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Lillian Leitzel – Acrobat And Strongwoman

01/12/2015 19:01:42 PM

Lillian Leitzel (Jan. 2, 1892 – 1931) was an acrobat and strongwoman for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. She was one of the highest paid performers of her generation and known for her mix of a fiery temperament and great ...

RIP Anita

01/11/2015 12:55:11 PM

Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg was a Swedish actress, model, and sex symbol. She is best known for her role as Sylvia in the Federico Fellini film La Dolce Vita (1960), which features a scene of her cavorting in Rome’s Trevi Fountain alongside ...

But She Missed The Fact …..

01/10/2015 17:30:00 PM

….. that Ovaltine turned him into a girlFiled under: Advertisments, Humour Tagged: Ovaltine

The Sunday Comic – An Easy-going Man

01/10/2015 17:25:00 PM

Filed under: Comix, Humour, Illustration Tagged: Drunks, Easy-going, Hitting below the belt, Sence of humour

The Wolf Bird

01/10/2015 17:20:00 PM

The raven is sometimes known as “the wolf-bird.” Ravens, like many other animals, scavenge at wolf kills, but there’s more to it than that. Both wolves and ravens have the ability to form social attachments and they seem to have evolved ...

Those Who Stay At Home

01/10/2015 17:15:00 PM

Old Spanish book cover from book No 50 in the series La Novela Moderna. English title “Those Who Stay At Home”. And in my eyes it seams like staying home was a rather smashing idea – Ted Image found on AmericanShaftFiled under: Literature, ...

Saturday Quiz: Guess That Ass

01/10/2015 08:53:00 AM

Let’s see how well you have studied classic celebrity backsides visitors. The question is simple; Who’s famous ass is this? Tip: her daughter plays one of the leads in “Special Victims Unit” And last weeks ass belonged to Diane Webb ...

Bathing Beauties….. again ;-)

01/10/2015 07:04:23 AM

I woke up to about a feet of snow, strong winds, stranded trailers and closed airports to day and more of the same in the forecasts so I felt a bit for a little of this – Ted Filed under: Models & starlets, People, Photography Tagged: bathing ...

On This Day In 1985 – Safety Concerns Over Electronic Trike

01/09/2015 18:02:55 PM

An electric tricycle, capable of a top speed of 15 mph, has driven into a safety row on its first day on the road. The Sinclair C5 – launched by the computer millionaire, Sir Clive Sinclair – is designed for short journeys around town a ...

The 1943 Town Shopper

01/09/2015 17:43:08 PM

Filed under: Automobiles, The forties, Transportation, Traveling Tagged: 1943, Americam mini cars, Town Shopper

The Two Original Engines On The Talyllyn Line In Gwynedd

01/09/2015 17:20:00 PM

Two locomotives at the heart of a historic preserved railway have been given a secret make-over as the line celebrates its 150th anniversary. The original two engines on the Talyllyn line in Gwynedd are now a striking "Indian Red", as they were ...

Claude Henry Buckle – English Painter And Illustrator

01/09/2015 17:15:00 PM

Claude Henry Buckle R.I., R.S.M.A. (1905–1973) was an English painter well known for railway posters and carriage prints and also for very fine oil and watercolour paintings. Life and work Claude Buckle had from an early age an enormous interest ...

And Then The Art Director Said…..

01/08/2015 18:32:57 PM

…… he doesn’t look ridiculous enough in that knitted crap alone, let’s make him carry a dead hen.Filed under: Advertising, Humour, People, Photography, Tackieness Tagged: advertising photography, Art directors

F**k You Rudolph – Part 2

01/08/2015 17:38:53 PM

Image found on Hagley Transportation MuseumFiled under: Automobiles, Transportation, Traveling Tagged: Elves, Saab, Santa

I Still Prefer The Original

01/08/2015 17:15:00 PM

Image found on gentlecarFiled under: Automobiles, The fifties, Transportation, Traveling Tagged: Fiat 500, Italian mini cars

The Life & Times Of Aunt Mabel – Part 29

01/08/2015 11:10:15 AM

One of aunt Mabel’s greatest fears is loosing the feeling in her hands and arms so she has just in case it should ever happen started training on how to still manage to

Babe, Car & Restaurant

01/07/2015 17:40:27 PM

Although both the babe and the car is very interesting, the most interesting thing in the photography is the restaurant; The Ekeberg Restaurant in Oslo. The restaurant has a marvellous view of Oslo city and the hills surrounding it and it is ...

Will You look At That…..

01/06/2015 17:30:00 PM

….. a bunch of society women have stolen Grandma Duck’s car. Image found on Hagley Transportation MuseumFiled under: Automobiles, Retro technology, Transportation, Traveling, Vintage Science Tagged: Baker Electric Vehicles, Grandma Duck, ...


01/06/2015 17:25:00 PM

Image found on Casa di RicardoFiled under: Automobiles, Retro technology, The fifties, The sixties, Transportation, Traveling Tagged: VW, VW kleinbuss, VW transporter

More Handcolouring & Filterplay

01/06/2015 17:15:00 PM

Portrait of Gloria Dawn Original to the left Same Photoshop procedure as with the two posted yesterday, but with the colours a bit more down toned this time – TedFiled under: Art, Illustration, Models & starlets, Photography, PhotoShop, Portraits ...

The 1939 DKW Motorcycle Range

01/06/2015 17:15:00 PM

The advantage two-strokes had over four-strokes was that they completed their power cycle in half the time of a four stroke engine. This meant they could rev very fast, so ‘Das Kleine Wunder’ (the little marvel) was the perfect engine f ...

Hand Colouring & Filter Play – Part 2

01/05/2015 22:57:46 PM

A digital painting of Geri Tamburello Greyscale + light sepia tinting + digital hand colouring + reduced watercolour filtering. Original to the left. A softer and lighter photo, so a harder image to work with and I’m not as satisfied with ...

Hand Colouring & Filter Play

01/05/2015 19:30:28 PM

A digital painting of Bettie Mae Page Greyscale + light sepia tinting + digital hand colouring + reduced watercolour filtering. Original to the left. By the way, R L Wood is just an anglofication of my real name – TedFiled under: Art, Ill ...

1970s Denim Leisure Suit Hell

01/05/2015 17:20:00 PM

YES! I was 17 in 1970. I wore leisure suits. So WHAT!! Everyone did, and we thought we looked swell. I sincerely apologise for that temporary lack of cool

No Better Way ….

01/04/2015 17:25:00 PM

…. to get scratchy records Image found at beatnickdaddioFiled under: Models & starlets, Music, Photography, The forties Tagged: Babes, Playing records, Records, sand

The Argocat

01/04/2015 17:20:00 PM

Fireman Bainbridge in the Argocat at Reigate fire station, Surrey, 1971. The new vehicle has been designed by a company in Canada where it is used for forestry work, duck shooting and as a beach runabout. Completely amphibious, and equipped ...

The 1956 Spick and Span Calendar

01/04/2015 17:15:00 PM

Images found on oldfetishmags.comFiled under: Ephemera, Glamour, Models & starlets, Photography, Pin-ups, Pinups Tagged: 1956, Calendars, Spick and Span magazine

The Life & Times Of Aunt Mabel – Part 28

12/29/2014 18:43:23 PM

This is the last picture of aunt Mabel’s eighth husband Benjamin (usually called just Bennie). Alive that is. When the criminal investigators arrived they took a whole bunch of pictures after aunt Mable let go both barrels and blew his head ...

Saturday Quiz: Guess That Ass

12/27/2014 08:12:00 AM

Let’s see how well you have studied classic celebrity backsides visitors. The question is simple; Who’s famous ass is this? Tip: Hugh Hefner used to call her “the bossom” And last week’s ass belonged to Lana Wood as many of you

On This Day In 1977 – Star Wars Fever Hits Britain

12/26/2014 17:15:00 PM

Thousands of people are flocking to cinemas in the UK to watch the long-awaited blockbuster, Star Wars – a movie which is already setting US box offices alight.Bracing the cold weather, young and old queued from 0700 GMT in London at the ...

Well, I Guess It’s Time For This Now

12/23/2014 17:30:00 PM

Norway became a free nation again in 1905 after about 400 years and the flag became an important part of the Christmas cards in the period after that. That and the “nisse” of course. And this nisse has got nothing to do with Santa, the Norwegian ...

Child Labour

12/23/2014 17:25:00 PM

Who would have thought fat jolly old Santa kept plump small arian children prisoner up there at the North Pole forcing them to make toys all year round. Naughty, naughty Santa.Filed under: Humour, Illustration, Tackieness Tagged: Child labour, ...

Want One!

12/23/2014 17:22:00 PM

Note that Santa is dressed in blue, he was originally, before the advertising agencies started to take interest in him – Ted ;-)Filed under: Toys Tagged: Christmas, Old toys

A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Babes

12/23/2014 17:15:00 PM

Filed under: Actresses, Models & starlets Tagged: Debbie Reynolds, Diana Dors, Doris Day, Dorothy Lamour, Gina Lollobrigida, Janet Leigh, Jayne Mansfield, Linda Darnell, Mary Tyler Moore, Mitzi Gaynor, Natalie Wood, Rita Hayworth, Sandra De ...

RIP Sheffield Steel

12/22/2014 14:36:20 PM

John Robert "Joe" Cocker OBE (20 May 1944 – 22 December 2014)Filed under: British, Music, People, Rock, Rythm and blues Tagged: Joe Cocker, John Robert "Joe" Cocker, Sheffield Steel

I’m Quite Sure A little …..

12/22/2014 14:01:51 PM

….. belly dancing would make more people travel by public transportation anywhere. Really something to think about with all the concern about global warming.Filed under: Humour, Tackieness Tagged: Belly dancing, Global warming, Publick tr ...

The Goggomobil T 700

12/22/2014 13:38:51 PM

The Glas Isar is a small two door four seater car produced by Hans Glas GmbH at their Dingolfing plant. The car was first presented as the Goggomobil T600 in September 1957 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with volume production starting in August ...

I Guess It Is Time for A Couple Of These Now ;-)

12/22/2014 12:48:43 PM

Filed under: Humour, Tackieness Tagged: Christmas jokes, Naughty jokes

One Way To look At It

12/22/2014 11:59:13 AM

Christmas time is here, by golly, Disapproval would be folly, Deck the halls with hunks of holly, Fill the cup and don’t say "when." Kill the turkeys, ducks and chickens, Mix the punch, drag out the Dickens, Even though the prospect sickens, ...

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea.

12/21/2014 17:15:00 PM

In 1946 George Orwell famously wrote an assay about how to make the perfect cup of tea. His essay contained very important rules about making tea, such as… “One should drink out of a good breakfast cup — that is, the cylindrical type of ...

Rosa Luxemburg – German Revolutionary Agitator & Marxist Theorist

12/20/2014 17:30:00 PM

Double photo of Luxemburg and her comrade Karl Liebknecht (also murdered in the 1919 uprising) German revolutionary agitator and Marxist theorist Rosa Luxemburg was born March 5, 1871. Luxemburg was murdered during the Spartacist uprising in ...

This Week’s Girlymag Article – We’ve Just Met A Girl Named Maria

12/20/2014 17:25:00 PM

 A digital recreation of an article published in Eve magazine No1 from 1962 Angelo Saxons pride themselves on their cultural contributions to the world. The British consider that they are carrying on the tradition of their ancestors by maintaining ...

The Sunday Comic – Method In Madness

12/20/2014 17:20:00 PM

Filed under: Comix, Humour, Illustration Tagged: Critics, Music, Syphonies

F**c You Rudolph :-D

12/20/2014 17:15:00 PM

My first motorbike was 125 cc Honda similar to this, mine was red too :-)Filed under: Motorcycles, The seventies, Transportation, Traveling Tagged: Honda, Santa

Bought Myself A Christmas Present Today :-)

12/20/2014 16:15:08 PM

Ever since I read about this publication I’ve wanted it and as I was out shopping for presents for my daughters and grandchildren today, there it was, at a reduced price. My heart made I jump, I grabbed it quickly, it was the only one left ...

Saturday Quiz: Guess That Ass

12/20/2014 08:08:00 AM

Let’s see how well you have studied classic celebrity backsides visitors. The question is simple; Who’s famous ass is this? Tip: her more famous sister drowned mysteriously in 1981 And last weeks ass belonged, as many of you guessed, to ...

I Really Hope….

12/19/2014 17:30:00 PM

…. those mittens are keeping her warm.Filed under: Models & starlets, Nudes, People, Photography Tagged: Mittens, Snow

Lucky Sod!

12/19/2014 17:25:00 PM

Image found at pinuptown.comFiled under: Illustration, Models & starlets, Pin-ups, Pinups Tagged: R Fugetta, Santa

And Now For a Little Stage Nostalgia

12/19/2014 17:20:00 PM

Filed under: Actresses, Models & starlets, People, Photography, The thirties, The twenties Tagged: Stage nostalgia

Joe Bowler – American Artist & Illustrator

12/19/2014 17:15:00 PM

The Little Red Van

12/18/2014 18:53:45 PM

Filed under: Advertising, Advertisments, Food & drinks, Illustration Tagged: Brooke Bond Tea, Devon, Vans

German Vintage Humour

12/18/2014 18:46:21 PM

Naturphänomen Reiche Erbin: "So oft ich’s beim Baden auch versuche, ich vermag mich nict über dem Wasser zu halten." Herr: "Merkwüedig – ein Goldfisch der nicht schwimmen kann" Natural Phenomenon Rich Heiress: "Whenever I too try bat ...

Loch Lomond Steamers

12/18/2014 17:53:35 PM

Marion Steaming on Loch Lomond Loch Lomond is the largest expanse of freshwater in the British Isles. The loch is 22½ miles long, its greatest breadth near the southern extremity is about 5 miles and its greatest depth 623 feet. The River Falloch ...

Rainbow Island – The Movie

12/18/2014 17:20:00 PM

Rainbow Island – screen play by Walter DeLeon and Arthur Phillips; based on a story by Seena Owen; music and lyrics by Burton Lane and Ted Koeller; directed by Ralph Murphy for Paramount. At Loew’s Criterion. Lona . . . . . Dorothy Lamo ...

Jersey Airways – 1933 – 1947

12/18/2014 17:15:00 PM

Jersey Airways was an airline that operated air services to and from the Channel Islands from 1933 until 1947, when it became part of British European Airways. History Jersey Airways Limited was formed by W L Thurgood on 9 December 1933. The ...

The Life & Times Of Aunt Mabel – Part 27

12/17/2014 17:25:00 PM

Here’s a selfie of aunt Mabel just before she plugged in her Christmas tree lights in 1968. Not one to think much about her own safety (or others) when plastered she had the bright idea of doing this in the middle of a

The Forgotten Ones – Lucretia Love

12/17/2014 17:20:00 PM

Lucretia Love is an Italian film actress. She is often credited under the name Lucrezia Love and has appeared in thirty-six films. Her first professional film work was the 1965 Italian romantic comedy, appropriately titled Love Italian Style. ...

Bill Presing – Illustrator & Animator

12/17/2014 17:15:00 PM

Bill Presing’s work has been recognized by a number of a award committees and institutions. The “LUGZ” commercial spot he illustrated was nominated for an ANNIE award, and his work on the animated opening for “The Rosie O’Donnell Show ...

A Little More Bettie For You

12/16/2014 17:35:00 PM

Filed under: Models & starlets Tagged: Bathing, Bettie Page, Foam bath

Well, I’m Doing My Part At Least

12/16/2014 17:30:00 PM

Filed under: Music Tagged: Records, Vinyl

Yeah, That Should Do It

12/16/2014 17:25:00 PM

Filed under: Advertisments, Information Tagged: Bomb attacks, Public information

Every Home Should Have One ;-)

12/16/2014 17:20:00 PM

Let the King of Rock’n’Roll bring the spirit of Christmas to your humble home ;-) Yours for the affordable price of $119,94. Tackiness does not come cheap these days – TedFiled under: Tackieness Tagged: Christmas, Elvis Presley

SS Stavangerfjord

12/16/2014 17:15:00 PM

60 Vintage Cars Found ….

12/15/2014 17:20:00 PM

…. After 50 Years Of Neglect On French Farm Are Worth At Least £12 Million Even today, when the whole world has been mapped by GPS, there are still valuable hidden treasures left to discover. After calling in auctioneers, the grandchildren ...

Bunny Yeager – Self Portrait With Bettie Page

12/15/2014 17:15:00 PM

Filed under: Models & starlets, People, Photography Tagged: Bettie Page, Bunny Yeager, Self portraits

Trolley Sign, Sydney – “Regarding Other People’s Groceries”

12/14/2014 17:20:00 PM

Found on Casa de RicardoFiled under: Humour, Quotations Tagged: Groceries, Shooping

Ocean Terminal, Southampton Docks

12/14/2014 17:20:00 PM

Ocean Terminal, Southampton Docks – brochure issued by the British Transport Commission, Docks and Inland Waterways Board, c1950 A wonderful view of the now sadly lost Ocean Terminal that gave a real touch of trans-Atlantic glamour in the ...

On This Day In 1962 – Mariner 2, Takes First-ever Scan Of Venus

12/14/2014 17:15:00 PM

‘Music of spheres’ hails Venus fly-by The unmanned US spacecraft, Mariner 2, has taken the first-ever scan from space of the planet Venus. The mission took the spacecraft closer to Venus than any had ever been. Radio contact was establi ...


12/13/2014 17:30:00 PM

…. someone has cloned Santa!!!!!Filed under: Humour Tagged: Christmas, Santa

The Forgotten Ones – Isabel Sarli

12/13/2014 17:25:00 PM

Hilda Isabel Korindo Sarli (Spanish pronunciation: [isaˈβel ˈsarli]; born 9 July 1935), nicknamed Coca, is a retiredArgentine actress and glamour model, known for her campy sexploitation films. Sarli is a considered a cultural iconand the ...

The Sunday Comic – The Favourite Book

12/13/2014 17:20:00 PM

Filed under: Comix, Humour, Illustration Tagged: Books, Psychological terror, Reading

This Week’s Girliemag Article – A Saturday Kind Of Girl

12/13/2014 17:15:00 PM

A digital recreation of an article published in Blaze Magazine Vol 2 – No 1 Read the whole article and see all the pictures HERE Warning: Nudity do occur in this article. If you are under age or live in a country where watching images of nude ...

Saturday Quiz: Guess That Ass

12/13/2014 07:03:00 AM

Let’s see how well you have studied classic celebrity backsides visitors. The question is simple; Who’s famous ass is this? And this ass is so famous that you’ll get no clues ;-) Last week’s ass belonged as most of you guessed to Au ...

Danuta Siedzikowna (1928-1946) – Called ‘Inka’.

12/12/2014 19:22:47 PM


Maintaining Some Dignity

12/12/2014 17:30:00 PM

Monty Python’s Flying Circus: Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, and Terry Jones. New York, April 25, 1975. "Before we knew it, Avedon somehow got us to take our clothes off. We did manage to say ‘we’re going to keep ...

Did You Know….

12/12/2014 17:25:00 PM

…. in Sweden you can buy your Christmas trees fully decorated now Found on wasbella102Filed under: Humour, Scandinavia Tagged: Christmas trees, Sweden, Volvo Amazon

The Quickie

12/12/2014 17:20:00 PM

Found on wasbella102Filed under: Humour Tagged: Quiches, Quickies

homemade Dream-Mobile

12/12/2014 17:15:00 PM

Found on Paul Malon’s Flickr albumsFiled under: Article, Automobiles, The fifties Tagged: Homemade cars

Olivier Ledroit – French Comic Book Artist

12/11/2014 17:42:21 PM

Olivier Ledroit is a French comic book artist, perhaps best known for his work on the Black Moon Chronicles series. He has also worked on art designs in the Might and Magic franchise. He has also provided the art for Requiem Chevalier Vampire ...

I Could Go Fishing With Those Three

12/11/2014 17:25:00 PM

"Girls fishing next to Studebaker ‘Big Six’ touring car." The Bay Area circa 1919 Image found on ShorpyFiled under: Automobiles, Models & starlets, People, Photography Tagged: 1919, Fishing, girls, Studebake

Louise Fazenda’s Grandmother’s Fruit Cake Recipe

12/11/2014 17:20:00 PM

Found on Beguiling HollywoodFiled under: Actresses, Food & drinks, Movies Tagged: Fruit cake, Louise Fazenda

Sunshine Shangrila – 1963

12/11/2014 17:15:00 PM

A little sunshine and warmth for all of you who miss it in the winter cold. A travelogue about Acapulco, Mexico in the early 1960s Found on The Travel Film ArchiveFiled under: Holidays, Movies, The sixties, Traveling Tagged: 1963, Acapulco, ...

What A Strange Place….

12/10/2014 18:05:48 PM

…. to wear a baby doll.Filed under: Models & starlets, People, Photography Tagged: Lingerie, see-through, Strange places

It’s Time to Start On Those….

12/10/2014 18:01:24 PM

….Christmas cookies now people Filed under: Models & starlets Tagged: Baking, Christmas, Cookies

A Lesson In Hats

12/10/2014 17:15:00 PM

Filed under: Retro Tagged: Hats

The Life & Times Of Aunt Mabel – Part 26

12/08/2014 17:30:00 PM

Here we have a nice picture of young Johnny’s mum and dad greatly enjoying themselves watching aunt Mabel on national television getting arrested at the prime minister’s new year’s ball. That she had managed to get in became a serious ...

The Beatles This Week

12/08/2014 17:25:00 PM

Did you ever wonder about what The Beatles were up to on a week-to-week basis?

Alice in Wonderland Filmed In colour In 1903

12/08/2014 17:20:00 PM

Movie found on BFI’s (British Film Industry) YouTube pagesFiled under: British, Movies Tagged: 1903, Alice in Wonderland, Early colour movies, Lewis Carroll

On This Day in 1952 – London Fog Clears After Days Of Chaos

12/08/2014 17:15:00 PM

Sunshine has returned to the capital following four days of dense fog in which London transport was brought to a standstill. The atrocious conditions led to widespread disruption of rail, road and air services and affected shipping on the River ...

This Week’s Girliemag Article – Truly A Darling

12/07/2014 15:15:11 PM

A digital recreation of an article published in Frolic Magazine Vol15 No6 from 1968 Like the song says, it’s not nice to "call everybody darling," But some girls are just darling, period. They are cute, lovable and cuddly-and real dolls? So ...

The Sunday Comic – Tricking Oldies

12/07/2014 14:57:06 PM

Filed under: Comix, Food & drinks, Illustration Tagged: Narcotics, Old tourists, Potato flour

Saturday Quiz: Guess That Ass

12/06/2014 06:58:00 AM

Let’s see how well you have studied classic celebrity backsides visitors. The question is simple; Who’s famous ass is this? And last Saturday’s ass belonged to  Raquel Welch as lots of you guessedFiled under: People, Photography Tagged: ...

Don’t You Just Love Christmas Shopping

12/05/2014 11:18:14 AM

“Bring the little ones; let them enjoy this wonderful Christmas Carnival to their hearts’ content” Image found on vintagraphFiled under: Humour, Illustration Tagged: Christmas shopping, Kids, Toys

The Forgotten Ones – Feriha "Feri" Cansel

12/05/2014 10:30:57 AM

Feriha "Feri" Cansel (7 July 1944 – 2 September 1983) was a Turkish Cypriot actress. She was born Lefkoşa (Nicosia), Cyprus and spent her early youth in the United Kingdom, acquiring British citizenship and she became a hairdresser in London. ...

Racing Messerschmitts

12/05/2014 09:35:27 AM

A step up from racing with lawnmower at least, but then again, if it has got an engine, you can race it ;-)Filed under: Automobiles, Racing Tagged: Car races, Messerschmitt, Micro cars, mini cars

Hiroshi Yoshida – Japanese Painter & Print Maker

12/05/2014 09:08:37 AM

Hiroshi Yoshida (吉田 博 Yoshida Hiroshi?, September 19, 1876 – April 5, 1950) (‘Hiroshi’ – generous, ‘Yoshida’ – ‘lucky rice field’) was a 20th-century Japanese painter and woodblock print mak

This Is Where Sting Was….

12/03/2014 17:20:39 PM

…. when he wrote “Fields of Gold”Filed under: Music, People, Photography Tagged: Fields of Gold, Sting

Doin’ The.…

12/03/2014 17:15:00 PM

… puffin walkFiled under: Photography Tagged: Birds, Puffins, Walking, Walks

The Life & Times Of Aunt Mabel – Part 25

12/01/2014 20:12:25 PM

Time for a little background stuff now visitors. A look into the young Johnny’s family history. And we start in the late fifties at Skegness beach. From the left we have Johnny’s great aunt Gertrud, a troubled soul with a taste for WWII ...

This Week’s Softdrink – Sidral Mundet

12/01/2014 18:38:58 PM

Sidral Mundet is a Mexican apple-flavored carbonated soft drink produced by FEMSA S.A de C.V and distributed in the United States by the Novamex company, which also distributes the Jarritos and Sangria Señorial soda brands. History Sidral Mundet ...