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BFxenon Installation Instructions: Single Beam

03/11/2013 21:10:00 PM

Here is a simple How-To when it comes to installing BFxenon Plug and Play HID Headlights or Fog Lights.Here you see a straight forward plug and play setup for any single beam vehicle.

Brighter Headlights - Night time driving

01/07/2013 18:57:00 PM

By now, I'm sure you have seen those extremely bright white lights driving on the road. But, maybe you haven't and you didn't know there was a product that would increase your headlight output by 300%? Automotive lighting technology has advanced ...

Does Your Car Have Factory HID Lights?

09/19/2012 11:47:00 AM

HID Lights - Does Your Car Have Factory HID LightsDoes your car have factory HID lights?

2011 BFxenon Christmas Special

12/15/2011 20:46:00 PM

Happy Holidays from BFxenon! In honor of another year of growth, we would like to offer all our supporters a 25% coupon code good for any BFxenon HID light order!This year we aim to do more kits than ever before and we are making deals left ...

How-To: Fiat 500 USA HID Installation

10/05/2011 11:23:00 AM

Fiat 500 Accessories: Installing the BFxenon HID KitThe headlights that come with the Fiat 500 are modern BiHalogen projector beam headlights. Using the latest halogen bulb technology, they put out a sufficient light beam, however, for those ...

BFxenon offers HID Xenon Lights for the New Fiat 500 USA

05/24/2011 10:02:00 AM

Not satisfied with your stock FIAT 500 Lights? has developed an HID Xenon Light kit with performance, durability and ease of installation in mind. This kit has been specifically designed as an upgrade to your existing Fiat 500 Low ...

Just launched the new Fiat HID template website

05/04/2011 17:54:00 PM

We have decided to start making template sites that feed our page. Here is the first of this project:!

NEW Lower Prices from

03/02/2011 15:20:00 PM

Special Thanks to all of the C5 Members for your support and great feedback!Due to the growth this past year, BFxenon has had the opportunity to increase productivity as well as development! These changes have allowed us to lower our Camaro ...

BFxenon installs the first HID kit... Fiat 500 USA

03/01/2011 09:52:00 AM

Once again BFxenon has done it! We have just installed the first HID conversion for the new 2011 Fiat 500! We got the great opportunity to visit OC Motorsports (BFxenon Distributor) in Costa Mesa, CA and install our lights in this new Fiat.The ...

5 things you need to know about HID lights

02/11/2011 19:54:00 PM

HID Lighting Facts: 5 Things You Need to KnowHigh Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting is the technology where light is created from electrical current passing through metal vapor. In HID bulbs, a tube of glass is filled with gas and has two ...