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Investing in property in Europe were slow at the beginning of the year

04/21/2012 04:12:14 AM

Investments in real estate in Europe have slowed significantly in the first quarter of 2012. The volume of deals for the period was 17.7 billion against 20 billion in the first three months of the last year and 26 billion in the fourth quarter ...

Gasoline prices in Europe

04/21/2012 03:57:58 AM

Eastern Europe is catching their Western counterparts in prices of motor fuels, finds study of the British website Drive Alive. The reduction of the difference, however, is just beginning, and so far the largest amounts of gas stations left ...

Putin offered Energy Union to Europe

02/27/2012 08:25:49 AM

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proposes to EU to create a single energy complex – Russia and cancel the Third Energy Package. “We need to think about deeper cooperation in the energy field – or even create a single European e

“Gazprom” promised lower prices for Europe in 2012

11/23/2011 00:03:26 AM

Russian gas monopolist “Gazprom” predicts a slight decrease in the price of natural gas to European consumers in the first quarter of 2012, said the company’s chief Alexei Miller, During a visit to the Serbian town of Pancevo, for o

IMF chief for Europe resigned “for personal reasons”

11/18/2011 00:07:08 AM

The director of the European Department in IMF, Antonio Borges, resigned in a difficult period for the region when EU leaders are struggling with debt crisis in the euro area. Ronaldo Borges, who held a managerial position in the IMF only a ...

EBRD: Eastern Europe must be prepared for another crisis

11/15/2011 23:44:13 PM

For the second time in three years the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), talks with bankers and politicians from across Europe in an attempt to prevent the drying up of capital flows to subsidiaries of Western banks in ...

Now there is a choice: naked scanner or search

11/14/2011 23:56:05 PM

Passengers at European airports will be checked using “naked” scanners once the European Commission approved today rules under which it works. Naked scanners allow you to see non-metallic objects. Their introduction began after the disc ...

Merkel: Our generation must create a political union in Europe

11/14/2011 15:18:27 PM

Step by step, Europe needs to move towards political union, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She define the debt crisis in the euro area as “the most serious challenge for the region after World War II.” With its one-hour speach in ...

Last hours of Berlusconi as prime minister

11/14/2011 03:01:50 AM

Italian Lower Chamber of Parliament adopted a plan for economic reform and thus pave the way for the resignation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Financial Stability Act already passed by the Senate, and Berlusconi, who failed to secure ...

China wants to save Europe again

10/27/2011 00:48:15 AM

New request from China to help Europe was made the day on which European leaders gathered for the second three days meeting, which had to be sought the debt crisis and problems in Greece. Emerging market economies and China in particular are ...

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