Piglipstick and Nolocontendere - A Tribute

08/17/2012 22:48:00 PM

I recently received the news that my friend and long-time fellow blogger, truth seeker and bullshit shiner Nolocontendere, author of the blog piglipstick.blogspot.com, has died.

Comcast - A Customer's Story

06/12/2012 22:55:00 PM

The following is my family's

The Perfect Mother

05/02/2012 23:03:00 PM

So, to begin with, WTH Google??

Bullshit Detector on this Easter Sunday

04/08/2012 23:00:00 PM

Ok, so now that I'm a parent, I have to admit I'm now celebrating Easter with my little one in the fact that we hid little plastic eggs filled with chocolates around the yard today for her to search for, collect and enjoy.

Blame The Victim

12/06/2011 23:22:00 PM

An excellent depiction of Rugged Individualism and it's equally deplorable cousin Blame The Victim.

Who Are The Top 1%?

11/05/2011 23:05:00 PM

I recently heard where one of the Occupiers asked Michael Moore if he would be willing to give someone in need a million dollars.

Occupy This!

11/05/2011 16:06:00 PM

The Occupy movement has me thinking.

A Message From The Mama

08/13/2011 23:22:00 PM

I am particularly perturbed with the world at large for not being more understanding of mama's.

Late Night Ramblings

05/04/2011 00:43:00 AM

Ok, google.


04/10/2011 23:57:00 PM

On a lighter note...Did you know that when babies first begin to walk, they walk faster than their parents?Did you know when you put your baby down to play, she will automatically go for the one thing in which you do NOT want her to play?Did ...