Tough Mudder Tips

05/14/2012 13:39:54 PM

I ran my Tough Mudder in the following… Adidas Climacool Fitted Jersey (team uniform). UnderArmour ColdGear long-sleeve top underneath. Brooks quick-drying Running Shorts. UnderArmour ColdGear leggings underneath. A pair of lightweight Nike ...

Tough Mudder 2012 PA #1 – April 29 – Pocono Manor cont’d 3

05/11/2012 21:49:37 PM

And so begins the final chapter of the Tough Mudder saga. Refer to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for the rest of this story. I had just gotten out of the Electric Eel obstacle and felt something similar to a sheet of ice on my chest. In reality, ...

Tough Mudder 2012 PA #1 – April 29 – Pocono Manor cont’d 2

05/07/2012 22:00:54 PM

So we continue with the third chapter (of four) of my Tough Mudder saga. Refer to Part 1 and Part 2 for the rest of this story. And yes, this story deserves four posts. We left off with some slight aches and pains in my joints and me hoping ...

Tough Mudder 2012 PA #1 – April 29 – Pocono Manor cont’d

05/04/2012 07:00:08 AM

We left off Part 1 with a teammate on the ground clutching his ankle, and the frigid waters of the Arctic Enema awaiting. It is here that we pick up the story of our soon-to-be frozen heros: After several minutes and a few photos (must take ...

Tough Mudder 2012 PA #1 – April 29 – Pocono Manor

05/01/2012 13:54:27 PM

I have survived! But did I finish? You’ll have to stick around for the 2-3 posts it’ll take to hear the full tale of my Tough Mudder. Then I’ll follow it up with some tips for future Mudders based on my experience. Well, let’s

It has come.

04/27/2012 21:19:50 PM

Mark your calendars. On Sunday at 8:40 AM, I’ll be at the starting line of the Tough Mudder. If I never post again, you’ll know why. That’ll be all for now.

Tough Mudder Tuesday #5

04/17/2012 13:49:21 PM

Less than two weeks to go and I’m finally kicking my ass into gear. I’ve been lifting, running, or biking almost every day and I’m feeling a little more confident (though not much). My only hope is that I’m not the slowest on

Tough Mudder Tuesday #4

03/28/2012 10:11:34 AM

It has been a rough few weeks for training between what is going on at school and some personal things. I have not run in over a week, and probably only ran once in the week prior to that. I have, however, been strength training a bit here and ...

Prosetentially Famous

03/19/2012 22:16:30 PM

I’m pleased to announce the birth of the creative lovechild of several bloggers, myself included. Teacher Girl and I, in our busy lives,  somehow managed to carry this idea from inception all the way to fruition (quite an accomplishment ...

KONY 2012

03/07/2012 20:33:33 PM

For those of you who have not yet heard of Joseph Kony or the “KONY 2012″ campaign, you will. Even if you turn away from this blog right now, by the end of 2012 you’ll know. About eight years ago, a documentary called “Invisib