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Obama a Dictator?

08/25/2012 20:47:04 PM

DB ReeSe So I got to tell you, I’m tired of the conservatives saying that Barrack if elected will disband congress and become a dictator. Quite frankly he is already acting as if he were one. But, if you think … Continue reading →

Mobs verses Rallies.

10/11/2011 02:31:41 AM

DB Reese: I have said in the past that there is a storm coming. Look around, the waves are growing larger daily. Tea Party verses the “occupy Wall Street”. Both groups are ‘mad as hell and aren’t going to take … Continue

Political, Apethy and Deceit

09/12/2008 19:33:53 PM

 DB Reese I’ve been hanging back more than I should, just kind of been waiting to see where I thought that things would head off to. I’ve actually wrote some other articles but decided against posting them. Politics, damn isn’t … C ...

Your Independence Day too!

07/04/2008 17:46:05 PM

DB Reese The Fourth of July The holiday that is only celebrated by, and created for- we the people, who came together to form a more perfect union regardless of race, gender, or religious beliefs. The Fourth represents for us … Continue r ...

American Dream

06/23/2008 16:07:48 PM

 DB Reese   I can get pretty wordy sometimes. Sometimes I can sit down and type and type and know that when I am done, things will seem to make sense to me. Today I thought that I would sit … Continue reading →

All about the Benny’s

06/21/2008 14:09:43 PM

  DB Reese   Two topics that I would like to touch on today are the financing of popularity contests and the fact that no matter what congress does they never seem to get their hands dirty.   You might … Continue reading →

Enuf z nuf already

06/19/2008 16:06:13 PM

  D B Reese   Okay, today’s homework- put your wallet away.   What ever do you mean DB?   Hell, while we’re at it tell your congressperson to put theirs away too.   I don’t get it.   I … Continue reading →

Politics of war.

06/19/2008 16:04:32 PM

  DB Reese   Sometimes I question myself on whether or not I should write some of the things that I write. Not because it would be something that would inevitably get my wings clipped, but if the people reading … Continue reading →

Returneth of thy conscience.

04/14/2008 03:53:40 AM

DB Reese  It’s that time of the month again for me …. err ummm …. what I meant to say was – it appears time again for me to discuss a couple of things for the learning impaired out there … Continue reading →

What we perceive to be- is.

04/01/2008 00:48:38 AM

DB Reese The article I want to write and the article you are about to read are two very different articles. The first is a shotgun blast at everything from faith to taxes to fake journalism in the media perceived … Continue reading →