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Tesla/SolarCity completes PV and battery system to power Samoan island

11/23/2016 02:14:00 AM

TSEC increasing manufacturing capacity by 450 MW

11/22/2016 10:50:00 AM

Sweden to effectively scrap solar energy tax: reports

11/22/2016 09:42:00 AM

Solar plus storage systems being installed in 25 villages in Mali

11/22/2016 08:12:00 AM

Hanwha Q Cells records 65% YoY revenue increase for Q3

11/22/2016 06:27:00 AM

Mosaic closes deal for a USD 250 million financing facility from Deutsche Bank

11/22/2016 05:46:00 AM

JinkoSolar supplied modules for 140 MW PV plant in Minnesota

11/22/2016 04:11:00 AM

TVA & NextEra put online Alabama’s largest PV plant

11/22/2016 02:58:00 AM

Bay4 Energy sells Ekhosoft software to Power Factor

11/21/2016 11:41:00 AM

Tesla officially acquires SolarCity

11/21/2016 10:26:00 AM

Leclanché and Narada Power enter strategic partnership

11/21/2016 10:23:00 AM

Utility-scale PV O&M market to hit 182 GW by end of year

11/21/2016 09:02:00 AM

EMEX 2016: UK solar's ever-shifting tides

11/21/2016 08:53:00 AM

Module price slump weighs on Canadian Solar Q3 revenue

11/21/2016 07:40:00 AM

New 41 MW solar plant planned for Zimbabwe

11/21/2016 06:11:00 AM

Adani to develop 200 MW to 400 MW of solar PV in Australia

11/21/2016 04:56:00 AM

GCL and CCEC to develop 1 GW solar PV project at Chernobyl site

11/21/2016 04:20:00 AM

The pv magazine weekly news digest

11/18/2016 11:15:00 AM

India will add 5.1 GW of solar PV this year, finds Bridge to India

11/18/2016 09:58:00 AM

Brookfield, Appaloosa propose expedited buy-out of TerraForm Power, Global

11/18/2016 09:28:00 AM

Amazon expands partnership with Dominion for a further 180 MW of solar

11/18/2016 08:52:00 AM

Positive feedback for grid connection of 86 MW PV plant in South Africa

11/18/2016 06:00:00 AM

For Trump and solar, don't borrow trouble

11/18/2016 04:43:00 AM

Construction underway at Enel's 180 MW solar plant in Peru

11/18/2016 04:09:00 AM

BREAKING: Tesla shareholders approve SolarCity acquisition

11/17/2016 15:51:00 PM

Battery use to drive 4.5 GW global surge in storage inverters, finds IHS Markit

11/17/2016 08:27:00 AM

Hanwha Q Cells teams with Asia Clean Capital on 200 MW Chinese solar pipeline

11/17/2016 07:16:00 AM

EnergySage begins offering loan products directly

11/16/2016 14:56:00 PM

US: BLM codifies new solar leasing rules

11/16/2016 09:56:00 AM

More than 20 countries sign International Solar Alliance Framework

11/16/2016 08:20:00 AM

Solar to be a clear winner in global energy over next 25 years, says IEA

11/16/2016 07:20:00 AM

String inverters on the rise

11/16/2016 06:25:00 AM

JinkoSolar grows Q3 revenue 39% YoY, ups 2016 guidance

11/16/2016 05:57:00 AM

EU confirms withdrawal of five additional Chinese solar firms from MIP

11/16/2016 05:01:00 AM

China: more than 5 GW of solar has no access to subsidy

11/16/2016 03:18:00 AM

GTM Research: Purchases to overtake third-party residential solar in 2017

11/15/2016 14:26:00 PM

Comtec Solar to add residential solar business to company portfolio

11/15/2016 10:02:00 AM

Calling all installers: EnergySage & pv magazine 2016 Installer Survey

11/11/2016 09:10:00 AM

The pv magazine weekly news digest

11/11/2016 08:08:00 AM

Australia to ratify Paris climate agreement, but has much work to do

11/11/2016 07:17:00 AM

Chile: Acciona inaugurates the 246 MW El Romero Solar plant

11/11/2016 06:44:00 AM

Etrion financial improvement continues in Q3

11/11/2016 05:33:00 AM

Oxford PV to open perovskite fab in Germany

11/11/2016 04:27:00 AM

Sunrun sprinting to 2016 finish line on strong Q3 results

11/11/2016 03:50:00 AM

Brookfield proposes takeover of TerraForm Power

11/10/2016 14:13:00 PM

SunPower results improve during Q3

11/10/2016 10:46:00 AM

UK power regulator opens dialogue on smarter energy system

11/10/2016 09:47:00 AM

Phoenix Solar posts solid quarterly results with growth in revenues and EBIT

11/10/2016 07:29:00 AM

Holland: 2.5 GW of PV applications for autumn SDE+ round

11/10/2016 05:59:00 AM

SolarCity again uneven in Q3 as loans and system sales make their mark

11/10/2016 05:23:00 AM

Survey finds that UK energy storage market suffering due to lack of awareness

11/10/2016 05:23:00 AM

SolarEdge returns to revenue growth in Q1 FY 2017

11/10/2016 05:16:00 AM

Largest PV plant in Turkey connected to the grid

11/10/2016 04:58:00 AM

SMA earnings to Q3 grow strongly despite global inverter price pressures

11/10/2016 03:20:00 AM

Interview: Coveme CEO talks backsheets and Indian market opportunities

11/09/2016 10:08:00 AM

Fraunhofer ISE achieves 30.2% efficiency for silicon multi-junction solar cell

11/09/2016 08:52:00 AM

Adani completes 100 MW Punjab solar farm in India

11/09/2016 08:01:00 AM

COP22 host Morocco invests $118m in solar green bonds

11/09/2016 07:16:00 AM

UK: solar still being blocked in next CFD auction

11/09/2016 06:43:00 AM

US election: solar, renewable and climate advocates cool on Trump win

11/09/2016 04:46:00 AM

India: SECI tender set to drive solar tariffs to record low of 6 US cents/kWh

11/09/2016 03:48:00 AM

Breaking: Bad news for US solar as Donald Trump becomes President-elect

11/09/2016 02:07:00 AM

Vivint Solar shows improved profitability but flat growth in Q3

11/08/2016 16:49:00 PM

TerraForm Power reveals proposed settlement with SunEdison

11/08/2016 12:18:00 PM

Meyer Burger announces recapitalization program, EUR67 million HJT order

11/08/2016 11:21:00 AM

Vivint Solar raises USD 200 million in tax equity funding

11/08/2016 09:04:00 AM

Tesla to pick up German engineering company to boost automation

11/08/2016 08:32:00 AM

Over 600 MW of solar projects to be announced in Middle East

11/08/2016 07:23:00 AM

IBC Solar completes eight German tender projects

11/08/2016 05:57:00 AM

11 MW of canal solar commissioned in India as installations for the year expected to speed up

11/08/2016 05:41:00 AM

SMA surpasses 10 GW of inverters installed in North America

11/08/2016 03:58:00 AM

APS, pro-solar group together spend $6 million on Arizona Corporation Commission races

11/07/2016 09:59:00 AM

Mercedes-Benz enters the U.S. energy storage market

11/04/2016 09:15:00 AM

Oil giants dig up $1bn for climate change fund, but renewable industry skeptical

11/04/2016 09:11:00 AM

The pv magazine weekly news digest

11/04/2016 08:17:00 AM

Deutsche Bank sees South Australia at 95% renewables by 2025

11/04/2016 05:29:00 AM

Alberta reveals plans to build 5 GW of renewables

11/04/2016 04:51:00 AM

The Paris Agreement on climate change comes into force

11/04/2016 04:37:00 AM

UK's REA strengthens ties with India on decentralized energy

11/04/2016 04:06:00 AM

Kong Sun, China Kangfu sign PV financing deal

11/04/2016 01:27:00 AM

530 MW-AC of solar projects come online in Utah

11/03/2016 09:39:00 AM

Manz and unnamed cooperation partners to form R&D company for CIGSfab

11/03/2016 08:59:00 AM

Phanes Group to build 300 MW of solar PV in Nigeria

11/03/2016 07:40:00 AM

Varta prepares EUR 200 million IPO

11/03/2016 05:08:00 AM

Climate change minister casts long shadow over Irish solar hopes

11/03/2016 04:34:00 AM

Canadian government to go 100% renewable by 2025

11/03/2016 03:49:00 AM

Pakistan passes 1 GW of RE capacity, targets 1.8 GW of PV by 2018: reports

11/03/2016 02:46:00 AM

Taiwan among world’s top 10 solar markets in 2017: report

11/02/2016 23:36:00 PM

First Solar revenues fall, but profit and technology progress remain strong

11/02/2016 16:43:00 PM

Oil's big guns to club together on global renewable energy fund, says Reuters

11/02/2016 08:58:00 AM

JA Solar settles $1bn Hemlock lawsuit

11/02/2016 08:23:00 AM

Kyocera's H1 net profit falls 28.8% YoY

11/02/2016 08:21:00 AM

Enphase grows Q3 revenue 12%, shipments 10%, but net losses continue

11/02/2016 06:13:00 AM

First Solar sells skytron to Liberta Partners

11/02/2016 05:36:00 AM

Renewables at risk of losing priority dispatch status on European grids: report

11/02/2016 04:51:00 AM

REC Silicon blames China trade dispute for suppressed Q3 revenue, job losses

11/02/2016 03:52:00 AM

Tesla, SolarCity stress financial, operational benefits in advance of merger vote

11/02/2016 03:08:00 AM

Scatec to develop first ever utility-scale solar plant in Mozambique

11/01/2016 10:36:00 AM

SMA signs 154 MW inverter supply agreement in Turkey

11/01/2016 10:07:00 AM

Rooftop and off-grid solar to soar in India in 2017, says BNEF

11/01/2016 09:20:00 AM