The Battle of the Red Storm!

01/05/2012 02:57:15 AM

Basketball is really one of the most in-demand sports today! All over the world, the said game is a huge it! In America, people were getting crazy over it! More events were now taking place pertaining to this favorite sports! Are you familiar ...


01/05/2012 02:53:18 AM

Designing Your Website!

01/22/2011 07:53:54 AM

Nowadays, internet is really in-demand. It seems that the web is a basic needs to everyone. Researching, downloading, searching, listening to your favorite music, watching TV series episodes, chatting, and meeting people…all these things were ...

Money, Money, Money For This Holidays!

12/13/2010 04:12:14 AM

We’re already on the season of holidays! And this season is usually termed as the ‘season of expenses’! Though we are receiving Christmas bonuses or 13th and 14th month pays, still it seems these moneys were not that enough to susta

Rockz Cafe is Now Serving Coffee!

07/15/2010 21:36:00 PM

Yeah you heard it right! Your favorite Rockz Cafe is now serving brew hot coffee! Oh so yummy…! And it comes with the different variety of flavors. As you can see, there were so many to choose to from. Come and pick you choice! Above is the ...

The Rockz Cafe’s Exterior Design!

07/15/2010 20:44:32 PM

Your favorite cafe restaurant, the Rockz Cafe is now currently showing its exterior appearance! Yeah! And this how it looks! Plain and simple at first, but now groomed into a beautiful cafe! Actually this is another new innovation of Facebo ...

Lovi’n Orange

05/17/2010 14:41:19 PM

The Rockz Cafe continuously grows! Its success is really undeniable! It currently had its expansion! And its interior design is also brand new! After you go Asian with the Red Cafe, then feel cozy with the Elegant Cafe, time no become brighter ...


04/27/2010 02:40:04 AM

Now I know how will my sales increase again and how will I bring back the number of my customers! It’s time for…REFORMATION! Yeah, I need to reformat the layout of my design…. The first that I did was to lessen or eliminate the numb

Featured Neighbor’s Cafe 11: “A Church or A Museum?”

04/27/2010 02:22:54 AM

Just recently,  I shared with you the cafe design of one of my neighbors which really looks like a sacred place! It gives us a total resemblance of a temple. Now I have here another cafe design from my Facebook friend and colleague  Honeylet. ...

Featured Dish: Shrimp Pasta

04/27/2010 01:51:35 AM

I’m so glad that my neighbor friend sent me a menu gift. This is called Shrimp Pasta! It’s sooo delicious! The appearance of it is really yummy…. Actually it is a pasta topped with more shrimp. Well, that’s why it’s call