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Au Revoir

02/12/2013 03:26:56 AM

I havent written anything in this blog for ages. It hasn’t been because I haven’t thought about writing posts, I have. It just seems to evade me to actually write them down. I was wondering about this and asking myself, why haven’t

New Beginnings

02/12/2013 03:25:30 AM

2013 is the year for new beginnings.  It is the year for fresh challenges, new energies and a future that is about looking forward to better things.  Notwithstanding how tough 2012 was, I guess I feel like I have learnt a lot – about myself ...

Will I ever get my old leg back?

01/19/2013 08:29:50 AM

If you have been reading this blog, you’ll know I’ve got a bit of a gammy leg. My neurologist said he didn’t know about legs so I needed to see  a rheumatologist – so my GP had to set up an appointment and it took a few weeks

Susan Susan, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

01/15/2013 03:35:14 AM

Well it doesn’t at the minute, at least the vegetable patch that I used to love to tend doesn’t. The pictures above were taken about 3 years ago  – a good harvest that year. Around this time of the year (in the northern hemisphere

Our Nominations for the Liebster award

01/14/2013 04:40:39 AM

The Liebster Award As part of the Liebster Award, nominees are required to make nominations for the blogs they feel should be recognized. There are so many great blogs to choose from so……where do I begin? There are some bloggers that work ...

Full Stop. New Paragraph

12/31/2012 21:21:23 PM

Well today is the first day of 2013.  Another year has come and gone  - one with lots of challenges, a few tears, lost hopes and a few more endings. I have decided to welcome the new year simply.  Reflecting on 2012 I have been very tempted ...

A Year Out of Perspective

12/31/2012 03:33:56 AM

Well it has been a bit of an odd year. A year out of perspective, one that really, I’d rather hadn’t happened.  But it has and I need to get on with my life and move into the New Year and take advantage of the freshness of that change. ...

Rudolph comes but once a year (thank God)

12/26/2012 04:50:55 AM

I’m not going to write a post about being ill or my bad leg today. No, this post is about my new Rudolph jumper and some memories it has invoked. My brother, Andrew, whom I love and adore and with whom I shared a difficult and mad 70s chi ...

Happy Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate !!!

12/22/2012 19:46:32 PM

A holiday before the holidays

12/22/2012 19:29:46 PM

I’ve just had a little holiday break after my treatment.  You don’t realize how fantastic a holiday is and how much you need it until you take it !!! Even though the last few months have not involved much hard work, the ability to just ...