BriteTap Chicken Water Covered in the San Francisco Chronicle

05/05/2013 09:56:52 AM

The San Francisco Chronicle was kind enough to publish and article on the BriteTap Chicken waterer in the Home & Garden Section (Sunday May 5, 2013). You can read the story and also read another article about chicken coops in the same issue. ...

BriteTap Chicken Waterer Designed For Thrift

04/13/2013 13:36:49 PM

Check out this article on how how the design of the BriteTap chicken waterer bucks the trend -- it's Chicken waterer designed to last.

BriteTap Chicken Waterer Easter Egg Hunt

03/31/2013 08:56:15 AM

Win A BriteTap Chicken Waterer in our Easter Egg Hunt contest. The egg hunt works like “I Spy” or “Where’s Waldo” if you are familiar with those games. You need to located 5 objects hidden among other objects in a photo. Find the five, ...

Chicken Owners Support New Product Development By Casting Your Vote For The BriteTap Chicken Waterer

10/23/2012 16:23:33 PM

Want to support new, innovative products designed for people who keep chickens? Then please cast a vote for us in the FedEx Small Business Grant program. The FedEx program will award a $25,000 grant to a qualifying small business with fans willing ...

BriteTap Chicken Waterer To Be Displayed at the National Heirloom Exposition

09/10/2012 23:37:54 PM

If you live in the Bay Area and are interested in seeing a demo of the BriteTap chicken waterer, please come visit our booth at the National Heirloom Exposition (Sonoma County Fairground in Santa Rosa). We will be on display from Sept 11-13. ...

Making Pasta from Wheat Berries

08/18/2012 10:15:19 AM

How to grind wheat berries and make fresh whole wheat pasta.

New Chicken Waterer Puts an End to Dirty Unsanitary Water

08/17/2012 08:59:25 AM

Introducing the BriteTap waterer from The BriteTap chicken waterer keeps your flock's water sparkling clean and there are no messy pans of water for your to rinse out.

Growing Wheat In Your Backyard Garden

07/07/2012 15:13:35 PM

Results of growing Frassinetto wheat in my backyard garden and an explanation of how to thresh and winnow the grain.

A Good Start to the Garden Year

07/04/2012 19:43:09 PM

This is shaping up to be a good garden year in Northern California.

Wasabi Arugula From Renee's Seeds

06/17/2012 09:46:57 AM

A review of Renee's seeds wasabi arugula variety.