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Could you imagine having some music on your blog? Use mine!

01/11/2011 14:44:00 PM

Here's how you do it:1. Choose a song.Look at my posts. There are many posts, with songs in most of them. Listen to my songs ... enjoy ... listen some more ... enjoy some more ... tell me how much you're lovin' it ... LOL!OK, you must have chosen ...

My Jazzy Tune - "A Memory"

12/24/2010 03:59:00 AM

Before going any further, I'd like to thank the musicians' community at for the incredible support and feedback. If you want to learn how to make music, there's one place on the web to go to: ...

My Christmas Composition: "Remember That Child"

12/06/2010 18:55:00 PM

Hello dear visitor,Christmas time is coming near, and it was time for me to come up with a Christmas tune. Well, here it is."Remember That Child"Enjoy Click here to download this song.This song on Radio RedditClick here to download the video.Watch ...

My New Song: "A Nightly Flight" (free streaming + download here)

11/22/2010 05:48:00 AM

Hello everybody!After a long long pause, I'm excited to announce my new creation - finally!Without any further ado, here comes (drumroll):A Nightly FlightAs night covers the world and lights get dimmer, thoughts about the daily grind fade away. ...

A Detail in High Detail

06/22/2010 12:41:00 PM

Hello Everybody!Here I'm posting a detail of my last picture in high detail. Enjoy,Rhythmic

I Need Your Help for This One!

06/21/2010 20:19:00 PM

Hello again!Here comes my next picture. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea how I should call it.Can you suggest a title?Thanks,Rhythmic

My First Picture on Paper since Years

06/21/2010 00:21:00 AM

Here's the picture - a face.It was about a month ago, that I realized that I can draw - and this was my first project.

My First Video - "Fantasy"

06/20/2010 10:22:00 AM

ping rss Hello everybody!Lately, I've been experimenting with drawing, composing and poetry. My first presentable piece of art is the video below.Please give me some feedback. While I'd surely love to get some praise, constructive criticism ...