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The Pen Guy Moving to

02/11/2013 01:15:00 AM

I finally made the big move from blog spot over to my new word press site at Blog spot was a great place to start blogging about my Mercedes Pens art car and my pen recycling art project but I wanted the flexibility of a self ...

The Pen Guy Art at Tiny Town Cafe | 12-21-12

12/20/2012 22:14:00 PM

I am happy to announce the first and hopefully not the last of my recycled pen art showing at the best little coffee shop in town called tiny town cafe. There will be an art opening tomorrow on 12-21-12, supposedly the end of the world according ...

The Pen Guy Now at

10/30/2012 23:32:00 PM

The pen guy site is now is located at so if you have the old url please change it or else you will be redirected to some Japanese squatter site. Oops I did it again, fell asleep at the switch and lost my url yet ...

How to Repair your 300SD Window Switches

09/27/2012 15:28:00 PM

Do you have a 300SD 126 Mercedes Benz and all of a sudden your window switches decide to quit? Well last night It came to me, why not open up the switch boxes and see whats going inside, maybe its as simple as dirty connectors.I opened these ...

Pens, Pens Pens and more Pens

08/16/2012 12:27:00 PM

I wan to take a moment to thank all those who have donated their used pens in the last couple of months with a post and a picture. Unfortunately I misplaced some of the envelopes and I dont know were they came from to give credit to some of ...

Amazing Recycle Pen Art Showing at the Greentivities Exhibit

07/26/2012 12:22:00 PM

Recycle Pen Art by The Pen Guy - Time WarpI just completed my second recycle pen art project in time to be shown at the Sonoma County Fair exhibit called "Greentivities". “Greentivities”, is a new, fun, interactive, and exciting venue for ...

Pen Art by The Pen Guy Headed to Terracycle

07/19/2012 16:45:00 PM

Pen Art Shipping Container Made from Reclaimed WoodI finally got my act together and sent the first installment of my pen art over to terracycle last Monday. I had been procrastinated for months now sitting on this penting but I finally decided ...

Sushi Pen Review by The Pen Guy - Something Smells Fishy

06/26/2012 22:10:00 PM

One of the many perks as the pen guy when I am no out back creating pen art out of donated pens is doing the odd pen review here and there. Today's pen is brought to you by the Prank Place who sent me this pretty raw looking "Sushi" pen. If ...

Mercedes Pens Makes the Doggie Boogie Movie Trailer

06/02/2012 11:46:00 AM

About a year ago the Mercedes Pens Art Car was hired to be in a movie called Doggie Boogie about Pijo the dancing Dog. Yesterday I run into the trailer and to my big surprise I found a brief shot of Pijo jumping in the Mercedes Pens from the ...

The Pen Guy Launches Recycled Pen Art Project on IndieGoGo

05/25/2012 05:28:00 AM

I am happy to announce the creation of my very first art piece