Wicked Manila - Last Two Days

03/07/2014 06:40:21 AM

I've been gushing on Twitter how much I want to watch Wicked the Musical ever since I learned they're coming to Manila last year.Wicked the Musical is the theater adaptation of the book Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. ...

Oscars 2014 - The 86th Academy Award Winners, and more

03/04/2014 04:33:02 AM

So the 86th Academy Award winners are out...... and that means I now have a list of movies to watch. Haha.I'm not really what you can a follower of Hollywood so I only update myself during the Oscars. I admit, it's the first time I heard most ...

My Foodie Bucket List - Part 2

02/21/2014 03:49:54 AM

The part 1 is in this post --

Another Day, Another Night.

02/18/2014 08:43:35 AM

Like most of the past night and days, my mind's preoccupied.Worried sick. Mad. Hurt. All at the same time. And it sucks that I'm so good at pretending that all is well, no one seems to notice that I am dying.You don't seem to. And if you do, ...


02/16/2014 08:28:12 AM

Vintage filter for this vintage Rayban. During #rcweds. Posted via Blogaway


02/11/2014 09:11:32 AM

Tragedy - Pouring your heart out online, plainly, and no one cares enough to respond.>;} Posted via Blogaway

Thank You, World! From The Philippines. #PHThankYou

02/07/2014 19:00:01 PM


Three Sixty

02/06/2014 07:00:03 AM

One of my goals for this year is to get fitter. I'm not getting any younger and I can already feel the short of breath when I get up the stairs. My friends would agree that we're not the same all-night hangout group we used to be anymore. We ...

Mike and Arlene's Onsite Photo Slideshow :)

02/04/2014 19:00:02 PM

Wee, I am so kilig with this onsite photo slideshow presentation by no less than Jayson and Joanne Arquiza for Arlene and Mike's wedding.Remember we went to Bohol for a wedding? It is actually for Arlene and Mike's wedding. We helped her out ...

Moving On.

02/02/2014 11:09:13 AM

I don't think moving on is just for us to forget the bad past. In my opinion, moving on simply means to live in the present.God can allow more wonderful things to happen in our lives if we could just

True Friends

01/30/2014 02:25:00 AM

A true friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over and over again.A TRUE friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over & over again.— Think Different ...

Music Mondays: Little Things by One Direction

01/26/2014 18:00:04 PM

I love this song from One Direction. :)For the clueless guys out there: every girl -- especially middle child girls, haha -- has their insecurities. Most of us could not outgrow it even if we if try, so songs like this can really pull the h ...

Panglao Wedding: Mike and Arlene

01/22/2014 19:00:04 PM

The real reason why we're in Bohol is actually for Mike and Arlene's wedding. :)The wedding was held in Amorita Resort and we're helping her out as her OTD coordinators, under This is IT! Events of course. They didn't get the cliff side wedding ...

Panglao, Bohol Island Hopping -- on LPA

01/20/2014 19:00:04 PM

Luck of all luck, there's an LPA just in time for our Bohol trip. But that didn't stop us from doing the island hopping. Haha. Nah, we thought of going back after we saw the waves but our boatman, Kuya Vito, assured us that he got it all under ...

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.

01/17/2014 18:48:06 PM

... Makes a lot of sense to me! Photo from: http://www.edpanar.com/ncinc/index.htmlPosted via Blogaway

Back in Bohol after the Earthquake

01/15/2014 19:00:03 PM

The last time I was in Bohol was 2009 or 2010. It was spectacular, one of the best trip I've ever had.This year, we went to the same spots but of course, the difference is drastic. I'm trying to picture their previous state before by comparing ...

For the Record...

01/15/2014 03:05:28 AM

I feel like I have the need to put this into writing and set some records straightf, since some of the parties are not open to clearing up the air and obviously clinging to her version of the story, even had the guts to bring this up again.I ...

Good Bye, 2013!

01/15/2014 00:53:20 AM

First blog for 2014! Yey! (Well, supposedly)I'm so happy it's the new year. I can't wait to say goodbye to 2013. It wasn't the year for me and as I was sharing to Rye how 2013 was a bad year for me, he corrected me by saying that "2013 is not ...

{365 Days of Gratitude} 01.01.2014

01/02/2014 10:34:36 AM

Grateful to have spent the first day of the year celebrating this little lady's birthday. Her delight in everything beautiful inspires me.

The Yellow Box Photos: Nic and Karl's Wedding

12/30/2013 22:39:59 PM

Sharing Nic and Karl's Wedding Photo Booth shots by The Yellow Box Photos. :)Post by The Yellow Box Photos.This post is originally from http://sacurativo.blogspot.com

Candy Cane Dress

12/29/2013 09:18:21 AM

My Christmas Outfit. Thanks to my tita for this gift! Wore this straight from. The gift box. Happy New Year, everyone! Posted via Blogaway

#ChoosetoSHINE with Pantene :)

12/06/2013 07:09:41 AM

I signed up for the Choose to Shine promo of Belle de Jour and got this Pantene products!This is why I love BDJ! They really keep their promises and they don't disappoint. :)I've signed up to some promos before but it usually takes forever for ...

Galleria Taal: Camera Museum

12/06/2013 06:12:34 AM

After touring the Largest Catholic Church in Asia

At kahit na ano pa ang gusto mo basta wala ka bang tinatapakan na tao...

12/03/2013 05:00:01 AM

"Basta wala ako tinatapakan or nasasaktang iba... (As long as I'm not hurting anyone)"This is a popular belief in the Philippines and it usually comes with another phrase: "Magpaka-totoo ka. (Be yourself)"I had no problem with this belief. I've ...

Basilica Taal and Maya and Sir Chief's Wedding!

11/14/2013 21:51:08 PM

Just a little cheer up post...Today is Maya and Sir Chief's wedding!I saw the teaser yesterday and thought the church looks kinda familiar. But now, it's confirmed. Based on this article, the much awaited wedding will be held in Basilica de ...

Now that we know the Truth...

11/13/2013 19:46:30 PM

Okay, now that we know the "Truth" about what's happening in Visayas from the news... You guys have a better suggestion? Aside from blame game, that is. Seriously, why would the President or anyone would not want to help at this time?! ...

Day 1

11/12/2013 09:43:48 AM

So day 1 of Bumming ended just like that. I think I'm becoming an expert of doing nothing. Yup, it happened. But as I've said in my previous post, my Hope will be on the Lord.I don't know what's in store for me but I have faith that it is for ...


11/07/2013 08:48:27 AM

Sorry for another vain post. I'm just trying out the new features of my favorite photo editor for mobile... Pixlr! :) Posted via Blogaway