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ActionCraft Toy Box ver. 2 is coming this May

05/11/2016 10:14:39 AM

Hello! Just sharing a bit of what you can expect in version 2 of the ActionCraft Toy Box.  As mentioned previously in my earlier post, this version will have a […]

After a Long Hiatus, We Go Back Online to Finally Bring You ActionCraft Toy Box

05/10/2016 07:08:56 AM

The past few months have been tough ones. Following our successful Kickstarter Campaign, we went straight to work on the mobile application we set out to build. Fastforward to where […]

Titanic Attack on Titan Paper Toys from Austin Billingsley are Now Up!

08/25/2015 08:57:14 AM

Hello! I just wanted to share some paper toy goodness from Austin Billingsley. He’s shared his paper toy design with us a while back - Venom and Joker to name a [...]

We Made It!!!

08/04/2015 06:27:25 AM

That’s right. ActionCraft Toy Box is officially funded. Thanks to everyone who supported our Kickstarter campaign. We couldn’t have done it without you. You guys truly, truly rock our world. [...]

Last Day! Back Us On Kickstarter Today!

08/02/2015 06:48:31 AM

Ladies and Gents, Just a quick update on the ActionCraft Toy Box Kickstarter campaign. At the time of this writing, we’ve raised just under 95% of the funding goal. This [...]

The Final Countdown…

07/24/2015 16:10:04 PM

Hellooooo!!!! This is it folks, we’re at the last 10 days of the Kickstarter campaign to support the development of the ultra-cool, mega-crafty, app called ActionCraft Toy Box. Well, at [...]

A Gentle Reminder from Yours Truly…

07/14/2015 11:13:41 AM

Hello, As you know, we have a live Kickstarter campaign running at the momet. We organized the campaign to help us fund the completion of ActionCraft Toy Box, the app [...]

Happy 4th of July People! PLUS an update…

07/03/2015 23:00:09 PM

I spent a lot of time with friends and soon-to-be family in the US for the most part of June, and I wanted to wish all of them and all [...]

ActionCraft Toy Box, is LIVE on Kickstarter!

06/20/2015 11:49:39 AM

Hello Everyone! Just letting you all know that our ActionCraft Toy Box campaign page is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Check out our spread here, or if you want to go [...]

ActionCraft Toy Box, The Kickstarter Launch Party!

06/17/2015 10:33:44 AM

Before I forget, we’re having a launch party on the day the ActionCraft Toy Box Kickstarter Campaign goes live. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here for [...]

ActionCraft Toy Box, The Kickstarter Campaign!

06/14/2015 17:12:28 PM

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a more information about what we’re doing with ActionCraft Toy Box. If you didn’t catch my previous post about it, no worries, go [...]

ActionCraft Toy Box : The “Create Your Own Paper Toy” App!

06/09/2015 18:57:24 PM

Hullo! It’s about time I told you a bit more about the project that we’ve been working on. It’s a mobile application that lets you design your own paper toy [...]

Daredevil (Red) Paper Toy Now Available!

06/01/2015 08:03:45 AM

This guy was requested a lot here and on Instagram – happy to oblige. I’ve been wanting to release a paper toy based on the Man Without Fear a long [...]

The Archer from an Alternate Dimension

05/25/2015 09:12:44 AM

This is just to close off this run with archers, last week, we released the (Green) Arrow paper toy based on the “Arrow” TV series. Debuting this week is the [...]

It’s Not Easy Being Green – The Arrow Paper Toy Now Available

05/19/2015 12:13:54 PM

I’ve been wanting to design this paper toy ever since the “Arrow” TV series started airing – actually, ever since the character started showing up in the Justice League Unlimited [...]

Daredevil (Black) Paper Toy Now Available!

05/11/2015 08:56:02 AM

Daredevil, in his black suit, based on the Netflix TV series. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this one – definitely appreciated the fight scenes and his “real-ish” mortality. Foggy Nelson was [...]

WIP Daredevil (Black) Paper Toy

05/07/2015 09:52:02 AM

Hello All! Just posting an update of the Daredevil paper toy I’m putting together. Once I finish test-assembling it, I’ll upload the template in the downloads section. Should be done [...]

Guess Who! 050515

05/05/2015 08:24:50 AM

I know this is a bit late, since everyone’s probably seen the entire season already by now, but hey, better late than never. This should be easy if you’ve been [...]

The Hulkbuster Paper Toy, Now Available!

04/30/2015 05:53:42 AM

Well this paper toy was tough to do LOL I just realized how rusty I am in putting together a paper toy – I’m not that used to my graphic [...]

The Hulkbuster Paper Toy In Progress

04/28/2015 10:14:52 AM

Hello there! I just wanted to share an update. This is what I have so far – the toy shape is based on the BRUTE template, but with some minor [...]

What to do next?

04/14/2015 06:30:26 AM

So, I was thinking about  which character to work on as my first paper craft project after a long hiatus. And I’ve been thinking about getting things started with this [...]

The Rumors of My … Ummm – Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

04/01/2015 07:07:56 AM

OH MY! It’s been more than a year since my last post – What happened? A number of things actually, which I’ll expound on below. But before anything else, I’d [...]

Guess Who 3

11/20/2013 18:23:44 PM

So in the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing even more Crafty Collabs, but I’ll be including a few of non-collabs as well.  Which characters in particular, some of you [...]

Crafty Collab: Nightwing Paper Toy

11/18/2013 03:46:54 AM

We’ve got another Crafty Collab for y’all!  It’s another one from Rayenyson – the same dude who gave us the Superman,Iron Spider, and Doc Oc paper toys, just to name [...]

Crafty Collab: Silver Crow Paper Toy

11/12/2013 17:54:24 PM

We have another Crafty Collab this month.  This time around, the paper toy is based on a character from the Accel World anime series.  The feature character is Silver Crow, [...]

Crafty Collab: Alex Mercer Paper Toy

11/06/2013 07:25:45 AM

We start off this month with a uber Crafty Collab from the talented Mr. Emmo Hernández.  He is a student from México, who, much like many mexicans, really loves tacos!  Aside [...]

Crafty Collab: Superman Paper Toy

10/06/2013 19:30:52 PM

Aaaand we’re back! This time around with a collab from Rayenyson, the same guy who gave us the Iron Spider and Doctor Octopus paper toys – just to name a [...]

Zelda + Link + Paper Toy…

08/18/2013 23:26:56 PM

A looooong time ago, I mentioned in a post that I was making  a paper toy based on Link from the Legend of Zelda series.  The paper toy is finally [...]

The Trench Coats are Coming – Grifter

07/30/2013 19:29:43 PM

Hey there kiddies! So I just realized that Grifter is part of the DC Universe.  It dawned on me when I saw him in the new DCU movie – Justice [...]

The Trench Coats are Coming – Dante

07/23/2013 23:02:52 PM

Quick post… Dante is out. Grifter is next. Enjoy! The template can be downloaded here.  You’ll find the template in the Video Games section.  Subscribe to this blog to receive the [...]

The Trench Coats are Coming! – Gambit

07/16/2013 00:23:17 AM

Hats off to all of you who cast their votes. The order of the “coated” has been decided and this is how it looks like: Gambit Dante Grifter Looks like [...]

The Trench Coats are Coming! – Last Call

07/13/2013 03:30:21 AM

Alrighty then. Before I finalize the release schedule of the toys, I want to do one final call for votes to decide which character template I should finish off first [...]