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Making a go of it with your help

02/19/2017 16:47:33 PM

So I have finally got around to launching my Patreon account. Allowing generous patrons to donate a few dollars a month in order to support [...]

UKRifter the Oculus Fanboy

12/17/2016 15:51:06 PM

I feel a sense of gratefulness to the virtual reality community for supporting me over the years, unlike any other technical community the sense of [...]

Umm… I will just leave this here. #UkuleleCrime

10/18/2016 13:04:28 PM

I found this on an old hard drive. I recorded it around 8 years ago I believe. It’s me playing the ukulele and “singing”. I don’t [...]

Unbreakable VR Runner, I need a bit of a sit down

10/15/2016 14:11:46 PM

Unbreakable VR Runner is an enjoyable title in the “runner” genre of games. A runner genre involves travelling down an endless – and in this [...]

Fast Action Hero is like starring in a John Woo Movie

10/14/2016 14:00:08 PM

I gaze down, in my hands are two gleaming revolvers. Glancing up I see movement just to the left of the run down seedy motel [...]

New Rating System – The Jefferey

10/08/2016 17:40:58 PM

My game reviews are in desperate need of a frame of reference, and what better than my adorable mascot – Jefferey the absurdly named female [...]

Virtual Grooming Simulator 2016

10/07/2016 17:30:45 PM

Those who follow my channel and articles will know that I am pleased to see a virtual entry point for the mass market in the [...]

Oculus announce a prototype Standlone Virtual Reality unit

10/06/2016 17:13:54 PM

Could Oculus have just filled the missing link we have been waiting for? Lots of exciting announcement came out of the Oculus Connect 3 developer conference [...]

Amazon UK Leak Oculus Touch Price & Release Date

10/06/2016 02:02:20 AM

Amazon have a bit of a habit when it comes to “accidentally” leaking information on much hyped products. In the world of VR, the Oculus touch [...]

Exclusive UKRifter Virtual Reality T-Shirts

10/05/2016 15:28:52 PM

Yes, it’s my own design and my own carefully thought-out slogan. I haven’t been so vain as to believe that people want UKRifter merchandise just [...]

Move over Early Adopters PlaystationVR is here

10/05/2016 14:00:04 PM

It’s October 2016 and PlayStation are about to release something wonderful. There are many parallels between the rise of VR and the rise of the [...]

Virtual Reality, Existential Dread & Insomnia

10/01/2016 16:35:49 PM

For those who follow my channel and my antics in the metaverse, you could be forgiven for thinking that I am a very social individual within Virtual Reality. This [...]

QuiVr Multiplayer Archery Castle Defense Developed with Integrity

09/12/2016 14:58:29 PM

QuiVr is an Archery Castle Defense game for the HTC Vive developed by Blueteak. The game allows you to play solo or with your friends. [...]

Rollerforce Introduces a New Genre in VR – Rollercoaster Shooter

09/09/2016 19:18:45 PM

Rollerforce introduces a new genre to VR that you probably didn’t know you wanted. Rollercoaster Shooter Admittedly Drew Medina & Ricci Franklin from HeadTrip games [...]

Esper: The Collection coming to Oculus September 1st

08/25/2016 07:18:23 AM

ESPER: THE COLLECTION COMING TO OCULUS RIFT ON SEPTEMBER 1 Telekinesis-Themed VR Game will be a free update to all owners of Esper 2 on [...]

The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain - melange

11/12/2010 18:28:00 PM

I make no secret regarding my love of the Ukulele. The UOGB are a fantastic group that I have managed to see live on two different occasions, each time they played this brilliant tune where they expose how similar music is today. Clever, funny ...

Killers - Read My Mind

03/19/2007 06:20:00 AM

I am starting to really like the Killers and this has to be the best song I have heard in years. Just fantastic.Lyrics:On the corner of main streetJust tryin' to keep it in lineYou say you wanna move on andYou say I'm falling behindCan you ...