Cryptborn - In the Grasp of the Starving Dead (2011)

09/11/2011 01:17:00 AM

Band: CryptbornGenre: Old School Death MetalCountry: FinlandPreview: MyspaceIn the Grasp of the Starving Dead is Cryptborn's first release and it's definitely worth a few listens, especially for fans of slower, filthier, doom-tinged OSDM. The ...

Entrails - The Tomb Awaits (2011)

09/10/2011 00:26:00 AM

Band: EntrailsGenre: Old School Death MetalCountry: SwedenPreview: MyspaceHere it is, one of the most anticipated OSDM releases of 2011 and it absolutely slays. The Tomb Awaits is chock-full of massive, overwhelming riffs as well as incredible ...

I'm Back...

09/04/2011 19:09:00 PM

For a multitude of reasons, of which school being the most significant, I haven't been able to devote much time to the Vault but I'm back now and I intend on posting on a regular basis again. I thank all those who stayed followers during my ...

Desultory - Counting Our Scars (2010)

11/29/2010 18:56:00 PM

Band: DesultoryGenre: Death MetalCountry: SwedenCounting Our Scars [Full-length](2010)

Autopsy - The Tomb Within (2010)

11/28/2010 13:06:00 PM

Band: AutopsyGenre: Old School Death MetalCountry: United StatesThe Tomb Within [Ep](2010)

Atheist - Jupiter (2010)

11/28/2010 02:15:00 AM

Band: AtheistGenre: Progressive/Technical Death/Jazz MetalCountry: United StatesJupiter [Full-length](2010)

Beyond Hell - The Sleeper Awakens (2010)

11/27/2010 22:51:00 PM

Band: Beyond HellGenre: Old School Death MetalCountry: United StatesThe Sleeper Awakens [Full-length](2010)

Hail of Bullets - On Divine Winds (2010)

11/27/2010 20:42:00 PM

Band: Hail of BulletsGenre: Old School Death MetalCountry: NetherlandsOn Divine Winds [Full-length](2010)

Diocletian - War of All Against All (2010)

11/27/2010 20:35:00 PM

Band: DiocletianGenre: Black/Death MetalCountry: United StatesWar of All Against All [Full-length](2010)

Sodom - In War and Pieces (2010)

11/27/2010 20:26:00 PM

Band: SodomGenre: Thrash MetalCountry: GermanyCD 1:01. In War And Pieces03. Through Toxic Veins04. Nothing Counts More Than Blood05. Storm Raging Up06. Feigned Death Throes07. Soul Contraband08. God Bless You09. The Art Of Killing Poetry10. ...