading →(Visited 9 times, 1 ...

The Modern King

02/05/2014 06:28:08 AM

Yesterday I spent the entire day making a video as part of my ongoing commitments to the real world. At the moment, hope doesn’t spring in my life. It trickles… It is ball breaking work and I’ll be spending today … Continue reading ...

Things Here and Elsewhere

02/04/2014 06:51:40 AM

If you click here, you can read another ‘View from Civic Hall’ I wrote for The Pangolin and I drew this for ‘Red All Over The Land’.

A New Michael Gove Cartoon

02/04/2014 03:35:47 AM

Too much? Maybe it is but Gove rubs me up the wrong way. The notion that pupils should be in school more goes against everything I think about education. There is a need for progressive reform but there’s nothing progressive … Continue ...

A Summary Judgement About Judgements

02/03/2014 07:19:28 AM

Well the week woke early and immediately leapt out to bite me. Emails came pinging into my inbox around 7am, work being thrown at me from a low cowardly angle whilst a relative chose this morning to inform me that … Continue reading →(V ...

The Problems of a Go-To Guy

02/02/2014 06:36:09 AM

I’m no graphic designer and I have no formal training in graphic design. I do, however, know how to use Photoshop pretty well and I can get pretty polished results very quickly. It means that one of the job’s I’m … Continue reading ...

The Laughs-a-Day Ratio

02/01/2014 08:17:05 AM

There’s something clearly wrong with my mental wiring. I’m not laughing at the right things. Twice in 24 hours I’ve noticed myself clicking on links to things proclaimed ‘hilarious’ and my response to both examples of hilarity was ...

The Month’s End

01/31/2014 13:35:37 PM

Tattooed on the shin I use to kick-start my word-processor each morning is the motto ‘never look at your blog statistics’. Today I ignored the advice of my own shin and looked at my blog’s statistics. Though it’s been a … Continue ...

More Drugs For Justin and God Take Pity on His Soul…

01/31/2014 06:41:50 AM

It takes a complete mastery of the modern telecommunications network to ensure that not much crosses this desk headed with Bieber facts or Bieber news. It means I now know too little about Justin Bieber to make any informed comments … Continue ...

Blog Outage

01/30/2014 13:01:46 PM

You might have noticed that my blog went down. Ironically, it came just three days after I’d recommended my webhost to a friend. ‘Oh, they never have any problems. My blog is usually available 24/7,’ I’d said as hubris sat … Con

Alex Salmond: Bin Dipper?

01/30/2014 06:07:58 AM

For good or for bad, last night’s cartoon. It was one of those nights when two of the day’s news stories seem to demand to be conflated. One was the story that the CPS are no longer going to prosecute … Continue reading →(Visi

A Society of Manners?

01/29/2014 07:32:33 AM

I wrote another polite email last night and re-submitted the best 1400 words I’ve ever written to a newspaper who I thought might print that sort of thing. On reflection, I guess it was a pretty craven thing to do … Continue reading → ...

The Daily Caricature

01/29/2014 06:23:33 AM

Only a couple of days left and I’ll have achieved my goal of drawing a face a night for an entire month. I’ve enjoyed it but perhaps I’ll get back to drawing gag cartoons once we hit February. This one … Continue reading ͛

1400 Pounds

01/28/2014 12:49:54 PM

This just dropped into my inbox and gave me a momentary fright and even shorter delight. Like millions of people, part of the crap I’ve had to endure this week was submitting my self-assessment tax form. It’s always a sobering … Continue ...

Lemon Water

01/28/2014 09:38:17 AM

Still no news from the editor so my 1400 were clearly not the best 1400 I’ve ever written. I’m left sitting here wondering if there was too much style or not enough. Perhaps my style doesn’t make me publishable. I … Continue reading ...

The Pitbull Conundrum

01/27/2014 11:00:03 AM

Well, I’ve still not heard anything about the best 1200 words I’ve ever written. I sent it off yesterday, hoping it might be accepted by the editor in charge but, as yet, nothing. In the meantime, I’ve been giving serious … Continue ...

Writing Again

01/26/2014 08:33:59 AM

I should never drink Pepsi after 8pm. Or perhaps I should always drink Pepsi after 8pm. Last night I drank Pepsi and at 3am this morning, I was furiously hammering away at this keyboard, possessed by the Word God as … Continue reading → ...


01/25/2014 09:11:24 AM

Walking Through My Subconscious With Stephen Fry

01/24/2014 09:32:06 AM

Some days just beg you to cancel everything and punch out for the day. Today has been one of those days. Last night I dreamed good dreams, full of interesting people and interesting things. In my dreams I often live … Continue reading → ...

A Justin Bieber Cartoon

01/24/2014 05:52:28 AM

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Maybe Not Jon Stewart

01/23/2014 13:30:47 PM

Been busy today drawing a comic strip for no known reason beyond the fact that I had an idea for a strip that seemed too good not to draw. It’s good to find myself having ideas again, the positive effect … Continue reading →(Visited 2 ...

Bang, Boff, and Wow!

01/23/2014 07:37:12 AM

It takes a special form of twisted logic to look at the latest crime figures and think they’re a bad thing. However I do find myself looking at the latest crime figures and wondering if a fall in crime is … Continue reading →(Visited 1 ...

The Lib Dem Recruitment Process

01/23/2014 06:24:02 AM

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The Journalist’s Blog

01/22/2014 06:24:08 AM

My feet are cold and this room’s not a fit place to write given that the temperature outside has still to rise about frigid. However, I’ve been avoiding work all morning and I’m not entirely sure why. I know it … Continue reading ...

Hoffman: A Work in Progress

01/21/2014 06:59:36 AM

A Tom Cruise Doodle and a Rant about E-Publishing

01/20/2014 06:52:07 AM

In case you can’t tell, my attempt at drawing a caricature last night was meant to be Tom Cruise. Cruise has always been a challenge and I occasionally come back to give it another try. There’s something about certain (usually … Continue ...

Another LFC Comic Strip

01/20/2014 05:33:49 AM

Given how hectic life was last week, I barely had time to draw my usual strip for the LFC fanzine, Red All Over The Land. However, draw one I did and this was the result.(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

A Bit of Light

01/19/2014 09:05:16 AM

After months of feeling like my ideas were idle moths beating their wings ineffectively inside my skull, I woke up this morning with a dim sense of ideas buzzing again. It was a combination of things yesterday which seemed to … Continue r ...

Just In Time…

01/18/2014 17:48:29 PM

Exhausted last night, I could only manage this hopeless caricature of Michael McIntyre. I was going to make it extremely vulgar but thought better of it. Had I the time today, I would have improved it. As it is, I’ll … Continue reading ...

The Devil Baby

01/17/2014 10:17:59 AM

An Ed Miliband Cartoon feat. Ed The Mighty Balls

01/16/2014 13:29:07 PM

The Hit List

01/15/2014 08:48:20 AM

Oh, how there’s villainy afoot! The poisonous Clinton clan are at it again, playing politics on the clean green lawns of Washington DC… Or so the media would like us to believe. The Clintons might be slinging their faeces around but … ...

A Jeremy Clarkson Cartoon

01/14/2014 06:48:44 AM

Drawn late last night, day 13 of my New Year Resolution to draw a cariacture day. This one was inspired by this story over at The Guardian. As I said over there, what never fails to astonish me as both … Continue reading →(Visited 4 tim ...

Lectures from the Four Million Pound Perch

01/13/2014 10:10:41 AM

There’s something so toad-licked crazy about politics that it makes you fear for the sanity of those addicted to the drug. Down there in the balustraded glens of London’s club land, old men snore amid the walnut and leather in … Continue ...

William Hague Denies UK Torture

01/13/2014 07:09:10 AM

Sunday’s cartoon. Regretted starting the crosshatching about five minutes…(Visited 4 times, 1 visits today)

Some Starkey Attempts

01/12/2014 09:36:12 AM

Good or bad, I intend to post the result of my previous evening drawing session. Last night it was David Starkey. More bad than good this time. I might try this one again…(Visited 3 times, 1 visits today)

Francois Hollande

01/11/2014 11:04:45 AM

The Most Contradictory Rejection Slip Ever?

01/11/2014 09:02:35 AM

Well, I’m having a lousy Saturday. I woke up to the sound of a hail storm and landed downstairs to find some of my proverbial chickens had come home to roost amid the morning mail. To explain as well as … Continue reading →(Visited 2 ...

The Chris Christie Cartoon

01/10/2014 06:55:54 AM

A Boris Doodle

01/09/2014 13:24:02 PM

I wouldn’t normally post something like this but my New Year resolution demands that I do. One caricature a day is my goal and I wasn’t going to miss a day simply because I hadn’t finished it. This was intended … Continue read

My Anecdotl Animation

01/08/2014 10:38:54 AM

A couple of months ago, I was asked to make a small 30 second promo for a new American start-up called I agreed, primarily because they had a great concept and they seemed like solid citizens. And so it … Continue reading ...

An Arbitrary Vince Cable Cartoon

01/08/2014 09:28:03 AM

Random Thoughts on Simon Hoggart and Ronald Searle

01/07/2014 10:03:59 AM

Among friends and family, I always jokingly referred to Simon Hoggart as ‘that swine Hoggart’ but I never really meant any of that. It was comedy anger directed towards a man I enjoyed posing as my nemesis in the field … Continue reading ...

A Cartoon About European Politics

01/07/2014 07:03:33 AM

The Owen Paterson Cartoon

01/06/2014 06:54:04 AM

Day 5 and my New Year’s resolution holds. I managed to doodle this last night after working until 2.30am building a damn website. I also plan to write something this afternoon but we all know what they say about the … Continue reading & ...