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Pet Sitting in Hoffman Estates, IL

02/14/2014 10:57:02 AM

If you live in Hoffman Estates, IL and are in need of a pet sitter to care for your pets while you are out of town or on vacation you have come to the right place! Shannon’s Pet Sitting is an award winning professional pet care service serving ...

Need a pet sitter in Algonquin, IL?

02/13/2014 09:46:26 AM

If you are in need of pet sitter or pet care and live in Algonquin, IL you are in luck! Shannon’s Pet Sitting proudly services Algonquin, IL. Providing the Ultimate in Compassionate & Professional pet care, our award winning pet sitting s ...

Micro-chipping Your Pet Isn’t Enough

02/12/2014 13:55:55 PM

So many pets are micro-chipped that are adopted from rescues & shelters. Pet owners also get their pets “chipped” by their vets as well if the breeder or rescue didn’t already do it. But that little device won’t do you or your

Cat Food Recall!!

02/06/2014 13:00:10 PM

It was announced today that Pro-Pet LLC is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of Hubbard Life and QC Plus dog food and Hubbard Life and Joy Combo cat food because of possible salmonella contamination. Symptoms of salmonella poisoning in ...

This Pet Sitter got stuck in the snow!

01/31/2014 11:26:46 AM

Last night was honestly one of the scariest I’ve had in my 15+ years of pet sitting! Chicago has been getting pounded by snow since December. People are not keeping up with their driveways & walkways! I went on a consultation to meet a new ...

What to feed you Ferret

01/28/2014 15:08:14 PM

Ferrets make excellent companions and can provide years of enjoyment for their owners. Young Again Ferret Food, like all our pet food, is gluten-free, nutritionally dense and easily digestible with the proper balance of nature-identical ingredient ...

New Furry Family Member

01/27/2014 09:14:49 AM

I’m excited to announce that there is a new addition to my fur family! I’ve had BAD kittenitis the last few years. I gave in a couple weeks ago and decided it was time to adopt my Torti (Orange & Black) kitten. I put the word out to St. ...

The Effects of Feeding Wildlife

01/21/2014 11:14:25 AM

Providing wild animals with a steady, human-supplied food source can lead to problems for both the animals and humans. You should refrain from feeding the wildlife for a number of reasons – one such reason is that it attracts mice and encourages ...

2014 Lincoln State Cat Club Show

01/14/2014 13:32:04 PM

Shannon’s Pet Sitting is excited to announce we were just asked by the Lincoln State Cat Club to be an education speaker this years Themed “Cats University” Cat Show at Harper College. Topic: Choosing the right pet sitter. We will

New Resident Ferret Expert

01/14/2014 13:08:35 PM

Shannon’s Pet Sitting is happy to announce that we had a great addition to our team in late December 2013! Sadly our affiliate Sally Kazanis of Mustang Sally’s Horse & Pet Sitting relocated to Wonder Lake in December. This left us short ...

Basics of Winter Dog Care: Dangers and Prevention

01/06/2014 18:49:06 PM

Even if the holiday season is over, it shouldn’t stop you from keeping a close eye on your pooch, simply because winter hasn’t ended. Though snow-laden sidewalks and pavements may open the way for snowy fun, there are a number of things ...

Business License for Pet Sitters

12/12/2013 10:54:32 AM

Just got our 2014 village business license! Does your pet sitter have a business license for the town they are based out of? It’s a sign of  a legit business recognized by the local municipality.  It’s not too expensive either – C

The Kitty who got sick for Thankgiving

11/26/2013 16:04:33 PM

We had the unfortunately luck of having “Tucker” the cat get sick on us during this Thanksgiving week. Poor guy is having severe diarrhea problems.  His owner left on Friday.  We noticed an issue in the litter box on Sunday when we vi ...

Getting my cat to stop scratching my couches!

11/12/2013 15:30:39 PM

The battle between humans and their cats clawing furniture has gone on for centuries it seems. On our side we think its destructive – from the cats side it’s natural behavior, following a biological need to keep its claws in top shape, ...

Feeding Koi Fish in the Winter

11/12/2013 09:20:16 AM

Although I’ve been a fish enthusiast since I was 15 I never really got into Pond or Koi fish. My Dad was the Koi lover as his landlord/best friend had a Koi pond where he lived. A couple of my clients have Koi ponds and I have no issue helping ...

Jerky Treats Recall: FDA Issues Alerts

10/27/2013 09:58:17 AM

I am still finding recalled treats & foods in pet owners homes. I have attached the latest news in regards to the FDAs warning about these recalls. There are many similar articles all over the internet.  A personal friend who’s daughter just ...

What to look for when booking a Pet Sitter for the Holidays

10/24/2013 10:24:12 AM

Hard to believe in October you need to worry about a Pet Sitter in November, December or even January! But if you want a GOOD pet sitter, Yes you have to start thinking about booking them that far in advance! Thanksgiving, Christmas, And New ...

Another Angel Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

09/30/2013 14:50:12 PM

Sadly one of my pet sitting clients made the difficult decision this morning to let her Cocker Spaniel Marly go. He wasn’t eating for the past couple weeks and from the xrays & blood workup, the vet thought he probably had a cancerous tumor ...

“Earth Friendly” Poop Bags not THAT “Eco-Friendly”

09/27/2013 15:57:16 PM

I was at the H.H. Backer Total Expo this past weekend and stopped at the “Earth Rated” Poop bag table. At the previous years event “Earth Rated” were handing out their famous Green Dispenser and poop bags. I’ll admit I t

Pet Business Mobile Advertising isn’t exactly all its cracked up to be!

09/26/2013 10:50:56 AM

Hopefully a few pet related business owners can learn from my mistakes on this one! I know right now the advertising market is pushing “Mobile” Websites & “Mobile” Advertising. Like everything else I jumped on the band wagon t