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What Is Negligence?

10/22/2016 13:08:04 PM

More and more people and groups are questioning the phrase “car accidents.” Planes crash, trains wreck, ships sink, so why should cars be involved in accidents? To be sure, most car crashes are accidental to the extent that they are uni ...

Understanding Pedestrian Accidents In Nevada

10/22/2016 12:46:10 PM

About one in four of the traffic fatalities in the Silver State are pedestrians, and that figure is well above the national average. Many, if not most, of these fatalities occur outside crosswalks in non-urban areas during non-daylight hours ...

Why Should I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

10/16/2016 13:59:43 PM

For many victims, the days, weeks, and months following a serious car crash are extremely tumultuous periods. The constant and chronic pain from their injuries makes it difficult, or even impossible, to go to work, take care of household re ...

The New California Cellphone Law And Negligence Cases – CA

10/16/2016 13:54:09 PM

An expanded cellphone law that its author says is designed to “prevent distracted driving” takes effect this coming January 1. The move takes place as cellphone use while driving has expanded in California and elsewhere. As a result, CHP ...

Understanding Bicycle Accidents – Nevada

10/15/2016 00:34:01 AM

The statistics say that around 50,000 people per year are injured in bicycle crashes. But researchers estimate that only about one in ten injury bicycle crashes are reported to police, so the actual number is probably more like 500,000 people ...


10/14/2016 06:22:27 AM

In a few cases, fault in a car crash is rather easy to establish. For example, if Debra Defendant is talking on her cellphone while driving her own vehicle on her own time when she rear-ends Paula Plaintiff, who is stopped in traffic and waiting ...

Understanding Bicycle Accidents – California

10/13/2016 22:15:43 PM

With mild weather almost year long, California was made for outdoor activities, like bicycling. Unfortunately, most streets in the Golden State were not made for bicycles. Back in the day, the car was the king, and road layouts largely match ...

Personal Injury Overview

10/13/2016 22:07:13 PM

Personal injury is derived from tort law. The purpose of tort law is to give private parties a legal mechanism through which the aggrieved party can recover for harm inflicted by the “at-fault” party. Whether you’re in California or Nevada, ...

Slip and Fall Accidents

10/13/2016 13:32:24 PM

The post Slip and Fall Accidents appeared first on Personal Injury 360.

Understanding Wrongful Death

10/13/2016 13:31:41 PM

In the 2002 film Minority Report, a trio of psychics could predict murders before they happened. When someone asked their caregivers why the psychics could not predict assault, rape, or other crimes, the police officers in charge basically responded ...