11/04/2010 20:39:00 PM

Because of a Blogger error, the LVTKD blog has been moved to Wordpress.There will be no more posts on the old blog- only the new one! Don't worry- everything was transferred there! Please visit the new blog at the below link, and subscribe to ...

LVTKD Pictures

10/07/2010 15:39:00 PM

Master Bosse and the other high-ranking officals at the nationalsStudents lined up at the opening ceremonies (Patricia, LVTKD student, on the far right)Students lined up at the opening ceremoniesLVTKD gold and silver medalist performing Ge- ...

My goodbye to Las Vegas Taekwon-Do Club

08/20/2010 11:22:00 AM

Wednesday was my last class at the Las Vegas Taekwon-Do Club. I am sad to leave my beloved Taekwon-Do classes in Nevada, and our great instructor and his kind wife, but I will continue to practice Taekwon-Do- at home and at a new do-jang near ...

2nd dans and farewells

08/17/2010 00:19:00 AM

Above: Me testing for my 2nd danToday, I am proud to say that I tested and was awarded my 2nd dan (degree) black belt by Master Bosse! It was a fun test, though my patterns were not as good as they normally are.But I am sad to say that today ...

LVTKD National Champions

08/16/2010 23:58:00 PM

Hello, Las Vegas TKD Club Blog readers!We've been to the Nationals- and we each got a gold medal for patterns and a silver for sparring! GO LVTKD CLUB! It was a great event- not only did I have fun comepeting, but I was very interested and ...

The last Friday class at Mt. Charleston

08/06/2010 22:00:00 PM

Today was the last Friday class at Mt. Charleston. After that, the classes will cease to exist. Because we are moving, I can't teach Friday classes anymore. I'm sad that this was the last one, but the classes I have taught were pretty fun times! ...

Moving students

07/31/2010 22:44:00 PM

Old pictures from my LVTKD journey.Hello, LVTKD readers.I am posting to let everyone know that my family and I are moving out of Nevada. This means that me and the rest of my family that take Taekwon-Do will have to stop being students of Master ...

18 days

07/26/2010 01:19:00 AM

There are only 18 days until the USA National Championships in San Jose California for Taekwon-Do! Only a few of the Las Vegas Taekwon-Do Club members are going, but the students that are will attend along with Master Bosse (though he is not ...

Not nervous anymore

07/17/2010 12:45:00 PM

Above: someone doing a Taekwon-Do patternMysterious- I don't get nervous anymore. Since performing a play a few months ago, I haven't been nervous. I wasn't nervous when acting, didn't get nervous when going to the past end-of-the-month tournaments ...

No red and black belt class!

07/08/2010 01:01:00 AM

There is no red and black belt class on the 10th this week!Don't come to class- Master Bosse won't be there!