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Personalised Birthday Picture

05/05/2012 03:14:00 AM

Being a bit of a stitcher, it's difficult not to use my skills when making birthday presents. Sneakily, I accumulated dates, memories, phrases, and favourites from my brother's family and friends, and compiled it into this big pint of memories. ...

The ABC of Product Invention

03/21/2012 08:21:00 AM

We had a very silly Facebook thread going on the other day, after an equally silly conversation between Amanda and I, which went something like this."I find it so hard to know what the best products would be for us to make, sometimes...""I know, ...

Coffee & Alpacas: Spinning a Yarn

03/20/2012 09:10:00 AM


A Day in Pictures: In the Workshop

03/07/2012 11:43:00 AM

This week, nothing but images of our new patchwork products in the making, and some of the (bonkers) quotes that come out of it.

'Patchwork Colourway' Competition Winners!

03/01/2012 05:41:00 AM

Sneak peek: Tea Cosy loop in MermaidAs you probably know, we make all sorts of lovely kitchen, laundry and kids' gifts, but we only use recycled and vintage fabrics, so it can be quite tricky telling you what colour your products are going ...

Green Living: Book Review of 'Second Skin' by India Flint

02/10/2012 04:07:00 AM

Gorgeous images inspire. And frankly, make me a little jealous!If you're into making do and mending, living sustainably, or even just trying to thrift a bit and save money; if you're creative, love textiles, love beautiful imagery or just love ...

Name that Colourway: Part 3! Pastel Pinks

02/09/2012 07:29:00 AM

Look...look....oh, so pretty!You're sick of this now aren't you?!

New Patchwork Colourway Name: Part 2!

02/06/2012 07:43:00 AM

Done the blues, now on to the pinks and reds and oranges...Well, you gorgeous lot, you responded in force to help us choose a new name for our blues, greens and purples vintage patchwork colourway - thank you!

Help us Choose a Name for our new Colourway!

02/01/2012 09:01:00 AM

Well, Amanda and I, between us, and friends and family, have thought of 15 names for this, one of the upcoming colourways for our 2012 vintage patchwork look. You'll be able to choose any of our eco-friendly products to be made in it (nice tea ...

Make a Dolly Sling: the OriginalStitch Dolly Sling Sewing Pattern

01/19/2012 09:49:00 AM

Yes. That is a grown woman modelling it...!Phew, we've been getting down and dirty with our Dolly Sling redesign.