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The Week in Nuisance Calls: The Top 5 Most Wanted Numbers

09/20/2013 05:40:58 AM

Dear friends of tellows, as daily comments on tellows around the globe demonstrate, peace and quiet at home without the slightest unwanted ring of the telephone have become somewhat of an utopia to most consumers. This week’s list includes ...

This Week’s Most Wanted Numbers

09/13/2013 04:35:00 AM

Dear friends of tellows, it has been another week and for some of you, the telephone lines have been rather busy. As always, we have the top 5 telephone numbers from New Zealand and Australia that have been calling for sometimes unknown, sometimes ...

Different Month, Same Story: The Top 5 of Nuisance Callers

09/06/2013 02:56:23 AM

Dear friends of tellows, there is something interrupting our everyday life that just won’t quit no matter what the month is – and unfortunately even within the first days of September, some of you have been bothered with unsolicited tel ...

The Top 5 Most Wanted Numbers of the Week

08/30/2013 02:50:28 AM

Dear friends of tellows, another week has passed and it’s time to share with you our most wanted list of numbers from New Zealand and Australia. As usual, there are some familiar “guests” and some newcomers. But have a look yourself

NZ and AU’s Most Annoying Callers

08/23/2013 06:23:11 AM

Dear friends of tellows, this week we have quite a few numbers that are no strangers to our list – some of which prove that it’s sometimes good to look past the tellows score and read other user’s comments as well. But let’s h

Weekly Update on the Most Annoying Callers

08/16/2013 03:16:29 AM

Dear tellows friends, with another week of phone calls – unwanted or not – behind us, it’s time to recapture which phone numbers have kept your phone ringing and you busy with research on tellows. The following numbers are this week

Top 5 Most Wanted Calls from NZ and AU

08/08/2013 06:38:04 AM

Dear tellows friends, new month, new nuisance callers. Unfortunately spam and scam numbers continued to keep telephones all over Australia and New Zealand ringing. As usual, we provide you a list of the top 5 numbers with the most search requests ...

The Top 5 Most Annoying Callers

07/23/2013 07:02:49 AM

Dear tellows friends, in the past couple of weeks telephone scammers and spammers have been busy – and so were our users in their quest to find out who has been hiding behind suspicious numbers and annoying phone calls. Let’s have a look ...

Tellows Top5 – Callers in AU and NZ

07/02/2013 02:42:46 AM

Dear tellows friends! Long time no see! But here we are again, giving you an update on the recently most annoying numbers in Australia and New Zealand. To put you out of your misery, here are the most wanted: 1. 078564248 from New Zealand with ...

Most wanted telephone numbers in AU and NZ

04/08/2013 08:32:38 AM

How often do you ask yourself ”How to check who is calling me?” Answer is simple – check it on Tellows and you will see that it works very simply. Type the number of someone who has just called you and you will see who is hiding behind ...