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Comment on UKRifter the Oculus Fanboy by ukrifter

12/29/2016 04:10:59 AM

Hi mate, sorry I missed this message. Yes, a lot of vive content, main reasons are a) I had one computer b) vive is kids favourite c) I had a long queue of reviews I had promised to devs. Now it's all changed. I have a second more powerful ...

Comment on QuiVr Multiplayer Archery Castle Defense Developed with Integrity by Belly

12/23/2016 03:46:26 AM

Quivr early access is out, well worth the asking price..

Comment on UKRifter the Oculus Fanboy by underhill

12/19/2016 07:58:37 AM

It's odd you feel like you might be a little biased, for a while I contemplated unsubscribing from your channel when it seemed like for months on end you were posting Vive-only content. Now that the Touch is out I appreciate why you might have ...

Comment on New Rating System – The Jefferey by Frank G. Finster

10/09/2016 01:27:09 AM

Nice humor you got :D And i share the opinion, that EvE Valkyrie is at best rated 50%. It lacks interesting gameplay, as it is nothing more than an impressive graphic demo (the part it does really good). Lack of Hotas support was one of the ...

Comment on Virtual Grooming Simulator 2016 by ukrifter

10/08/2016 08:54:57 AM

Schoolgirl uniform, you say ok, I say not.

Comment on Virtual Grooming Simulator 2016 by fact checker

10/08/2016 07:41:14 AM

I take it you haven't taken the time to dive deep into the actual target market which is Japan. First off. This game will probably never see the light of day in the west. We're a culture that chose on which topics we want to be open-minded ...

Comment on Virtual Grooming Simulator 2016 by ukrifter

10/08/2016 01:55:27 AM

The aspect aspect of Japanese culture (ambiguously aged individuals in schoolgirl costumes) is not portible to the west regardless of your protest - which to summarise comprises of a) Britain people being prudish b) U.K. Being rape capital of ...

Comment on Virtual Grooming Simulator 2016 by sloppy american

10/07/2016 21:37:30 PM

You brits have evolved past animal instincts, congrats

Comment on Virtual Grooming Simulator 2016 by If it feels good...

10/07/2016 19:42:03 PM

First of all, nobody is being harmed by people enjoying this game, and the fact is that the large majority of people find young women attractive. It is perfectly natural. The funny thing is, while you think that people who like this game are ...

Comment on Move over Early Adopters PlaystationVR is here by Mario

10/06/2016 21:53:15 PM

I think I'm going to buy a rift instead as I agree about the old psvr tech and its limitations , how comfortable is the rift on the face , I hear it puts a a lot of pressure on face muscles ? Also I was worried about red tint issue and the fact ...

Kanye West's VMA Outburst against Taylor Swift for Beyonce MTV

09/14/2009 08:14:00 AM

This blog focuses on what is happening in the world of celebrity. When this story came across our desk we had to google "Kenye West" to find out who he was, it turns out he is some wannabe who has made rather a fool of himself at an award ceremony ...

Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Gossip News Leaders

09/08/2009 08:09:00 AM

Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Gossip News Leaders: "Lady GaGa: Monster Cable Party Chick She loves a good party, and last night (September 7) Lady GaGa was spotted cutting loose at the Lady GaGa soiree in Berlin, Germany.The “Just Dance” ...

Email A Car - send a message to any driver

06/26/2008 13:03:00 PM

So, you are driving down the road and some monkey cuts you up and flicks you the bird. You get mad right? Of course. But now you don't need to. As the site says, don't get mad just email a is a site that allows you to leave a ...

Hairy Friend Database

01/04/2008 18:49:00 PM

Like your friends to be of the hairy type - then this is the site for you:HAIRY FRIEND .comTags: hairy friend

Rather Amusing Random Funny Pictures

11/02/2007 05:57:00 AM

I found this site on t'internet which nearly made me wet my pants. It is called Rather and it doesn't disappoint, frankly I think it should have been named extremely funny. Anyway - the idea is, the site shows you a random funny ...

Speak your IP address

08/31/2007 18:47:00 PM

Hear your IP address spoken by the host of amusing characters including the cutest kid in the world - Very cool.SpeakmyIP.comTags: speak ip

Paris Hilton - Not as Popular as you would think

06/14/2007 13:38:00 PM

Hey whatdyaknow... Paris ain't all that popular in the states.. hahaha. Wonder why?Tags: paris hilton

Britney Spears Stoned

02/25/2007 13:54:00 PM

Does anyone really care? However, this clip does nicely capture her dim side.

Britney Spears Goes Bald!

02/18/2007 16:17:00 PM

Yes - it is true - Britney Spears has shaved all the hair off her head obviously to grab some attention on her flagging career. WHATEVER!

Brown and the Yanks

02/15/2007 16:38:00 PM

This is the best thing I have read on the net is ages. Also comments on that tosspot Eldon Anderson.Read and Enjoy

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