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Scammers At Crash Scenes – Don’t Share Your Personal Information!

05/07/2014 17:04:39 PM

Allstate’s Bad Behavior in Claims, Towards Clients, and With its Own Agents

05/05/2014 13:06:20 PM

Bit by Bed Bugs? It’s the Las Vegas Nightmare.

04/28/2014 12:22:30 PM

Doctors Mistakes Kill 500,000 Every Year.

04/07/2014 15:16:05 PM

What to do if you are Injured as a Result of a Medical Procedure

02/24/2014 13:41:01 PM

Bicycling to Work? You Could Be In Danger.

02/10/2014 15:24:47 PM

How to Treat Second-Degree Burns

01/27/2014 13:03:26 PM

How to Treat Whiplash

01/14/2014 17:53:56 PM

How to Treat Third-Degree Burns

01/06/2014 18:24:11 PM

Hurt in an accident and now feeling suicidal? You’re not alone.

12/23/2013 13:02:07 PM

Personal Injury Claims and Bankruptcy

12/19/2013 00:10:34 AM

Hepatitis A? You Could Have Received it From Frozen Berries

12/09/2013 10:07:57 AM

Misdiagnosis: The Biggest Mistake Doctors Make

12/02/2013 17:25:55 PM

Non-Traffic Car Injuries Might Not Be Covered By Insurance

11/11/2013 16:39:12 PM