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The Perils of Social Media And My Plight

10/01/2014 08:25:00 AM

I have been a blogger for some time now, but you probably don’t know my name. I have written a book, but I am not sure how many of you have read it. Apart from that I work my days in an office, which is full of people who have either gone ...

Mother Tongue – A Language That My Mother Speaks!

09/17/2014 18:22:00 PM

Image Courtesy:, in Facebook everyone was discussing their favorite books and tagging others to do the same. After the ice bucket challenge, probably, this was the most viral post my Facebook timeline has ...

Shopping, Anyone?

09/13/2014 09:04:00 AM

Shopping – oh, what joy it produces! An orgasmic pleasure almost, I must say. Strolling through rows upon rows of clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories - can any other compare with the happiness this brings? Retail therapy is very real. ...

A Rant about PDA

09/11/2014 09:16:00 AM

Lately, there’s been a surge of PDA around me.

The Tangled Mess - VII

08/14/2014 23:00:00 PM


The Tangled Mess - VI

08/13/2014 23:00:00 PM


The Tangled Mess - V

08/12/2014 23:00:00 PM


The Tangled Mess - IV

08/11/2014 23:00:00 PM


The Tangled Mess - III

08/10/2014 23:00:00 PM

Read Part I

The Tangled Mess - II

08/09/2014 13:19:00 PM

Read the Part I here.Mr Basu felt his weak heart flutter when the man in uniform entered his apartment.“I hear you are the one who found the body.” He said in the way of wishing Good Morning.“Yes. I did.” Mr Basu could only make his ...

Interesting on the Internet This Week - 2

08/09/2014 13:01:00 PM


The Tangled Mess - I

08/07/2014 22:01:00 PM

It’s a piece of fiction, my first attempt to write a crime drama. I will be publishing it in parts. The sections of this

Fruitful Nothings

08/01/2014 13:36:00 PM

Have you ever been in a time when just by letting yourself be adrift, you felt a fulfillment? A time when you were amongst people, yet saw nothing, talked nothing? A book perhaps, a cutting paperback, reading but not really thinking?Saturday ...

Stuff I found On the Internet This Week

07/31/2014 18:00:00 PM

Let's Eat Here Sometime!Finally it has happened - No words necessary

বিদেশের বৃষ্টি

07/30/2014 16:09:00 PM

I Didn't Change My Name After Marriage

07/20/2014 17:45:00 PM

Long back as an upright teenager, I had made a decision to never change my name after I got married. I simply liked it too much.When A and I were getting married, we never discussed about it because we both knew how important my name was to ...

Under the Hibiscus Shrub

07/13/2014 15:00:00 PM

As the candle depletes the flame grows. The candle shrinks a little lower; the flame grows a little bigger. It’s an irony – how the wax has to melt in order to burn the flame. But if you look at it, it makes perfect sense though. To make ...

ফুটবল বিশ্বকাপের ফাইনাল - বাঙ্গালির সেরা উৎসব

07/13/2014 13:57:00 PM

পাড়ায় পাড়ায় আজ উৎসব। দেওয়ালগুলো সব পোস্টার আর স্লোগানে ভরে গ্যাছে। টিভি তে খবর পড়ুয়ারা সার ...

A Meal to Impress

07/04/2014 19:29:00 PM

Perhaps the greatest advantage of growing up in a suburban home in the southern West Bengal is the abundance of great fresh foods and the faith that grows with it – food is sacred. And when you pair this with a family of traditional food lovers, ...

Of Mountains, Lakes and a Few Great Humans

06/22/2014 18:05:00 PM

An Open Letter to the Advertising Masterminds

05/02/2014 18:27:00 PM

Dear Advertising Masterminds,

Z Zaps!

04/29/2014 21:00:00 PM

Y yaps Yet

04/28/2014 21:37:00 PM

Yet, those four years were magical. Very possibly the best years of my life. It appears to me suddenly that in the previous two posts I have been coming across as a cynic. Perhaps now that I am sufficiently distanced (7 years a long time) from ...

X Examines the X-es

04/28/2014 21:35:00 PM

W walks (the) Walk

04/25/2014 18:00:00 PM

V vitrifies Vodka

04/24/2014 18:00:00 PM

U unfolds U-phoria

04/23/2014 18:00:00 PM

T travels (on) Trains

04/22/2014 21:49:00 PM

Mecheda Station

S Savours Spandan

04/22/2014 21:29:00 PM

Shreya Ghosal at SpandanSpandan - the annual cultural fest of our college. Three consecutive days of cultural extravaganza in February. Third years in charge to organize the frenzy. An additional responsibility aside from the campus interviews. ...

R Relishes the Rains

04/21/2014 08:07:00 AM

Q Quests the Quilt

04/18/2014 18:00:00 PM

P Pats Pals

04/17/2014 18:00:00 PM

College would have never been what it was if there were not friends. Four years in a residential campus meant a lot of time with friends. I made the best and worst of friends there. Friends who were family and friends who backstabbed. Together ...

O Observes the Obnoxious

04/17/2014 11:32:00 AM

Boys, I tell you, can get from being cute to repulsive in a very short while. I speak about those obnoxious morons here whose only motto in life seemed to make others miserable.

N Nails Nescafe

04/15/2014 18:00:00 PM

Semesters meant coffee. Pulling all nighters was not easy. Surviving those few weeks was only possible by having caffeine run through your arteries.

M mentions the Matron

04/14/2014 19:00:00 PM

L likes Love Shuv

04/14/2014 17:51:00 PM

Speak about college and not mention love! Why, that’s akin to a sin. Because college was more about love than studies really! So yes, this post is about love and those love birds that flocked our campus.Oh well! Where do I begin? There was ...

K Knocks Killer Punches

04/11/2014 18:00:00 PM

J Jeers Jealous Jesters

04/10/2014 18:00:00 PM

Jealousy destroys. Doesn’t it? While most of the times you destroy yourself by it, if you are vengeful enough you can destroy others too. In our first year we all witnessed how a seemingly simple turn of events can cost lives.

I Idolizes Ingenious Engineers

04/09/2014 18:00:00 PM

H Hustles Hostel

04/08/2014 18:56:00 PM

G gobbles Grand Feast

04/07/2014 18:17:00 PM

If eating outs were fun, eating in sometimes was fun too. Especially dinner on the last Friday of every month. Because then the cook uncles of the hostel canteen treated us with a mouth-watering feast, called the Grand Feast.

F Fancies Fear

04/06/2014 20:29:00 PM

Back in college we were suckers for horror flicks. When someone rented a DVD from the DVD rental store outside our campus, the entire hostel knew about it. We then gathered in one room, everyone together and then watched those A, B, C grade ...

E Embraces Eating Out

04/04/2014 18:00:00 PM

You must be thinking - why does this girl want to talk about eating outs? Were there no other E’s exciting enough to share? Trust me, there were many such Es, like the other letters of the alphabet. Studying in a residential college for 4 ...

D Dreads the Door

04/03/2014 18:00:00 PM

The door looked quite plain really. Painted white with a brass doorknob, it stood seemingly harmlessly against the whitewashed wall. In fact it was so inconspicuous that you wouldn’t even look at it while passing by. Yet it was the scariest ...

C Cries Cheating

04/02/2014 18:00:00 PM

What did you say? You have never cheated in an exam and you are an engineer? Well, I don’t believe you. You can never be a true engineer unless you have mastered the art of cheating! Copy and paste should be the two words you learn to chant ...

B Begins the Beginning

04/01/2014 18:00:00 PM

2003. The year when it all began. The JEE result was just out and it showed that I had fared well enough to get into a college I liked. It also meant that I would get to study computers! Yes, computers! That elusive thing! How nice it would ...

A Annotates Alma Mater

03/31/2014 23:00:00 PM

Today I start the April AtoZ challenge 2014. The idea is to post everyday in April except Sundays about topics that start with the letters from the English Alphabet. April 1 is for A, April 2 is for B and so on! If you haven't already joined, ...

Coping With Being the Eldest Child!

03/18/2014 16:54:00 PM

Have you noticed? How the elder siblings often seem to be bearing the brunt! How as soon as the little ones arrive, parents start conditioning the elder ones to be more responsible, caring, rule-abiding, parents’ helping hands and perhaps ...

Love and Other Deceits

02/25/2014 10:54:00 AM

Akash and Varsha were a couple. Akash - the husband, Varsha - the wife. Akash worked as a mid-level manager in a fast moving consumer goods company. Varsha stayed at home. Not that she always stayed at home. She had recently resigned from her ...

Seriousness is a Serious Business!

02/23/2014 11:56:00 AM

Handle it with utmost care. Like morphine. While little bit of it is actually good, too much of it can easily turn lethal. Seriousness can make you sick too, if you are not careful. Seriously! Trust me! It’s a disease, dis-ease! And an infectious ...