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Insufficient Urine Production in Dogs

08/23/2015 19:38:41 PM

A medical condition, known as oliguria, occurs when an abnormally small amount of urine is produced by the body. The amount of urine production may be as low as 0.25 millimeters per kilogram of animal weight per hour. Anuria, on the other hand, ...

Cholangitis-Cholangiohepatitis Syndrome in Dogs

08/14/2015 00:01:30 AM

Liver inflammation in dogs can be a minor condition with minor symptoms or a major issue with dire consequences. Basically two forms exist.

Heart Murmurs in Dogs

08/14/2015 00:01:18 AM

Murmurs, which are extra vibrations of the heart that are produced as a result of a particular disturbance in the blood flow. These audible noises are classified according to a variety of characteristics, including their timing. For example, ...

Is It Safe for My Dog to Drink From Rivers, Lakes or Oceans?

08/01/2015 04:13:28 AM

Pets, especially dogs, will drink from whatever water source they are near. If they can drink from your toilet what harm can come to them if they drink from lakes, rivers, puddles or oceans?

Dog Pic of the Month – August 2015

08/01/2015 00:01:41 AM

This adorable pic was discovered while searching Google for future pics of the month. I think I'll leave it at that and let you tell me what you think.

Dog Pic of the Month – July 2015

07/01/2015 00:01:39 AM

Sometimes dogs are just disgusted at what their owners put them through. This pic is a must see. Now I know why they call them boxers.

Dog Pic of the Month – June 2015

06/01/2015 00:01:33 AM

Puppies are great. Especially when they are in interesting poses. This picture says it all for this cute, adorable puppy.

Mourning Dogs

05/26/2015 00:31:03 AM

Have you ever wondered whether dogs mourn the loss of other dogs, animals, or people? If so you are not alone. Many of us wonder whether an animal can have such feelings the we presume are only available to humans. After all to mourn is a human ...


05/24/2015 03:00:52 AM

For a pet owner the last thing that they want to do is to have to put down their beloved pet. For the most part you hope that your pet will quietly, and comfortably, pass away at home either beside you or in your arms at a ripe old age. However, ...

Dog Pic of the Month – May 2015

05/16/2015 00:00:23 AM

Thought that this would make a great pic for the month of May. Tell us what you think and don't forget to rate the pic.