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Lime Mint Pesto

01/22/2017 20:05:25 PM

This minty pesto is great on just about anything; from sweet to savory enjoy it with all your favorites.     Lime Mint Pesto Ingredients large hanfull Fresh Mint 1/2 cup Raw Cashewssoaked 1tablespoon honeylocal 1/2 Lime, juiced Zest from 1/2 ...

Sundried Tomato Compote

01/20/2017 11:22:27 AM

Savory and sweet this compote is great paired with pasta or bread.   Sundried Tomato Compote Ingredients Sund Dried Tomato Compote 1Jar Sundried Tomatoes, oil packedoil drained 2 cloves Garlic, mined 1/2cup Chicken Stock 1/2teaspoon Sugar, ...

World Wide Lunch – The Cuisine of Thailand

12/07/2016 18:04:48 PM

As part of the Prescription for Flavor Podcast Dr. Jenn and I will be exploring cuisines of the world.  This first installment looks at Thai food.  To listen in as we explore the kick-ass flavors of this diverse region click here.  I realize ...

Candy Cane Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

12/07/2016 10:57:33 AM

This deep, dark, rich hot cocoa will have you begging for more!   Candy Cane Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Servings2 people Prep Time5 minutes Cook Time5 minutes Ingredients 4oz Dark Chocolate70% recommended 3cups 2% Milk 2 Candy Canes Pinch salt ...

Thai Curry Lentils over Cauliflower

12/01/2016 20:02:13 PM

This dish is JAM PACKED with flavour! Yes its Gluten Free, yes its Vegan, its even Nut and Dairy free….but RELAX, you’d never know it unless I told you! With a great balance of protein,, fiber and antioxidants…ahhhh who cares about that ...

FireCracker Sauce

11/15/2016 06:08:31 AM

While most hot sauces are spicy with a hint of salt this sauce has a bit of sweetness from local honey; making it a crowd pleaser every time.  We add some depth of flavor by using 2 types of vinegar.     A version of this sauce was used in ...

Easy Ramen

11/10/2016 19:48:42 PM


The Donald Trump (Gourmet Meatloaf Sandwich)

11/10/2016 18:06:36 PM

With the newly appointed leader of the free world, I thought it important to honor him is some way.

Comment on Rich & Easy Mexican Chocolate Torte by Ronald Welburn

11/01/2016 04:33:14 AM

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Comment on Fresh Mint Cilantro Guacamole by recette mojito rapide

10/30/2016 23:08:57 PM

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Halloween Creme Brule (Creme-Boo-Lay)

10/27/2016 19:11:58 PM

Once your guests dig through the first layer of golden sugar crust, they will be in for a bloody surprise! This is a creepy spin on a classic dessert! Delicious

Witchy Finger Biscuits

10/27/2016 18:35:40 PM


Comment on Fresh Mint Cilantro Guacamole by 3 Simple Healthy Halloween Snacks | Kook Channel

10/18/2016 22:03:22 PM

[…] self explanatory,  just hollow the stem out of a whole cauliflower and fill with my Guacamole Recipe (the brains), and you can choose to serve on top of salsa, or not. Fill a squeeze bottle (like […]

3 Simple Healthy Halloween Snacks

10/18/2016 22:03:02 PM

Like most holidays, Halloween is a time of indulgence.

Comment on Think you don’t like Kale? Try THIS Salad! by Why Kale Rocks! – Natural Jenn Blog

10/13/2016 13:16:19 PM

[…] Super Kale Salad […]

Where did Thanksgiving go?

10/07/2016 13:00:46 PM

So I was walking the isles of a major retailer yesterday.

Orange Maple Cranberry Sauce

10/07/2016 12:58:53 PM

This is a great make-ahead side for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or really anytime you want cranberry sauce! Hell, I like to make it once in a while just to pour over vanilla ice cream! Who says cranberries are just for the holidays anyway? ...

Introducing…a Podcast like no other!

09/29/2016 19:05:22 PM

After many months of wonderfully painstaking deliberation, research, work and the occasional drunken sound-check, I am ecstatic to finally announce the debut of our new and exciting Podcast, “Prescription for Flavor”! Hosting alongside ...

Comment on One Bowl Crustless Lime Pie Cups by wedge heel shoes

09/20/2016 14:11:16 PM

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08/08/2016 04:03:54 AM


Comment on Drunken BBQ sauce Recipe by Joan Rathje

08/07/2016 00:21:57 AM


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08/06/2016 21:52:28 PM


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Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

07/01/2016 10:52:03 AM

If you don’t want your taters to have flavor and retain all the rich nutrients, then maybe this recipe isn’t for you!

Drunken BBQ sauce Recipe

06/05/2016 16:07:51 PM

I created this BBQ Sauce Recipe for my VLOG on National Moonshine Day. Yes…that’s a real thing! So I had a few kinds of moonshine I had collected, for whatever reason, and they polluted my booze cupboard for years. One of these hardcore ...

Learning from the BEST!

06/03/2016 08:31:59 AM

My time with Chef Michael Smith Let me start by saying wow, just WOW! To think merely two short months ago I was just an average dad, a working stiff with a dream of writing about food and making food videos. Very shortly after the decision ...

Mexican Chocolate Torte

05/30/2016 22:04:08 PM

I get so excited in winter and I stumble across a place that sells Mexican Hot Chocolate! Usually blended with cayenne pepper and finished with cinnamon, as Speedy Gonzales would say: “areeba areeba, undalay undalay.”

Crustless Lime Pie Cups

05/30/2016 21:25:45 PM

This is kind of like the love-child of a Key Lime Pie and a Lemon Curd, only MUCH easier to prepare!! Check out the video, OR scroll down for the recipe! Ingredients: 1 (10 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk (like Eagle Brand) 3 large egg yolks ...

Mint Cilantro Guacamole

05/30/2016 20:54:41 PM

You really don’t have to be an avocado lover (or even liker) to enjoy this dip! Its rich, creamy and its even healthy…but I won’t tell if you won’t! If you’re into airing your food with booze, this would go great with a

Mango Coconut Panna Cotta (Dairy Free)

05/29/2016 20:12:20 PM

If you were planning on serving something pre-made from the grocery store for dessert, get that $&%tty

Delicious Braised Beef Ribs

05/29/2016 19:37:15 PM

Usually when we go for BBQ we get pork ribs. Don’t get me wrong, pork ribs are awesome…but sometimes tender, meaty beef ribs are needed to fill the “beef hole” in your tummy! Ingredients:

Southwest Ham and Cheese Soup

05/29/2016 18:55:13 PM

Hopefully you had a delicious ham last night and now you have succulent bone with a chunk of meat leftover! Now you can make this soup…and you WILL enjoy this soup! Ingredients: Ham bone (leftover from a 5-7 pound ham) 1 large onion – p ...

Think you don’t like Kale? Try THIS Salad!

05/29/2016 17:59:30 PM

Put down that Big Mac, because this salad will change your mind about having a salad for dinner! The post Think you don’t like Kale? Try THIS Salad! appeared first on Kook Channel.

Star of the Show Premiering June 1st!

05/27/2016 21:59:16 PM

As you may know, in April I was selected to be a part of Star of the Show, where I was flown to Prince Edward Island to film with one of the greats, chef Michael Smith, of Food Network fame! Next Wednesday, June 1st, my segment will be available ...

KooKBook Vol.1 Available December 1

05/20/2016 08:00:34 AM

Just in time for Christmas! Please SUBSCRIBE to this blog to be reminded of the release! I have worked tirelessly…well I’ve worked ‘pretty hard’ anyway, to bring you unique and inspired recipes that are simple enough for anyon

Muffin Tin Monte Cristos

03/16/2016 19:53:18 PM

Why have your grilled sandwich flat and boring when you can have it stuffed and muffin shaped? The post Muffin Tin Monte Cristos appeared first on Kook Channel.