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Happy Hound New Year… 2012!!!

01/02/2012 13:50:46 PM

Happy & Healthy New Year to all my friends, fans and family!!!  It has been an utterly amazing 2011 and I’m truly looking forward to an even bigger and better 2012 for myself and Hound Comics, Inc!!!  Please join me … Continue reading ...

Gobble… Gobble… 2011 Update from the Wasteland!

11/25/2011 01:54:46 AM

A HUGE hello to all my Borderhounds out there who have been patiently been awaiting new BrimBLOG‘s for the last few months.  Ok, I know… annoying yes — however; at least I have been utilizing my time in a useful … Continue re

Oh man… have I dropped the ball or WHAT?!?

11/23/2011 21:36:08 PM

I’ve really got to say… I can’t believe that I have not written a new BrimBLOG in over nine months! Insane I know; but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to these things! It has been an incredible year and … Continue read

Miami to New York… World Premiere Kicked @$$

03/27/2011 23:15:57 PM

Oooooohhhhh-weeeeeeee!!!  It has been a wild ride thus far folks!  Wizard World Miami kicked some serious a$$ a couple weeks ago and I’m proud to say that Hound Comics helped in its success… The press has been incredible and the f ...

Busy… Busy… Busy…

02/22/2011 13:22:28 PM

Its been pretty nuts over in the Wasteland as the Hound Comics crew and I have been feverishly working on getting everything accomplished for this coming weekend over at Wizard World Miami.  For those of you who came in late… … Continue ...

Speaking of the Super Bowl…

02/06/2011 23:04:15 PM

First and foremost… I am certainly not a football fan.  I’m normally forced to watch the Super Bowl against my will every year; So… I make the best of it by treating my family by cooking some of the best … Continue reading &#

Holy Animation Brim-Man!!!

02/06/2011 01:09:00 AM

Hey people!  It has been crazy since I last wrote… The Hound Comics team and I have been working overdrive on getting issues three and four completed under our deadlines as well as deciding on direction for issue number 5.  Meanwhile, ...

Snow… Snow… and MORE SNOW!!!

01/27/2011 10:07:21 AM

So have I ever mentioned that I HATE the f’n snow?!?  I very rarely sit and bitch and moan about things; but what happened here on Long Island over the last 24 hours was damn ridiculous!!!  We had well over … Continue reading →

Just Droppin’ a Line…

01/26/2011 21:35:32 PM

First and foremost I want to wish a Happy and Healthy Hound Birthday to my Hound Comics partner Sajad Shah AND the Hound Comics webmaster Frank Lamberti!!!  It’s a two in one… LoL!  Today was a VERY good day for … Continue reading

Animation Station… The Animated Series is Looking HOT!!!

01/25/2011 10:23:21 AM

Animated Series: Cast of Characters THE ROAD TO MIAMI WIZARD WORLD It is truly amazing how a concept can become a reality… Ever since I was young- a Brim-pebble if you will; I have been interested in comic books and … Continue reading & ...