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Ugh, belly fat!!

04/23/2014 01:11:16 AM

I don’t believe in diets. I don’t like to deprive myself. I believe everything is ok in moderation and certain things should be rare small treats (like a See’s candy almond cluster *drool* or a glass of wine). Here are some tips for

Breakfast and Oats

04/11/2014 01:36:43 AM

Breakfast is not my strong suit. In the past, I would have much rather slept in and skip into lunch than get up at a reasonable hour and eat breakfast. The health and weight loss benefits of eating a good breakfast outweighed my laziness: more ...

Welcoming a New Year

01/02/2014 04:03:15 AM

This past year was a bit of a rollercoaster.  About two years ago I felt my life was truly perfect and it scared me.  I felt that it couldn’t stay that way forever and I was right.  However, I’ve come to find that what you think of, ...

My Physical Progress After Babies

12/15/2013 13:53:41 PM

I may have mentioned before, I was 21 years old when I had my first daughter. Just prior to getting pregnant, I had lost about 10 pounds with a low carb diet. That weight loss probably helped it happen. After having her, my main concern was ...

My undeclared hiatus

11/12/2013 00:11:52 AM

My life took a bunch of crazy twists and turns over the past year. I started a business. My husband lost his job. We moved (in with my mother!). My daughter started first grade in an English/Spanish dual immersion program. We gained full custody ...

Not Breastfeeding for Stupid Reasons

08/15/2012 02:44:59 AM

Ok, I’m laughing right now. Yes, the title of my post sounds… mean? It’s not really but I’ll explain later. I can’t stress enough the idea of being “plugged” in, specifically as a parent I’ve found duri

Melon Smoothie

08/08/2012 02:08:50 AM

Last week’s CSA included a strange looking melon I had never seen before. It one of the things I love about the CSA program, getting to know new foods. This melon, I’ve come to find out, was a Galia melon. Its taste is like a cross betw ...

CSA Tuesday: What’s in the Box? 8/6

08/07/2012 20:44:26 PM

I kept it pretty simple this week, my only add on was some organic Italian Pork Sausage. It goes goes great in a baked ziti type recipe I’ve been cooking here and there. Everything else is business as usual: Seasonal Stone fruit (plums!) Green ...

CSA Tuesday: What’s in the Box? 7/31

07/31/2012 19:42:58 PM

I might be in over my head this Tuesday…. That’s a 12 lb. box of “free stone” peaches. Free stone means the pit comes apart from the fruit very easily so these are ideal for canning or freezing. I plan on making a peach cobble

Family Fun Friday #2

07/27/2012 18:18:46 PM

This weeks’ family outing idea: Pick your own farm. I know I mention CSA programs all the time but this is another way to get to know your local farmers and get your kids involved. It’s been some time since we had the chance to get the ...

CSA Tuesday: What’s In the Box? 7/24

07/24/2012 20:15:11 PM

I was running a little late today and lost track of time at Staples. I thought I wasn’t going to make it for my pick up time but thankfully my CSA host Sandy was nice enough to wait a few extra minutes for me. This week included: Corn Can ...

Cloth Diapering: Don’t be discouraged

07/23/2012 20:35:58 PM

It’s a common hurdle: you are considering cloth diapers for your baby and everyone you tell is unsupportive. You get comments like “really? 20 bucks says you don’t!” or “I had a friend who said that…” etc etc