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Tid-Bit Knitting, Ideas For That Leftover Yarn

05/16/2016 12:13:18 PM

At last, I’ve got big news! It’s been over a month since I’ve posted here. I love my Scarf Knitting site and it’s not going anywhere, but, I have new things on the horizon. It’s called Live Simply Love Knitting and it

Do YOU Love Knitting for Animals?

03/29/2016 15:08:38 PM

Do YOU love knitting for animals? In my mind, there’s NOTHING like having a pet. A dog or a cat, they add SO much to our lives. To anyone who has never owned a pet, sadly, they have been missing out on so much in life! Not to say, they might ...

Can You Knit and Be Happy?

03/03/2016 16:55:19 PM

Can you knit and be happy? Is there really an answer to that question? Is there only one answer to that question? We’ll see. Let me tell you about some of what I do all week. My two children are grown and live not too far away; my daughter ...

Knitting Coloring Book Review

02/22/2016 15:06:04 PM

So, the days just keep coming and going. Then the weeks, too. I can’t believe we’re into the last week of February! Here in New Jersey, winter hasn’t been too bad! (Knock on a ball of yarn!) Lots of my extra warm scarves and ultra-w

Sink Your Teeth Into These Mysterious Knitting Terms

01/29/2016 17:15:26 PM

He’s a heck of a thing to see in late January, isn’t he?! Count Dracula has nothing on us! Knitters have been sinking their teeth into creating all manner of fascinating things to wear, to display, to give as gifts, and to give away when ...

I Don’t Do Mindless Knitting

01/14/2016 17:46:30 PM

Now that “the holidays” have come and gone (you mean Christmas?), and all my decorations have been taken down, there is a certain sense of quiet that has pervaded my house. Winter quiet. Where there’s nothing much to do outdoors exc

Do YOU Have Knitting Plans For 2016?

12/31/2015 15:53:29 PM

Well, here comes New Years Eve. A night I don’t care much for. Here in New Jersey, it’s not looking anything like the picture above; it’s hardly been below freezing all month. Yet, I would like to see a few flakes some time this win

Advent Takes The Crazy Out of Christmas

12/21/2015 18:47:06 PM

We’re getting very close. Christmas Day. So far this December it doesn’t feel like winter is just around the corner; temps have been in the 60s and 70s even! Nice for some, but I prefer my Christmas-time, if not in bridal-veil white, at ...

Knit, Purl, Pray. . . A Book Review

12/13/2015 13:49:15 PM

Oh, I have been bad! Well, not bad in the bad sense of the word, but just remiss or missing in action, I guess. Weeks go by and I can’t get a blog post out there! But, it is the Season. (Actually, only one of those candles above should be ...

KNIT To Make a Lasting Impression

11/20/2015 18:57:42 PM

“Everything you remember in your mind is gone,” my husband said to me. That drive down Harmony Rd. was always one of my very favorites. If I had been out at the Freehold Mall or someplace north of Lakewood, I always took the turnoff onto ...

Knitting Health Benefits Checklist

11/13/2015 19:07:30 PM

Well, it’s finally starting to feel like November around here. This morning I drove to my son’s house and stepped outside at 5:05 A.M., in the dark and rather frosty air. It still warms up nicely during the day, with highs in the 60s, b ...

3 Apps To Make Your Knitting Even Better

11/06/2015 17:05:40 PM

Last week, I never got around to writing a new blog post. Haven’t done that in quite some time. It was just one of those weeks, I guess; I had some writing projects to do and the weather was so warm my husband and I ended up at the boardwalk ...

Late October Knitting Thoughts

10/23/2015 08:45:16 AM

If today is October 23rd, that means yesterday was my ♥ wedding anniversary ♥ and tomorrow is my birthday. I was married in 1972 which seems an awfully long time ago, but there’s been a awful lot of living that’s gone on here. Hou ...

5 Places For Charity Knitting

10/13/2015 09:21:09 AM

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my mind. Thoughts of money, retirement, losses, lack of gains, and other lovely negative thoughts keep crossing my mind all day every day. I’ve got 10 irons in the fire and every time I pull one of them out it& ...

3 Fall Scarf Patterns

10/09/2015 19:07:21 PM

Would you like a warm scarf now that the days are getting cooler? Some mornings when you wake up are positively chilly. Just ask my dachshund Scooter. (Can you see him there, he loves being warm!) It’s into the second week of October already ...

Clear Your Mind & Organize Your Life

10/02/2015 09:23:20 AM

October is here, my knitters! And with it comes the THREAT of another hurricane heading to NJ. We’ll see; after all the TV stations love the hype and it’s good for their ratings, most of all! Now that the leaves will start to turn and s ...

5 Ways To Increase Your Knitting Productivity

09/24/2015 10:44:38 AM

Knitters are the BEST people! (Don’t you LOVE that picture of Cary Grant? He was giving it his best try!) We love our craft, pick it up as often as we can, and wish that others would learn to knit with us! Some people over-plan, even with ...

Fun Update On My Knitting Reorganization Project

09/17/2015 13:25:42 PM

Wow! Just like that . . . it’s not summer anymore! I mean, it’s still summer – yet summer has moved on. We woke up yesterday to temps in the low 50s, yikes! It was cool all day, brilliant sun, yet not summery at all. Kids are back t

Product Review: Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn

09/07/2015 18:31:19 PM

Today we will be heading over to Seaside, NJ to bid a fond farewell to ONE BEAUTIFUL SUMMER!!  Like I commented on Facebook, it has been a superlatively spectacular summer in New Jersey this year! Every weekend has looked like this! We’ve ...

5 Tips for Getting the MOST Out of Your Knitting Space

09/04/2015 12:40:12 PM

My August Knitting Re-organization Project is coming along nicely. All month I have been busy cleaning, rearranging and organizing. It really is a GOOD feeling! My goal: the ideal knitting setup to increase my productivity and to improve my ...

Knitting Stacks, Stuff & Stash – August Knitting Organization Project Part 4

08/28/2015 15:53:15 PM

All this re-organization gets to me. Personally. So much so that I’ve ended up with a touch of sciatica. All down my right leg with those lovely little twinges of pain which comes out out nowhere. All week long. Ack! If you are dealing with ...

My Own List of Knitting Organizers – August Knitting Organization Project Part 3

08/21/2015 09:14:46 AM

Just to show you how things go: last night I sat down with a Yankee Magazine from March/April 2015. LOVE this magazine, because it is all things New England and it takes me back to when my husband and I owned an Inn in New Hampshire about 10 ...

Knitting Clutter Control – August Knitting Organization Project Part 2

08/14/2015 09:16:36 AM

So, it all started with this. We’ve been moved into our home in New Jersey for over 2 years already, and our second bedroom quickly became my junk haven. Everything I didn’t need or couldn’t figure out what to do with went there. St

How to Break Bad Knitting Habits, This is Good!

08/05/2015 19:42:30 PM

August Knitting Transformations August. A kind of “in-between” month, if you will. Schools are still out, vacations continue, kids are at camp, there’s a quiet build-up to September. The month of New Beginnings. It always feel like

Stress-Free Knitting Patterns

07/27/2015 18:31:12 PM

Summertime and the living is easy! Well, I don’t know about that, but it is deep into summer and who wants to think about taking on any kind of complicated knitting project?Just stress-free knitting patterns is what I like in mid-summer. You ...

Shine a Light, Knitting Bright

07/24/2015 13:31:32 PM

Before we made the move BACK to New Jersey in 2013, my husband and I lived in Pike County, PA, which is in the extreme northeast corner of the state. Beautiful, rural, with roads that lead you to places you’ve never seen before and may never ...

Blocking Lessons I Learned BEFORE It Was Too Late

07/15/2015 09:02:47 AM

Blocking lessons I learned before it was too late. So nice! You’ve finally finished that sweater or block afghan. Methodically, you’ve put all of the pieces together, being EVER so careful. Sleeves fit perfectly into the body pieces and ...

5 Reasons To Buy Knitting Yarn Now

07/09/2015 14:15:22 PM

5 reasons to buy knitting yarn now! Wow, this week flew by! One day it’s Monday then it’s the weekend again. When you’re busy time passes quickly. I’m sort of in a limbo this week; in-between writing assignments and waiting to

Knitting Yarn – Where Does Yours Come From?

07/07/2015 08:42:14 AM

Knitting yarn – where does yours come from? There has been a very interesting discussion going on at Knitting Paradise an extremely informative forum where you can find answers to many of life’s knitting questions. Entitled “Even Mo

Knitting Independently Because You LOVE to Make a Difference

07/02/2015 09:57:11 AM

Knitting independently because you LOVE to make a difference! The Fourth of July is upon us! Just like that. We go from freezing temps and icy winds to comfortable clothes and no jackets. Where all the landscape is a wedding-cake world, to green ...

5 Easy Lace Knitting Patterns For Everyone!

07/01/2015 15:31:55 PM

5 easy lace knitting patterns for everyone! Just last week I wrote a post about all of the things you need when getting ready to do lace knitting. That pretty openwork look that goes beyond knit and purl. Goes beyond cables and ribbing, even. ...

You Want to Yarn Bomb, Try Something Better!

06/26/2015 19:36:18 PM

You want to yarn bomb, try this instead! In a recent post, I talked about the knitting fad that has taken hold called arm knitting. I don’t like it. There are a lot of things in life I don’t care for, and this is just one more. You can ...

Successfully Learn Lace Knitting in 5 Easy Steps

06/23/2015 18:01:10 PM

Successfully learn lace knitting in 5 easy steps and I’m not kidding! Don’t you just love knitted things that look like this? Looks hard to create, doesn’t it? Well, that’s another secret to knitting. It’s not at all wha

Summer Knitting Projects

06/19/2015 16:46:05 PM

Summer knitting projects now that it’s almost summer! I can’t believe it’s almost Father’s Day! Not to mention my son, Rob’s 39th birthday. Yikes. How does one of your “kids” get to be 39 already?! I’ll

Knitting Because There’s Nothing To Do

06/12/2015 16:40:05 PM

Learn knitting because there’s nothing to do. How many times when we were kids did we run to our mothers with that age-old lament, “but, Mom, there’s nothing’s to do!” Especially on those oppressively hot and humid days

5 Health Perks From Knitting

06/08/2015 15:08:41 PM

5 Health Perks From Knitting Some days I find the time to be quietly knitting; other days I think about it from afar. When the day is too beautifully perfect like yesterday was, the last thing I want to do is stay indoors and knit. Especially ...

Kick Dancing and Knitting and Yes They Connect!

05/29/2015 09:48:41 AM

As I write this, today is Thursday, May 28th. While this Thursday has no special significance I can remember a May 28th many, many years ago still stays with me. It was when I was in dancing school. I started taking dancing lessons when I was ...

Knitting Things I Have on Hand This Week

05/25/2015 15:33:07 PM

Just a few knitting things I have on hand this week. As I’m sitting here writing this post on a Memorial Day Monday morning, it’s extremely quiet here. So quiet I can actually hear myself think! Just the birds twirping and an occasional ...

Arm Knitting is Stupid

05/18/2015 09:47:14 AM

Okay, so let me go out on a limb here and say it. Arm knitting is stupid. At least I think it is . It ISN’T knitting! Who ever heard of using your arms for needles and wending the yarn through them? Every time I see someone doing this it looks ...

Do You Use a Yarn Ball Winder? A Review of One

05/08/2015 14:38:35 PM

Do you use a yarn ball winder or are you still looking? I love anything that will make my knitting easier! Whether I find lighter needles or a new line of yarn that floats effortlessly along, I like everything that just gives us a little extra ...

How to Knit a Scarf

05/03/2015 14:25:00 PM

How to knit a scarf may seem perfectly simple. In fact, it’s one of the nicest things to do, to knit. And something that pops right to mind when you think of knitting. Which makes me remember way back when I was just learning to knit. I was ...

Friday Knitting Musings for May 1

04/30/2015 19:16:52 PM

Friday knitting musings are here again Yesterday when I walked Piper and Scooter around the block I couldn’t get over how there was NO WIND! Absolutely nothing. Especially as I rounded the corner onto Romford Ln. and you begin to walk in a ...

Adventures in Yarn Farming – A Book Review

04/27/2015 09:59:25 AM

Here’s another book review this one on “Adventures in Yarn Farming” Have you ever wondered how the yarn you see in stores gets there? I mean, yarn comes from somewhere. All the colors and all the fibers; it is a cornucopia of yarnto

Friday Knitting Musings for April 24

04/24/2015 05:20:44 AM

Friday knitting musings is more than just yarn and needles. One of the projects that I would love to tackle as a new knitting project, maybe in the Fall when we’re back to cooler weather, would be prayer shawls. Who doesn’t like somethi ...

Your Knitting Questions Answered . . . Part Four

04/22/2015 17:58:09 PM

Your knitting questions answered . . . Part 4 – Funny how the week seems to get away from me. In between housecleaning, dog walking, babysitting, and copywriting, I hardly find time to write these posts. AND there’s knitting. Gotta get ...

Friday Knitting Musings

04/16/2015 19:25:43 PM

Friday knitting musings seemed like a good thing to do. As I write this post, I’m very tired. I may knit tonight; I may not. I got up at 5:00 A.M. and drove to my son Rob’s house to watch the girls all day. He leaves for work by 5:30 and ...

Who Wants to Learn How to Follow Knitting Patterns?

04/14/2015 15:06:35 PM

Who wants to learn how to follow knitting patterns? Isn’t it fun to know how to knit? Just thinking about those projects I’ve got sitting around here and there (“what a mess” my 2 year old grand daughter Julia would say!) and

How to Gauge Your Knitting

04/09/2015 13:12:18 PM

How to Gauge Your Knitting or why one size doesn’t fit all! What exactly is gauge? Before you ever begin to knit, there are a few basics to know. One of these basics is called gauge. You see it mentioned in most knitting pattern directions. ...

Spotlight on Affordable Knitting Yarns

04/06/2015 11:56:22 AM

The Spotlight is on Affordable Knitting Yarn in this post. THIS is one of knitting’s most asked question. If you’ve been knitting long enough, inevitably here comes the question about yarn. And rightly so. If you buy an expensive thing ...

Do You Struggle With Too Many Knitting Projects at Once?

04/01/2015 18:13:30 PM

Do you struggle with too many knitting projects at once, too? In my inner circle of life, there are no knitters. Sad to say, but true. In time, I’m hoping to teach my grand daughters, Julia and Marisa how to knit and purl. Get them while ...

Part Three of Your Knitting Questions. . . Answered!

03/27/2015 18:09:23 PM

So here we are at Part Three of your knitting questions . . . answered! A few weeks ago I did a second post about knitting questions most of have as we learn knitting, and even go beyond the basics. So, two or three times every month I will ...

Want to Be Happy? Learn Knitting!

03/24/2015 20:52:10 PM

Want to be happy? Learn knitting plain and simple. One of my pet projects for this month of March, which is National Craft Month, btw, is to get my knitting ORGANIZED! That will take some doing. B-U-T . . . there is nothing I love more than ...

Friday Knitting Musings, or How to Knit a Scarf

03/20/2015 17:38:59 PM

Friday Knitting Musings, or how to knit a scarf without 1,001 things getting in the way! So, here it is the end of another week. How they go by so quickly is just beyond me! One minute it’s Monday morning and then it’s Friday all over a ...

Knitting Patterns That Are Amazing!

03/18/2015 14:34:31 PM

Knitting patterns that are amazing can be found if you really look hard enough. Just do a “knitting patterns” search on Google or wherever, and up pops numerous pages of links that may help you and then again, may not. And besides, who ...

Your Questions About Knitting . . . Answered!

03/16/2015 17:18:35 PM

Your Questions About Knitting . . . Answered!  Part One Way back last summer, (was it really warm then?) I wrote this post on The Knitting Answer Book. In it I told you why I love this little book so much. It’s simply chock-ful of REAL k ...

Scarf Knitting on Friday the 13th

03/13/2015 12:39:03 PM

So here I am scarf knitting on Friday the 13th This is the second month in a row that the 13th day of the month lands on a Friday. Really, it hasn’t impacted me since I was about a freshman in high school; so all you knitters out there who ...

Stop! For Popular Knitting Patterns

03/11/2015 14:16:39 PM

Stop! For Popular Knitting Patterns if You Can Finally a warm day! For so long every day has been below freezing and judging by my dried knuckles, it’s been that way for quite for some time. I think we don’t realize how many weeks go by ...

Knitting Lace, A Book Review

03/09/2015 10:19:00 AM

Knitting Lace, a book review for you! I love lace knitting. What can I say? It has always intrigued me, a little like a professor years ago telling our British History class that she wasn’t going into the “Wars of the Roses” because

What Are You Knitting for National Craft Month?

03/02/2015 14:31:55 PM

Just what are you knitting for National Craft Month? March is National Craft Month. Of course, in my home, EVERYDAY is craft day, but I digress. When my children were young, there were hobby stores in just about every town; nowadays not so much. ...

Frost Heaves or A Peacock Jewel Scarf

02/27/2015 13:32:13 PM

Frost Heaves or a Peacock Jewel Scarf, which one are you?

Yarn Substitutions in The Chinese New Year

02/24/2015 08:49:11 AM

 Yarn Substitutions in the Chinese New Year can be a scream! But before I get to that, let me mention that the Chinese New Year did just commence earlier this month and is the Year of the Goat. Which brings to mind the ending scene of “A ...

Cowl of Many Colors in The White Winter

02/18/2015 08:31:20 AM

A Cowl of Many Colors is something we all need. Well! Seems as if Winter is here to stay. We’ve had record-breaking lows and about 5″ of snow fell Monday night into Tuesday. I remember because my daughter-in-law Lisa was traveling back ...

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Knitting – Review

02/17/2015 09:17:26 AM

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Knitting – a review for you! Once in a while I think back to those days, a long time ago, when I was just learning how to knit. In the VERY beginning, I think I stuck with practice squares; just going ov ...

Mother Bear Project, Knitting For Love

02/13/2015 19:03:13 PM

There is nothing like a Mother Bear Project, Knitting For Love. Just a quick post today, Friday the 13th, to let you in on an extraordinary knitting secret; knitting for those in need is the best knitting of all! With all of the talk about ...

Candles In The Windows For Knitting

02/09/2015 21:18:37 PM

Candles in the windows for knitting makes me happy. Winter marches on. Here in New Jersey it hasn’t been half bad. We’ve experienced some snow, but no big storms so far. The temperatures have been cold, then moderate and by weeks’ e

What To Do With Old Knitting Magazines

02/05/2015 17:15:14 PM

When I was growing up my mom loved having magazines in our house. From Life to Reader’s Digest, there was always something to read. Once I was in my teens, she loved buying every home and fashion magazine there was; McCall’s, Vogue, Bet ...

Be Thankful for Your Knitting

02/02/2015 07:00:00 AM

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been trying to get my house in order. You know, finding a place for everything, organizing my junk, and throwing out what’s no longer needed. This includes my knitting, too. Once my stash gets too o ...

Today’s Crazy Knitting Terms

01/29/2015 14:03:19 PM

Have you been to your local LYS lately? I used to have (and probably still do, somewhere) a magnetic sign for my car that read, “K2tog.”  Just one of those enigmatic knitting symbols that we see in pattern books all the time. Almost my ...

Knitting Musings For Monday

01/26/2015 11:25:00 AM

So here we are at the almost end of January, and we here in New Jersey are awaiting a “doozey” of a snowstorm. Or so all the weather pundits tell us in their morning forecast ramblings. No one dislikes size-able snowfalls more than me; ...

Kids Knit! Simple Steps To Nifty Projects

01/23/2015 09:00:00 AM

Knitting books abound. It seems one or two new ones are published every week. While I enjoy poking through the newest books for adult knitters, it’s also fun to see what authors are writing for future generations of knitters, too. Because ...

Four Most-Asked Knitting Forum Questions

01/21/2015 15:33:20 PM

I remember when I first learned to knit. My girlfriend Marlene and I bought little how-to knitting books from our local five-and-ten-cent store (what’s that, you say?) and armed with some simple yarn and knitting needles tried to make our ...

Do Not Read This Unless You Love To Knit!

01/19/2015 13:42:07 PM

Today is a rainy day. Pouring down rain as a matter of fact. A very good day for staying inside and knitting. Or cleaning. Or organizing. Or reading. Or watching the football playoffs. In fact, the rain began as a little ice and two people fell ...

Knitting Yarns, Choose Your Story

01/15/2015 19:43:21 PM

Life is unique, isn’t it? So many roads to travel, so many decisions to make, so many moments that are far from ordinary every day! Yes, life can seem boring and so-so on a daily basis; after all, we all do the same things day in and day out, ...

Walking Through the Inn at Night

01/11/2015 07:00:00 AM

Ten years ago, before I started a website, or knew what blogging was all about, I was an innkeeper. My husband Bob and I bought a beautiful 10-room inn in southwestern New Hampshire, an area known as the Monadnock region. I won’t tell you ...

Super Easy Ways To Learn To Knit!

01/05/2015 13:18:34 PM

I actually LIKE January! Just like I like September. No, it’s not because I crave walking my dogs in those gale-force winds (like today) or can’t wait for the roads to become like ice-carpets just waiting to trip me up, but because Janu ...

Happily Knitting into the New Year

01/02/2015 17:41:39 PM

So here I sit in the fading light of New Year’s Eve day. It’s been a cold day here in New Jersey, brrrr!  So cold, in fact, that my doggies needed their little sweaters when I took them for their morning walk around the block. As we go ...

Knitters Beware! Happiness to Follow . . .

12/19/2014 09:00:00 AM

Have you been busy? I’ll bet! Being well into December we’ve even passed the Hanukkah mark, which began two days ago. I’m not very familiar with the holiday, but Christmas . . . now that’s another story! For those who don̵

Swanky Scarf Christmas Knitting Pattern

12/08/2014 09:00:00 AM

Who isn’t busy this month? It’s a good thing too, because the weather (if you want to call it such) has been so HORRIBLE, you don’t notice it when you’re immersed in everything else. Really, just day after day of rain, snow sh

Knitting Happiness, How Do You Get It?

12/05/2014 09:00:00 AM

Funny, how time flies. One minute it’s the Fourth of July and the next Christmas and the end-of-year holidays are right around the corner. Yet, my knitting just goes on. Some days are better than others, of course. You know what I’m tal ...

How to Give a Great Handmade Knitting Gift

12/04/2014 09:00:00 AM

Did you know as a knitter you qualify for DIY status? I don’t think you can claim that as a deduction on your taxes or anything (wouldn’t that be neat!) but it surely puts us in a very special category, one that not just anyone can clai ...

Finding New Knitting Products To Try

12/01/2014 09:00:00 AM

Knitting is yarn and needles, right? And maybe a pattern thrown in for good measure? Well, not hardly. Knitting is SO much more than mere yarn and needles. That’s what makes it such a F-U-N hobby! There’s always something new to buy and ...

What To Do With That Leftover Knitting Yarn

11/23/2014 09:00:00 AM

Knitting yarn is some of the most fun stuff you can buy! After all, aren’t there just so many colors, and fibers, and types of yarn to see? I’m sure if you’re addicted to the world of knitting, then you get numerous knitting catalog

Yarns For You and a Story Too!

11/17/2014 09:00:00 AM

Just a quick post to tell you about some very cute yarn! But, before I get to that, let me tell you this. For my birthday, one of the gifts I received from my daughter, Stephanie, was a little book of indulgences. I’m not talking about the ...

So You Think You Know Red Heart Yarn

11/11/2014 09:00:00 AM

Knitting yarn is everywhere. And you don’t need to be inside to see it; look around your favorite parks and haunts and you just may see some yarn dangling here and there. I’ve noticed it even in Halloween decorations, stringing one set ...

So You Think You Know Red Heart Yarn

11/11/2014 09:00:00 AM

Knitting yarn is everywhere. And you don’t need to be inside to see it; look around your favorite parks and haunts and you just may see some yarn dangling here and there. I’ve noticed it even in Halloween decorations, stringing one set ...

Free Knitting Patterns, Or . . .

11/06/2014 09:00:00 AM

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the (yarn) bomb! Well, not really. Have you seen yarn bombing?? You know, what they call graffiti or urban knitting, where street artists cover everything in big cities from statues to bike racks to ...

Book Review – The Knowledgeable Knitter

10/29/2014 09:00:00 AM

Knitting has so many facets to it; you could say it shines like a yarn mosaic!  There’s so much to know and so many different ways to learn knitting. You could concentrate on knitting stitches, or yarns, accessories, knitting patterns, books ...

Not a Knitting Needle in Sight

10/25/2014 17:22:44 PM

There are some things we all love to do. Special things, journeys or adventures we take once in a lifetime, or do yearly or on a regular basis. For us, it’s making our yearly trek to Peddler’s Village in Lahaska PA. We love going there ...

Free Knitting Patterns and Other October Musings

10/20/2014 09:00:00 AM

I love this time of the year. Maybe because October 22nd is my wedding anniversary and the 24th is my birthday. That, and the fact that we usually take a ride out to Bucks County, PA and tool around Peddler’s Village with a stop at the winery ...

Christmas Patterns to Knit

10/16/2014 09:00:00 AM

It’s Friday once again! This week has been a tough one. Difficulties with jobs, cellphones, and wondering about the future (you know all the news about Ebola, etc.) and it makes me want to just pick up my knitting needles and go crazy! Do ...

Here Come Those Special Knitting Holidays

10/13/2014 09:00:00 AM

October. That most beautiful of months. Mornings are usually cold, followed by afternoons kissed by the sun’s rays, then nights that become crisp and clear again. Well, not every day; but enough to make your thoughts turn to fireplaces, a ...

Matching Yarns to Your Knitting Projects

10/07/2014 09:00:00 AM

Recently, I went through a chest of drawers full of my knitted scarves. All different. In sizes, colors, but particularly in knitting yarns. Looking at these, it’s hard to place when and where these were knitted. The versatility of all the ...

Which Knitting Gift Do YOU Want In Your Stocking?

09/29/2014 09:00:00 AM

This is scary. It’s September 30th. A little more than two months to knit gifts for Christmas. Any knitter knows these things take time! Sometimes, weeks and weeks. Sometimes, a weekend. Either way, if you’ve been thinking about which k ...

All About Hand Knitting Yarn

09/25/2014 09:00:00 AM

Have you been in a yarn shop lately? Looking for your next knitting project and browsing through the hand knitting yarn? It seems everytime I visit a LYS (local yarn shop) or a Michael’s or A.C. Moore, etc., there are always NEW yarns to see! ...

How Do You Knit a Scarf?

09/15/2014 09:00:00 AM

I’ve been knitting! Which is a good thing, to quote a certain homemaking queen, but that simply means I haven’t been writing. Last week, I just had to take a break. Nothing helps to reset your inner creative clock then taking a break fr ...

Do You Know Your Knitting Needles?

09/11/2014 09:00:00 AM

When you think about knitting, what comes to mind? Is it the yarn you’ll be using? How about the finished product? Or the knitting stitches you’ll be needing? Chances are it’s one of those three things; but it’s rarely your kn

Apple Orchard Scarf, Knit Easy!

09/02/2014 13:05:54 PM

Did you happen to read my latest blog post, Happiness is 1969 and a Junky Ol’ Chevy? Early September in northeast Pennsylvania was cool! The first time I went up there we had to use the heater inside, it was that chilly. And walking after ...

Apple Orchard Scarf, Knit Easy!

09/02/2014 13:05:54 PM

Did you happen to read my latest blog post, Happiness is 1969 and a Junky Ol’ Chevy? Early September in northeast Pennsylvania was cool! The first time I went up there we had to use the heater inside, it was that chilly. And walking after ...

Happiness is 1969 and a Junky Ol’ Chevy

08/25/2014 09:48:05 AM

Writing about knitting is just about one of my favorite things to do. But, it’s August (already) and before the Summer melts away entirely, there are just a few other things I wish to write about. Lacy knit patterns and favorite knitting yarns ...

Happiness is 1969 and a Junky Ol’ Chevy

08/25/2014 09:48:05 AM

Writing about knitting is just about one of my favorite things to do. But, it’s August (already) and before the Summer melts away entirely, there are just a few other things I wish to write about. Lacy knit patterns and favorite knitting yarns ...