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Pecan Pie Bites

10/09/2009 08:06:00 AM

If only pecan pie bites could actually make me feel better! They're delicious but they are no cure for a cold. I probably shouldn't have made these but at least I wasn't as sick as I am now. Who knows, maybe it was the darn pecan pie bites with ...

Apple Pie Bars

10/03/2009 20:33:00 PM

This is one of those not-so-good for you but taste-so-good recipes. I threw 2 different cookbooks on my mom's bed and told her to pick one. It was these or key lime bars. Apple pie bars won because of less ingredients. That's totally fine because ...

Agave and Honey Dark Chocolate Cookies

10/03/2009 20:03:00 PM

Yummy Nutritious Goodness!! For so long in my baking adventures I have gone to great lengths to avoid fat, ending up with less then totally wonderful delicious items. Recently though, I've let fat find its way into my creations...and everyone ...

Vegan Black Forest Cake

10/03/2009 17:28:00 PM

This is the first layered cake I ever made. I was going through an interest in vegan baked goods...still am actually. I like it because it has no trans fat. Vegan means no butter or eggs(obviously) and therefore a different form of fat which ...

The Title Says It All!

10/03/2009 17:09:00 PM

I remember my love for baking came from my grandma. She was a serious baker and made some seriously good stuff. She is hands-down the one who taught me how to bake from the time I was five years old. The first thing I ever baked were most likely ...

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