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New Year’s Blogging Resolutions That Every Blogger Should Consider

12/30/2014 16:16:05 PM

A New Year resolution is all about setting targets to make better changes! Fixing reasonable goals is an important part of blogging and the bloggers should always have some great aspire in mind to taste the blogging success. Did you make New ...

5 Devilish Ways To Create A Unique Blog Post

12/20/2014 13:04:43 PM

Hi Everyone, This is Mi Muba on Nirmala’s blog  Did you ever hear the proverb “putting old wine in a new bottle”? It is an old saying and quite popular in every field. Mostly it is used in negative sense. If someone offers an old formula ...

Growth Of Satellite Navigation System and GPS

12/17/2014 00:19:16 AM

We are living in the world of technology and in this era, we need tech devices for almost all our daily tasks. With so much advancement in Internet and Satellite services, now we don’t need to ask anyone about the directions for any place ...

Tips & Tools To Reduce Computer Eye Strain

12/12/2014 01:06:37 AM

In this post, I’ve discussed some tips and tools to reduce computer eye strain which could help you work more efficiently with your PC.  Do your eyes feel tired, burning or itchy after seeing your computer? Or do you have watery/dry eyes ...

5 Best Ultrabooks For College Use

12/08/2014 07:33:00 AM

If you’re a college student looking to buy a new laptop to carry out your educational tasks, then this post would guide you to get a best Ultrabook with outstanding features. Technology has been emerging a lot and thus computer is necessary ...

3 Seriously Overlooked Factors For Building A Good Twitter Following

12/01/2014 06:41:11 AM

I’ve landed again on Nirmala’s blog to instruct you on “How to build Twitter following?” in an efficient manner. Everyone wants to get Twitter followers fast because it is an excellent way to build credibility. After all, soc

How To Make Money By Teaching English Online?

11/21/2014 03:06:40 AM

This post would educate you to make money teaching English online. You might not have any special skills, but still you can earn money online. Yes, Internet has opened so many ways to earn extra income at comfort of your home. I’ve already ...

10 Worst Pieces of Social Media Advice I Came Across

11/14/2014 02:16:55 AM

People use social media to connect with their friends or clients. If you’re on social networks for personal use, you hear the general pieces of advice like “Do not spend too much of time on social media” , “Keep your personal information ...

Xiaomi Mi Pad – Tablet With Impressive Features

11/05/2014 00:14:29 AM

You could get the essential details of an exciting tablet, Xiaomi Mi Pad through this post. Xiaomi is a company which is becoming famous day by day. Xiaomi Mi Pad is one of the popular tablets which comes with 7.9 inch display screen. Mi Pad ...

Grab Your Share at Stores With Student Discounts

10/30/2014 07:34:20 AM

In this post, I’ve consolidated the online stores that offer student discounts.  World becomes technologically advanced and most of the education institutions allow students to use cool tech gadgets to enhance the academic performance. R ...

Experts Tips – Meet Devesh Sharma From WPKube

10/15/2014 00:53:16 AM

Hi loyal readers, It’s really exciting to meet you all with an expert’s tips category post. This time I’ve acquired some valuable tips from a WordPress expert, Devesh Sharma from WPKube which is an excellent source for the WordPress b ...

5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Return Visitors To Your Blog

10/07/2014 07:34:52 AM

Through this post, I’ve explained 5 causes for not getting return visitors to your blog. Every blogger should realize that the growth of the blog depends upon the returning visitors. Their valuable opinions and suggestions would make your ...

How And Where to Get Social Media Jobs Online?

09/28/2014 01:48:02 AM

As I have been in the internet marketing field for long time, I’ve found that the companies offer jobs in social media space to the well established bloggers and people who thrive in their online business. Today, I came here to discuss on ...

Amazon Kindle Voyage, Thinnest E-reader Arrives

09/22/2014 02:09:48 AM

Schools and colleges have started to experiment the education process with digital environment. Various electronic gadgets are being introduced in the academic field and one such tech product is e-reader. Last week, Amazon debuted a new e-reader ...

How To Create PDF Online For Free?

09/16/2014 01:43:52 AM

This post explains the advantages of using PDFs and educates you to create PDF online for free with Soda PDF online services. Since we are in the digital age, everyone prefers to use the Portable Document Format (PDF) files. This format was ...

5 Distraction-Free Text Editors For Writers And Bloggers

09/09/2014 13:41:51 PM

This post signifies the importance of focused writing and provides the details of some best distraction-free text editors for writers.  Writing is my preferred hobby as it keeps my brain fresh and active. I want to get decent writing and while ...

5 Essential Questions Every Blogger Needs To Ask Themselves (14 Experts Reveal Their Answers)

09/04/2014 11:25:44 AM

Hi Bloggers, I warmly welcome you all to this experts’ tips post. It is quite different from my normal “Expert’s tips” category post. Here I’ve gathered the responses for 5 questions from 14 active bloggers. Before checking their ...

Apple To Launch 12.9 Inch iPad for Business

08/28/2014 14:09:06 PM

Two days before (Aug 27th, 2014) Bloomberg reported that the Apple Inc. is developing a new iPad called iPad Pro with 12.9″ screen size. Let’s discuss about this iPad news through this post. I’ve already discussed the features of iP

10 Pinterest Marketing Tips To Improve Website Traffic

08/22/2014 05:09:38 AM

This post provides some effective Pinterest marketing tips to improve traffic to your business website. Social media has turned into an integral part of internet marketing. I presume that the top businesses use aggressive social media tactics ...

8 Awesome Gadgets To Simplify Your Life

08/13/2014 07:33:24 AM

In this post, I’ve gathered some awesome gadgets to simplify your life with today’s technology. Technology is evolving and it has brought many changes to our life.  Everyone needs modern gadgets like Smartphone, Tablet etc. to carry out ...

Experts Tips – A Chat With Ian Cleary From RazorSocial

08/05/2014 23:33:29 PM

I’m thrilled to meet you with the details and replies of a social media (as well as blogging) expert, Ian Cleary from I’ve reached him through his blog’s contact form and got amazed with his immediate & polite reply. ...

10 Best Chrome Extensions For Students To Boost Productivity

08/01/2014 10:29:32 AM

This post provides the details of some best chrome extensions for students to improve their academic performance.   Education has improved a lot with the advancements of technology and thus the blackboard has been replaced by interactive Smart ...

Do You Use Popular Hashtags To Market Your Business On Social Media?

06/12/2014 02:54:51 AM

This post would insist you to use popular hashtags on social media for marketing your business.   I found a very interesting post… more

Why You’re Not Getting Loyal Readers To Your Blog Posts?

06/03/2014 07:58:04 AM

Hi Dear Readers, I am excited to share with you this post as this is my 100th post of MMF. I had founded this… more

iSkysoft Video Converter For Windows – A Versatile Software To Convert Your Videos To Desired Format [Review]

05/28/2014 03:33:16 AM

I reviewed a versatile software, iSkysoft Video Converter for Windows in this post.  Do you wish to have a  professional software program to convert… more

7 Best Tablets For College Students To Enrich Their Education

05/24/2014 10:28:46 AM

In this post, I’ve listed some best tablets for college students to enhance their educational experience. Technology has advanced to revolutionize our educational… more

How to make money from photography online?

05/12/2014 11:59:47 AM

If you’re a professional photographer or ambitious amateur in photography or a person with creative eye & visual imagination, they you could make… more

Best 5 Chrome Extensions For Google Plus To Enhance Your Usage

05/04/2014 04:32:33 AM

I’ve listed some best chrome extensions for Google plus to enhance your experience over there. If you’re regular here, you might know my… more

Don’t be a Copycat blogger!

04/29/2014 13:12:34 PM

Dear bloggers, Hope all are doing well. I have always been interested to meet you all with a beneficial post every time. I… more

Cool Tech Gadgets For Students To Enhance Their Education

04/23/2014 07:11:53 AM

I listed some cool tech gadgets for students in this post to enhance their educational activities.  In today’s modern age, gadgets have become… more

Experts Tips – Adam Connell from

04/16/2014 08:03:21 AM

Dear Readers, I flattered with your wonderful support for my blog and I am happy to meet you all again with an experts… more

Ideas To Make Money With Online Classifieds

04/09/2014 03:31:49 AM

I stumbled across some ingenious ways to make money online and this is another one. Yes, this post gives some ideas for you… more

Accidental Plagiarism Danger

04/07/2014 08:10:05 AM

Plagiarism has the power to destroy the reputation of students and professionals like journalists, authors, freelance writers and even bloggers. Moreover, it is… more

Do You Have These 5 Important Pages On Your Blog?

04/03/2014 07:59:38 AM

Hi everyone, This is Kulwant Nagi from, I came here to discuss with you some essential blogging stuffs and I want you… more

Keep Yourself Updated With New Twitter Features

03/29/2014 01:11:39 AM

I feel that Twitter is turning into a mini Facebook with its latest features. Yes, do read the upcoming and new twitter features… more

15 Websites To Play Online Video Games For Free

03/21/2014 12:12:26 PM

This post has a list of entertaining websites to play free online video games when you get bored or to make yourself chill… more

How To Use Google Plus To Increase Brand Awareness Of The Business?

03/14/2014 11:03:42 AM

This post offers some helpful tips on how to use Google Plus to increase brand awareness of a business.  I am a part-time… more

6 Things That Can Destroy Your Blog

03/08/2014 13:29:17 PM

This is the very first guest post of and I am very happy to be the first guest blogger here. Many thanks… more

Best Apps For Business To Take Care Of It Effectually

03/06/2014 02:32:23 AM

This post talks about the importance of using apps for business and some beneficial business apps for Android and iPhone that can be… more

Strategies To Earn Money Online with Copy Editing Jobs

02/24/2014 01:32:54 AM

Through this post, you can get some basic strategies to earn money online with copy editing jobs and check useful copy editing sites… more

Chromebook Vs Ultrabook, An Useful Debate With Their Basic Details

02/18/2014 09:59:17 AM

This is a battle post, Chromebook Vs Ultrabook which compares their key aspects with which you could choose the best gadget suitable for… more

Dashlane – An Effective Free Password Manager

02/13/2014 11:25:16 AM

This post reviews a password manager software, Dashlane. It  manages your passwords on various websites effectively. With changing times, people have started using… more

Expert’s Tips – Ajith Prasad From

02/08/2014 09:48:25 AM

Dear readers, I am so glad in meet you all with an expert’s tips category post and thanks for your great support to… more

Guest Blogging Is Not Dead For Me! (My 4th guest posts roundup)

02/04/2014 08:42:43 AM

Through this post, I wanna convey that Guest blogging is not dead for me! Also, I rounded up my latest 5 guest posts here… more

Tips To Build A Memorable Business Brand Using Social Media

01/29/2014 11:20:15 AM

This post provides some useful tips to build a memorable brand using social media for your business.  If someone asks whether you need… more

How To Make money By Selling Digital Products Online

01/24/2014 06:07:17 AM

This post would teach you to make money by selling digital products online, so that you could make a profitable online income with… more

Happy Birthday MyMagicFundas (MMF Completed 1 Year Today)

01/17/2014 08:56:02 AM

Hi readers,  I am glad to share with you that “MyMagicFundas” has completed its 1 year journey today! Yes, a year ago, I… more

7 Best Business Laptops With High Quality Performance

01/11/2014 20:19:21 PM

This post suggests some best business laptops with high quality performance to carry out the work efficiently.  I discussed many data related to… more

Tips For Marketers To Do Successful Content Curation

01/07/2014 01:11:20 AM

If you’re an internet marketer/blogger, hope this post would help to do successful content curation process. Performing content marketing is essential for every… more

10 Top Posts Of Mymagicfundas 2013

01/01/2014 14:00:36 PM

This is a roundup of 10 top posts of Mymagicfundas 2013 for its beloved readers.

Experts Tips – Chris Guthrie from

12/25/2013 22:53:01 PM

Hi readers, This experts tips post has expedient answers from an Amazon Affiliate Marketer cum Blogger, Chris Guthrie.  My hearty New Year wishes… more

Stop Abusing Activities With Mobile Tracking App

12/23/2013 05:08:45 AM

This post is about the mobile tracking app to stay safe from abusing activities. World is changing with emergence of new technology. Now… more

Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2013 With Some Impressive Stats

12/14/2013 12:25:56 PM

This post reveals some impressive YouTube stats along with the most viewed YouTube videos of 2013.  An online video sharing website has #… more

Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0

12/09/2013 10:03:11 AM

This post suggests some imperative blogging stuffs for the bloggers to get good PageRank.

Best Browser Games To Play At Spare Time

12/07/2013 06:26:46 AM

This post is for game lovers to understand the technology improvements in gaming and to play best browser games at spare time.  The… more

Guidelines To Make Money From Online Tutoring Jobs

12/01/2013 00:02:04 AM

Are you interested in teaching? Then this post would help you to make money from online tutoring jobs. Internet is an essential part… more

Dosplash – A lively blogging community

11/27/2013 02:04:41 AM

This blog post gives the details Dosplash, a lively blogging community and suggests the bloggers to take part in it. Do you like… more