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Cavemen Are Better at Art Than Modern Artists?

12/17/2012 16:23:43 PM

I was going to write a post on an interesting paper about genetic variation in the USA but I’ll save it for another day as I found this gem. A research group in Hungary have found the time to judge who is the best at drawing animals, cavemen ...

Revolutionise Neuroscience, Pee in a Cup

12/11/2012 13:01:15 PM

The title might seem a bit melodramatic, but I’m pretty amazed by some research I found. In a recent article from Nature Methods a research group have put forward the possibility of generating Neural Stem Cells (NSC’s) from urine. Ok so ...

How Bread Makes You Better and Florida Makes You Slower

11/23/2012 22:30:02 PM

According to a new(ish) study, nice smells make us nice people. I caught wind of this story (excuse the pun) on the radio the other day and thought I’d do a bit of background to find out what the research is about. I found this article in ...

Fighting Faeces with Faeces

11/06/2012 15:24:21 PM

Beware, this may be NSFW. Or for a few hours if you just ate. An article published in PLOS Pathogens(1) caught my eye recently (truthfully it was on the nature news feed). A research group from the Sanger Institute near Cambridge (UK, not MA) ...

Want a Nobel Prize? Eat Chocolate

11/04/2012 09:21:45 AM

A study published in the NEJM last month(1) seems to show a pretty convincing positive trend that those countries who consume more chocolate per capita also receive more Nobel Prizes. The author of the study, Dr. Franz Messerli, continues ...

Impossible Maths and Cows on Holiday

10/26/2012 13:30:41 PM

There’s a couple of things that I don’t understand about my 8 months off from the blog. The first one is the impossible math concerning followers. During these 8 months I gained 5 followers, but I wrote nothing. The obvious question is ...

Oddity: Cutting Sandwiches With Crowd-Control Methods?

10/25/2012 14:04:51 PM

First off I just need to say that I’m so happy the animation further down the post worked! I spent 2 days making that (lots of relearning to do!). Other than that I have to apologise for the use of childish drawings. Anyway, onto the main ...

Questions and Classifications

10/22/2012 15:35:12 PM

So I’ve been busy uploading, drafting and styling the site for the last couple of days (list of uploaded pages at the bottom of this post). I’ve had a vague idea of the structures I’d like to put down and they are finally coming int

Return and Reform!

10/20/2012 15:25:25 PM

It’s been a long time but finally I’m back! A lot’s happened in the past half year or so that’s kept me pretty occupied but I’ve finally managed to find some time to sit down and restart this whole project. That was abou


02/24/2012 02:41:09 AM

Some of you might have noticed that I haven’t posted in the last couple of weeks. A lot of stuff is happening at the moment, as I’m in the final run up to final exams, writing my dissertation and expecting the birth of my son. As a resu ...