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Happy15th Birthday,

05/26/2011 04:11:40 AM

If, like me, you are into both property and technology in the UK, there is a high chance you’ll have come across, Mark McCall’s excellent website. I’ve been involved with the UK HA scene since 1997, co-founded (a

Divorce and the Property Investor – article on

01/13/2011 14:08:19 PM

One of my consultancy clients had, while back, wanted some advice on prenups for investors – sadly, this isn’t an area where I have any experience, and had to direct him to a lawyer. Today, however, I came across an article on ...

Why do people rent rather than buy at the high end?

01/12/2011 15:50:06 PM

On Quora, the question “Why do people pay $10,000 to $100,000+ per month rent instead of buying a place?” was asked. My answer was, obviously aimed at the high-end, but most of the points relate to the whole of the market: There are var ...

How do I buy property with no money down – the 30 second answer

01/10/2011 14:30:07 PM

An answer I gave to a question on Quora asking how to buy property with no money down. My answer on Quora was related to the US market – this version is slightly tweaked for the UK.

Chinese Property Prices

01/09/2011 07:00:12 AM

My reply to a question on Quora about Chinese Property Prices over the last few years. The question was in two parts – firstly, why have they risen so much, and secondly, will they continue to rise in the same way. There are three factors ...

The Singularity … will it happen in our lifetime?

01/08/2011 14:24:01 PM

“The Singularity” is a term bandied about to talk about a point, maybe as soon as the mid 21st Century, when the combination of increases in computing power, and brain-computer interfacing will mean that “hybrid human-machine”

Why are British housing-developer houses so boring?

01/08/2011 08:45:00 AM

Another answer I gave to a question from Quora. This question was about why developers neither follow local styles, nor embrace modern design, but instead build bland boxes. My short answer is “because experience has taught them that that ...

Should I buy near a school or not?

01/08/2011 08:27:05 AM

I recently joined Quora, which is the new kid on the block for Internet questions and answers. One of the questions I tried to answer was whether someone should buy one of two properties in Silicon Valley. Now, I’m no expert in the different ...

ebooks vs. paper books

01/05/2011 15:50:18 PM

Let me start with a confession: try as I might, I can’t bring myself to be rational on the subject of book formats. I am a bibliophile as well as a lectoholic. I’m wrestling (again) with the question of how I should consume books. Let me ...

The antilibrary

01/04/2011 12:35:37 PM

In my Top Gadgets 2010 post, I made reference to my antilibrary. The anti-library is another concept invented by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (who also came up with the concept of the Black Swan). It was, according to Taleb, influenced by the personal ...