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Does Crime Pay in Canada? For Omar Khadr It Does

07/21/2017 07:45:44 AM

Omar Khadr news item will win this years “WTF of the Year” for 2017 for sure. It’s so upside down world cuckoo land that it defies all common sense and reason. Here’s the whole story. (I have to warn you, it’s not only bizzare in a ...

Anti Trump/USA/Constitution Protestors Get Preview of What’s to Come

05/26/2017 22:07:04 PM

I wanted to write a post the day of the inauguration about all the idiocy that went on in D.C. but there was so much of it that I couldn’t decide where to start. Plus it’s still going on! Just to clarify, while my political and ideological ...

Democrats Go Undercover In The Heartland

03/30/2017 22:39:49 PM

A high level Washington insider has reported Democrats are trying to find reasons why they lost the 2016 Election. Believing that Hillary couldn’t possibly have lost simply because she is one of the most repulsive, underhanded, lying, sel ...

President Donald Trump Performance So Far

03/10/2017 21:41:09 PM

Let’s check President Trumps forward progress shall we? Rewind to the campaign and start from there. 1. Donald Trump announces he intends to run for President and the mainstream media just laughed it off until he actually entered the race. ...

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