A Little PTSD? Is that possible?

01/30/2012 06:37:41 AM

I worry. I worry everyday that Hubbie is going to walk in the door early and say that the New Company realized they did not need him after all, and he has lost his job. Everytime the phone rings, and … Continue reading →

Monday Night’s Money Game

01/27/2012 16:13:35 PM

Last month, when Hot Hubbie and I realized he may really get the job – in other words, when we were waiting for the offer letter to arrive, and having a hard time believing it was really happening – we … Continue reading →

New News for the New Year! Happy 2012!

01/01/2012 01:01:29 AM

I can never remember being so happy for a new year.  I am ready to start again.  Ready to move on.  Ready to say goodbye to the past 4 years.  Ready to remember the lessons we learned, and apply them … Continue reading →

Checking to See if it is True!

12/30/2011 14:31:32 PM

I had to check. I wasn’t sure if it could be true. I had to log into the online banking system and see for myself. Yup. It is there: a direct deposit into our account. Hubbie’s First paycheck!! YEA!!! I … Continue reading →