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Text to Speech tts.exe windows interface

01/14/2017 19:19:57 PM

Well, I decided to create something in my favorite scripting program Autohotkey. It’s not much and my abilities are really limited but here it is.  I convert a lot of text to audio to listen to vs. read. This interface allows the normal windows ...

New President

11/09/2016 02:43:07 AM

Wow, look who we have here. Well Mr Trump….sorry…Pres Trump, looks like you did it.  I look at you and see someone who is seen in a light that is common among the elite and over educated. You do not act and speak like a politician. You ...

Fixing the house

11/08/2016 12:25:33 PM

Talk about a bittersweet feeling. Getting a ton of work done on the house is extremely satisfying. However, watching the bank account take a dip is not.  Since this is a happy place I will focus my thought on the good and learned  side.  The ...

What makes you (me) happy

11/04/2016 16:32:27 PM

This blog is about what makes you happy. This also entails getting rid of bad habits, recognizing road blocks, useful tools, internalizing, and soooo many other things. What do you love to do that you CAN do and DO on a regular basis.  If your ...

Dating – Best intentions

11/04/2016 15:55:11 PM

I made a decision to start dating again.  Who knows. At my age anything is possible just not as probable. In a two person income world a single income does not afford the time to wander and meet. If this was a two income situation then I would ...

Good day at work

11/04/2016 01:35:39 AM

A good day at work. Always good when you learn something… Received a message from my old job offering me a position. Truly thankful but I turned it down. I have decided to work on what fits and not chase the money.  Driving 110 miles a day ...

Whats it all about

11/03/2016 15:16:26 PM

Well, to start I have a lot more time on my hands these days. Amazing what a huge cut in pay and hours will do. At first I was furious. After all, I was number one in almost every category at work. Reports, budget, growth….. I was devastated, ...

No cry onion cutting

11/02/2016 20:15:45 PM

Cut end off both sides of the onion Microwave for 30-45 seconds Tear free cutting.

Form flower taco shell

11/02/2016 20:02:48 PM

The pick says it all. Lightly rub with oil or butter on the inside of tortilla Place in cup and nuke. ~1 minute

Warm tortillas with out making them brittle

11/02/2016 19:58:37 PM

This is a pretty simple process. Simply take some water and flick it onto each tortilla as you layer them. Nuke for  30-45 seconds.  They come out warm and fluffy. If you have older ones that are becoming a bit stale but are still good ( not ...

How to warm butter without it melting

11/02/2016 19:49:38 PM

Ever have a recipe that requires soft butter but not melted butter. Or how about when its dinner time and the butter is still solid.  Putting it in the microwave just melts or partially melts the butter.      The trick to fast soft butter ...


11/02/2016 15:44:37 PM

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