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Santa Scene in Elf

08/27/2010 17:36:00 PM

Will Ferrell is a child.

Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone

08/01/2010 15:13:00 PM

Val Kilmer's performance as Doc Holliday is inspiring enough to forever link him to the 19th century outlaw and peace officer. He provided a good combination of the tragic and comic nature of alcoholism.In the movie, thugs have taken control ...

Top 5 Angst Movies from 1990-2010

07/28/2010 13:28:00 PM

Oh the angst. We felt it more during our adolescent years but it is always a treacherous memory to revisit. A sense of anarchy and chaos that is difficult to explain but best channeled against authority, with self-destruction and loud music. ...

Waking Life BoatCar Driver Scene

07/26/2010 16:16:00 PM

This scene from Waking Life is funny, perplexing and sets the tone for the rest of the film. In a way, the carboat driver serves as the jester of the film.

Fight Club Chemical Burn Scene

07/19/2010 14:59:00 PM

I bring you the contemporary philosophy of Tyler Durden, an industrious manufacturer of luxury soap:Fight Club introduced the public to the world of Chuck Palahniuk. The film brought perspective to a generation with nothing symbolic to hold ...

Happy Gilmore Fight with Bob Barker

07/16/2010 20:08:00 PM

I know it is played out, but one cannot forget the epic showdown between Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker at the Pepsi Pro-Am. It's a shame that future generations won't have the privilege of enjoying the emotional and physical strength of the ...

Car Scene in Seven with Kevin Spacey

07/16/2010 19:42:00 PM

Seven is one of the most suspenseful thrillers of the 1990s. Two crime detectives have finally found the man who committed a string of brutal murders based on the seven deadly sins. He walked into the police station and confessed. Following ...

Dumb and Dumber: Harry and Mary's Snow Date

07/16/2010 14:04:00 PM

Harry is having his first date on the ski lifts of Aspen, Colorado. He recently came into some money so he sets out to suitor Mary Swanson, a rich young woman he met at a Charity Banquet the night prior. Perhaps the funniest scene in one of--if ...

Old School: Blooper and Outake Scenes

07/16/2010 13:37:00 PM

In 2003, Old School, and arguably Zoolander, made salient a genre of comedic style for the aughties to build upon: the improvisational skills of Will Ferrell. But since its release, the movie has become so mainstream to the point that it would ...

Screenwriting Seminar in Adaptation

07/16/2010 12:03:00 PM

The movie Adaptation reveals an interesting perspective on screenwriting. It follows Charlie Kaufman's struggles with life and writing a book for the screen. In this scene, Kaufman struggles with writer's block, a treacherous experience that ...