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John Francis: African American Planet Walker

04/16/2014 14:41:34 PM

On Thursday, April 10, 2014, I had the honor of listening to Dr. John Francis, Planet Walker. He was invited to speak at the Inspire Speak Series at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh. Dr. Francis was sponsored by The ...

C-SPAN 2: The African American Church Never Left the Outdoors

04/15/2014 18:40:36 PM

C-SPAN 2: The African American Church Never Left the Outdoors

Martin Luther King Jr: Ecological Thinker

04/02/2014 13:30:33 PM

Martin Luther King Jr: Ecological Thinker by Drew Dellinger

Black clergy seek to bridge ‘green’ gap

03/01/2014 12:49:29 PM

Black clergy seek to bridge ‘green’ gap “At Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, members and neighbors buy fruits and vegetables from a black farmers market and work in an organic garden named after botanist George Washington Carver ...

The African American Church Never Left the Outdoors

02/16/2014 16:08:31 PM

Many pieces of a puzzle are on the floor of my living room. More are in a large gray tub upstairs. I am looking at the pieces of what has been my interest lately: the African American church and the environment. Going back even further, I’ve ...

African Burial Ground National Monument: 2013 New York Stories 2

01/14/2013 13:46:59 PM

In 1991, I was living in New York when the burial place of Africans who were enslaved and free were discovered at what is now 290 Broadway in downtown Manhattan. Their remains were buried from the late 1600′s to the 1794. It is only recently ...

Arrival: 2013 New York Stories 1

01/07/2013 07:33:14 AM

I really had to practice some self control when I arrived at Laguardia Airport in Queens outside New York City. Super Shuttle took an hour to arrive at the airport. Shame. And the driver was no bargain even with GPS. Shame. He almost left the ...

Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies: Zombies, Alzheimer’s, and Morality

11/25/2012 13:17:30 PM

I’ve always read novels and watched films that are speculative in nature more for the metaphors and meaning and less for the violence and the macabre. My recurring question is often: what do the words and images say about all us as people? ...

Downtown Pittsburgh ALIVE in the Noon Hour

06/04/2012 12:26:11 PM

Yes, sometimes you have to go downtown to PENN DOT (we called it Motor Vehicle in Queens, NY). And that “work” trip turned into an an urban adventure. Walk! Walk! Walk! I KNEW I was in downtown Pittsburgh on a weekday in the noon hour w ...

Essential Public Radio Interview: On Frederick Douglass, Food Deserts, and More

05/22/2012 10:04:57 AM


Soul Pitt Quarterly Green Issue: Spring 2012

05/17/2012 18:18:16 PM

Take a look at “African Americans . . . The Environment . . . Healing” in the Spring 2012 Soul Pitt Quarterly, an urban magazine in Western Pennsylvania. I was overjoyed to read three other black and green articles including: “A Con

Monongahela River Weeds and the Ghosts of an Industrial Past

04/25/2012 07:37:29 AM

At the Waterfront in Homestead, Pennsylvania, I discovered a trail with the Monongahela River on one side and a mall on the other side. Homestead was an access point for immigrants who worked in the Homestead Steel Works during the 19th century. ...

Eve Project, A Farm, A Saturday Afternoon

04/17/2012 09:50:13 AM

What a lovely afternoon spent with the EVE Circle. LaVerne Baker Hotep, with the Center for Victims of Violence and Crime (CVVC), organized a retreat for a group of African American women at Wild Red’s Gardens, formerly known as Mildreds ...

The Hunger Games: From the Dystopian to the Great Depression

03/30/2012 15:38:57 PM

The Hunger Games has a somewhat  integrated cast that includes African Americans: Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of the Hunger Games, sure loves black people. And we love her too. I’m often critical of the relationships between African ...

2012 State of Diversity and the Environment Blog Carnival

03/27/2012 08:14:37 AM

Another Blog Carnival Presented by Rooted in the Earth! Read the original call for blogs. I am going to keep this simple: my hope is to join with each of you  to meaningfully and fruitfully gather together face-to-face focusing on people of ...