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Port of Setubal with nature and all around. Made by APSS

09/29/2013 04:39:00 AM

Azulejos de Azeitão

09/18/2013 08:55:00 AM

Azulejos de Azeitão, um álbum no Flickr.#Azeitão #tiles. Hand made #art from #Portugal to all the world. #Historic and #tradition

Quinta da Bacalhôa

09/18/2013 08:26:00 AM

Quinta da Bacalhôa, um álbum no Flickr.#bacalhoa palace, #winerie, #art gallery #azeitão #Portugal.

Sebastião da Gama Museum

09/18/2013 08:25:00 AM

Sebastião da Gama Museum, a photo by Portugal Dream Coast on Flickr.

Sado Estuary & Mourisca Tide Mill

09/12/2013 05:54:00 AM

Sado Estuary & Mourisca Tide Mill, um álbum no Flickr.

Viewpoints of Arrabida

09/12/2013 05:48:00 AM

Viewpoints of Arrabida, um álbum no Flickr.more info , photos, videos, places, activities visit www.portugaldreamcoast.comVia Flickr:Viewpoints of Arrabida // Sesimbra, Palmela, Setúbal - Portugal || url : ...

Setubal Peninsula Wine Route

09/08/2013 04:15:00 AM

Tortas de Azeitão , Dessert

09/03/2013 05:24:00 AM

Tortas de Azeitão , Dessert, a photo by Portugal Dream Coast on Flickr.


09/03/2013 05:10:00 AM

Flowers, um álbum no Flickr.a large collection of flowers pictures from Portugal Dream Coast

Monestary of Jesus

09/03/2013 05:09:00 AM

Monestary of Jesus, um álbum no Flickr.a 8 centuries monument in Setubal , Portugal