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Job Hazards Sample for Employees.

09/16/2010 10:46:01 AM

-Electronic Assembly Safety Hazards-*Forklift Traffic- Forklifts may occasionally be used inside or outside the electronic assembly area to move materials. Never walk in the path of a moving forklift. Assure eye contact is made between you ...

Terms and Definitions for Hearing Conservation

09/16/2010 10:39:54 AM

Action Level- An 8-hour time-weighted average of 85 decibels measured on the A-scale, slow response, or equivalently, a dose of fifty percent. Audiogram - A chart, table, or graph showing hearing threshold level as a function of frequency. ...

Safety Ideas for the workplace

08/04/2010 19:18:06 PM

When you have new employees in your factory, try this concept out. This practice was extremely beneficial and it works. Find arm bands in 3 color's.I used Red (for the new employee) Have them wear this arm band for the first 2 days regardless ...

Ideas for the Management on Safety

07/24/2010 11:26:49 AM

While I was the Plant Manager of a company with over 1200 Employees working 3 shifts, I learned a lot about people. It's easy to be in that position and lose touch with your indirect reports, so here are a few ideas that I think really work. ...

Daily Departmental Refresher Training

07/24/2010 10:20:30 AM

The right way to start off the work day is to communicate the importance of safety in the work place. This only has to be a 2-5 minute all department refresher. Talking about a Near Miss, Near Hit, a violation or an Incident.Don't be afraid ...

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