Whack-a-mole: Chasing Freedom from Pain

05/25/2017 12:38:16 PM

As we seek freedom from pain and related symptoms of migraine, it can end up feeling like we are playing a crazy and awful game of whack-a-mole. With a medicated hammer, we... READ MORE

Honey, I think I’m Getting a Migraine

05/24/2017 16:22:58 PM

Do you have a sixth sense? Last month, we reached out to the migraine community, asking members to describe their “sixth sense” for migraines, or how they predict when they’re getting a... READ MORE

Always on the Edge

05/22/2017 10:31:01 AM

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be one step away from your entire life falling apart? Ever had to wonder if missing just one more day of work due to... READ MORE

The Terrible Two: Fatigue & Insomnia

05/19/2017 14:58:46 PM

In the parenting world, the “terrible twos” refers to the period of time that toddlers start seeking their independence and get into mischief. In this article, I refer to a very different... READ MORE

Medication Graveyard: Properly Managing and Disposing of Pills

05/18/2017 15:20:34 PM

Anyone who has wrestled with chronic pain for any length of time likely has a corresponding medicine cabinet or drawer full of medications that reflects a journey seeking relief. The longer the... READ MORE

Migraine and Anxiety: An Interview with Psychologist Brooke Pellegrino

05/17/2017 15:33:29 PM

Recently we shared a video describing a panic attack that occurred when I was afraid of getting a severe migraine attack in public. Many community members commented that they, too, have dealt... READ MORE

It Started With a Concussion

05/16/2017 14:13:16 PM

Migraine #1: no big deal Unlike many people who live with migraine, my journey had pretty clear beginnings. My very first migraine came on while I was hanging out with friends in... READ MORE

When Pain Means More

05/15/2017 11:38:02 AM

When living with chronic pain, sometimes we end up missing the important signs our bodies are trying to give us. Pain is one of the ways our bodies try to tell us... READ MORE

Is it Migraine or Something Else?

05/12/2017 15:35:53 PM

Living with a chronic illness tends to make us believe that every physical symptom we experience is related to that illness. This is especially true for something as symptomatically varied as migraine.... READ MORE

Not Exactly Every Little Girl’s Dream

05/11/2017 15:38:36 PM

A life with chronic pain is definitely never something I imagined for myself while growing up. I had episodic migraine but it was more like getting a cold, something that would come... READ MORE

When Reaching For the Stars Lands You in a Ditch

05/10/2017 13:47:39 PM

Finding a balance between work and self-care can be difficult for people who are the perfect picture of health. I know, because I used to be one of them! I’ve always envied... READ MORE

Share your story for Migraine Awareness Month!

05/09/2017 23:00:34 PM

Migraine Awareness Month is right around the corner! Awareness month is all about educating others, getting new ideas, sharing resources, organizing events and revealing what life is really like living with migraine.... READ MORE

My Experience with Zembrace, the 3 mg Sumatriptan Injection

05/09/2017 11:48:51 AM

I have written in the past about my current neurologist and how he likes to prescribe the newest available medications, which right now are newer forms of previously available medications. Last time... READ MORE

The accomplishment of making it through a day with a migraine

05/08/2017 08:19:09 AM

Making a list When I was 11, my mom was concerned that I was letting the days pass without getting anything accomplished.  Looking back, outside of dance classes and school, I honestly... READ MORE

Spotlight: Migraine and Mental Health Awareness

05/05/2017 08:14:24 AM

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. When living with migraine there is an increased likelihood of also dealing with a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks or bipolar disorder.... READ MORE

What Not to Say to Someone with Chronic Migraine: A Note on “Prevention”

05/04/2017 10:43:37 AM

I recently attended a coaching workshop for health and wellness coaches. The women I had the privilege to meet while there overflow with optimism and sincerity. They are helpers, encouragers, and supporters.... READ MORE

Looking for the Bright Side of Migraines

05/03/2017 07:25:27 AM

Despite my natural tendency to see the bright side of life, migraines can bring me to my knees. Is it possible to hold or regain a positive view in the face of... READ MORE

Noise-cancelling headphones FTW (for the win)!

05/02/2017 06:29:04 AM

I’m on a plane as I type this, tens of thousands of feet above land. I see farms and rolling hills below us, the palette mostly shades of brown, as spring has... READ MORE

Migraine Events for 2017 for Patients, Advocacy and Fundraising

05/01/2017 16:57:12 PM

Want to get more involved in the Migraine & Cluster communities? Here’s a list of in-person events for the rest of 20I7. There are events to help raise funds (walk/races and gala... READ MORE

The Migraine Sixth Sense

04/28/2017 14:54:22 PM

Hindsight is 20/20! We know that abortive medications are always more effective if taken at the first sign of a migraine attack. Great. But how are we supposed to recognize those first... READ MORE

The Realities of Isolation, Support and Hope

04/27/2017 06:07:42 AM

For individuals affected by chronic migraine, life can sometimes feel like a guessing game. Will I get a migraine this week? Will this activity trigger my symptoms? This month, our migraine community... READ MORE

A letter to my coworkers, written while I’m home sick with a migraine attack

04/26/2017 10:08:53 AM

I am a chronic migraineur who’s also a successful entrepreneur–I own two bookstores in Athens, Georgia and run them fairly well despite my health issues. I wrote the following letter to my... READ MORE

Cleaning out Migraine

04/25/2017 05:20:05 AM

We all know that migraine attacks can equal dishes left in the sink, mail unopened, and clothes heaped up high in the hamper. It’s hard enough to keep on top of chores... READ MORE

The Migraine World Summit

04/23/2017 22:21:57 PM

36 migraine experts—including world-renowned doctors, researchers, and patient advocates—will be sharing their wisdom at the Migraine World Summit, a free online event that’s happening this week. Topics that speakers will address include:... ...

The Migraine World Summit

04/23/2017 22:21:57 PM

36 migraine experts—including world-renowned doctors, researchers, and patient advocates—will be sharing their wisdom at the Migraine World Summit, a free online event that’s happening this week. Topics that speakers will address include:... ...

Conquering Embarrassment is a Continual Process

04/21/2017 05:52:44 AM

The room dips right, and I stumble, grabbing the back of the white chair in front of me for balance. Immediately, I glance around to see if anyone noticed me fall from... READ MORE

My Good Month

04/20/2017 06:02:13 AM

I’m trying not to think about it too much I honestly can’t remember the last time I have had only three migraines per week. And we’re talking one severe, two easily treated.... READ MORE

When Migraines Age Us

04/19/2017 08:35:37 AM

Chronic migraine has a way of aging us early such that young people are living like senior citizens. How do we handle feeling as if we are decades older than we actually are? Are there... READ MORE

Study Finds Decreasing Dopamine Levels during Migraine

04/18/2017 10:31:51 AM

Researchers at the University of Michigan have uncovered some potentially treatment-changing information regarding dopamine levels and migraine. The study, published online and in print in this month’s issue of Neurology, points towards... ...

Migraine Education Day – The Social Life of Migraine

04/17/2017 07:54:10 AM

As previewed in my interview with Dr. Joanna Kempner, her keynote on “The Social Life of Migraine” proved to highlight the stigma of migraine to a greater extent when she presented at... READ MORE

Migraine Education Day – Questions for an Expert

04/15/2017 12:16:18 PM

At this year’s Migraine Education Day, Dr. Elliott Schulman, a neurologist from the Jefferson Headache Center, provided an informational overview of updates in migraine treatment including new oral acute treatments that are... READ MORE

Who Would You Have Been Without Migraines?

04/14/2017 14:16:41 PM

Who would you have been without migraines? What would you have accomplished in this lifetime if you hadn’t been hampered by severe pain and related symptoms? What if? It’s heartbreaking to consider... READ MORE

When does the grieving end?

04/13/2017 15:13:51 PM

Another setback I recently attempted to decrease my dose of amitriptyline (an antidepressant often prescribed as an off-label daily preventative for people with migraine). I had done this successfully in the past,... READ MORE

Five Low-Scent, DIY Replacement Recipes for Household Cleaning Products

04/12/2017 07:24:18 AM

Many migraineurs are triggered by strong scents like perfumes, gasoline fumes, tobacco smoke, oil-based paints, nail polish, and paint remover. Exposure for even just a few seconds can mean we’re reaching for... READ MORE

FDA Approves Trokendi XR (topiramate) for Migraine Prophylaxis

04/11/2017 10:02:33 AM

On April 5, 2017, Trokendi XR (manufactured by Supernus Pharmaceuticals) received final approval from the US Food & Drug Administration. After receiving tentative approval in August 2016, Trokendi XR is now approved... READ MORE

Migraine Ignorance is Bliss?

04/10/2017 08:34:29 AM

Hello, my migraine friends from afar! Today I am simply here to help us all laugh at the funny situations we get in with our migraines. I share a story of a... READ MORE

I have a job, but I also have a migraine

04/07/2017 10:42:40 AM

Between making trips to the pharmacy, scheduling doctor’s appointments, and maintaining your treatment regime, having migraines can feel like a full-time job. One of the most challenging parts of dealing with migraine... READ MORE

Waiting for My Sea Legs: A Story of Vestibular Migraine

04/06/2017 11:14:46 AM

I’m on a boat. I can feel the movements of the ship, rocking back and forth in the water. My legs, when I stand, work to compensate for the swaying, doing their... READ MORE

My Diagnosis Story

04/05/2017 08:59:13 AM

Hi fellow migraine warriors! Do you have a diagnosis story? Today I’m going to share mine. I was diagnosed in 2011 when I was an art student in New York City. The... READ MORE

Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

04/04/2017 10:15:28 AM

Spring has arrived! Are you ready to wipe the winter dust away or maybe tackle a household project? Well, if your like most of us, you might just not be! Unfortunately, when living... READ MORE

Qudexy XR (topirmate) Approved for Migraine Prophylaxis

04/03/2017 08:40:40 AM

Qudexy XR, manufactured by Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc., originally received approval in June 2014. The medication, with the active ingredient topiramate, was indicated for use as an initial monotherapy or adjunctive therapy in... READ M ...

Planning Around Migraine: Plans for When You Can’t Drive

03/31/2017 10:58:38 AM

It’s 3 p.m., and your children get out of school in 45 minutes. The school is 30 minutes away so you start packing up to leave. As you grab your purse, a... READ MORE

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Migraine as Tornado

03/30/2017 08:59:36 AM

Just like a barometric pressure drop foretells a tornado, a heaviness in my head tips me off to your impending arrival. I know you are on your way. I sense your danger... READ MORE

Official Study Results from Headache Camp

03/29/2017 16:35:30 PM

I fondly refer to in-patient hospitalizations at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia as “Headache Camp.” It makes it sound less scary and more like an experience that I will remember fondly... READ MORE

Founding Fathers and Migraines

03/28/2017 09:25:21 AM

Recently, like so many others, I have discovered and become obsessed with the musical Hamilton. Since there’s no way I’m seeing it on stage any time soon (or ever), I purchased the... READ MORE

Let’s Talk About Panic Attacks

03/27/2017 04:11:59 AM

I don’t think enough can ever be said about the anxiety that can come with having migraine. I want to share a story with you all about my first panic attack. I... READ MORE

Not a nose tumor….

03/24/2017 11:40:14 AM

It’s an odd moment in life when you find yourself hoping for a nose tumor. A few years ago, when migraines had derailed my working life and I was spending most of... READ MORE

Sponsored: When it Comes to Migraine, Life is Not ‘Business as Usual’

03/23/2017 08:15:42 AM

More than one in ten people worldwide suffer from migraine.1According to the Migraine Research Foundation, ninety percent of people with migraine report they cannot go to work with a migraine and it... READ MORE

Two Elimination Diets I’ve Tried

03/22/2017 10:16:59 AM

Hey y’all! A lot of us are talking about nutrition and health this March and I wanted to share two different ways I’ve tried an elimination diet for my migraines. One diet... READ MORE

The Catch-All Treatment: Prednisone

03/21/2017 06:30:17 AM

December was rough for me in a lot of ways. Besides having increased migraines and an extremely busy schedule with Zo’s Nutcracker Ballet performances, I did something to my left wrist. While... READ MORE

Making the Invisible Visible: Migraine Tattoos

03/20/2017 06:49:03 AM

When I was 25, I got my fourth and fifth tattoos at the same time. The reason? I didn’t want to have an even number of them. It just didn’t feel right.... READ MORE

Headache on the Hill 2017

03/17/2017 06:57:37 AM

Thirty-six million Americans have migraine disease. One hundred million Americans have chronic pain[i]. Research for both diseases are severely underfunded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). However, the effects of these... READ ...

How I Avoid My Top 5 Migraine Triggers

03/16/2017 06:23:39 AM

We hear a lot about migraine triggers, and one of the first tasks a doctor will often give a patient is to keep a headache diary to identify them. I’ve had migraines... READ MORE

Gluten for Punishment: My Attempts at Dietary Changes for Migraine

03/15/2017 08:36:23 AM

With this month’s spotlight being on nutrition and health, some of us are writing about our own struggles and successes with dietary changes in hopes of better controlling migraine disease. This is the... READ MORE

CGRP: Poetry of Hope

03/14/2017 09:49:53 AM

The new CGRP antagonist medications that are currently in clinical trials are once again in the news, leading to lots of Facebook posts and tagged shares of the “Maybe this will help... READ MORE

Tools for Dealing with Light Sensitivity

03/13/2017 08:54:08 AM

Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about how I deal with light sensitivity. Light is one of my strongest migraine triggers and photophobia is a common symptom of mine. Over... READ MORE

What If Migraines Were Visible?

03/10/2017 16:11:15 PM

This invisible condition that is migraine can make it appear as if we are totally fine when we are absolutely not.  On the outside, we seem completely normal. We can walk, we... READ MORE

Migraine Education Day: An Interview with Dr. Joanna Kempner

03/09/2017 11:21:35 AM

In anticipation of the upcoming Migraine Education Day that is being hosted by Miles for Migraine on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 near Philadelphia, we sat down to speak with the keynote speaker... READ MORE

My One Minute Migraine Trigger Theory

03/08/2017 11:34:25 AM

Hey all! I have a theory on migraine triggers I would like to share. I talk about how individual triggers contribute to my migraine attacks and how I can keep them at... READ MORE

Minding The Gap

03/07/2017 15:36:18 PM

My migraine disease is cyclical. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a run this good, pain wise, and I always hesitate to talk about it, because of the whole jinxing thing. I... READ MORE

Migraine Blessing in Disguise

03/06/2017 06:02:36 AM

In the course of seeking treatment for migraine, we may discover other health problems that must be addressed. Sometimes, migraine treatment itself can uncover health problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.... READ MORE

Intimacy & Migraines

03/03/2017 11:11:31 AM

With Valentine’s Day just passed, I wonder how many people with chronic migraines tried desperately to have dates with their spouses or partners. Perhaps plans were made and reservations were set.  But,... READ MORE

Migrony: Migraine + Irony

03/02/2017 07:54:20 AM

Living with migraine is complicated. With no shortage of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations, seemingly sound decisions can quickly lead to unintended consequences. Here are five examples of just... READ MORE

Spotlight: Nutrition & Health

03/01/2017 10:40:34 AM

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? This is an education and information campaign created annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign focuses attention on the importance... READ MORE

Not Tonight Dear, I Have a Migraine

02/28/2017 10:04:17 AM

“Not tonight dear, I have a headache.” The problem with this phrase is that reaffirms the dysfunctional, harmful, and widely-believed myth that people with migraines are faking pain to get out of... READ MORE

Asia Dot, My Unofficial Therapy Dog

02/27/2017 15:47:14 PM

To go along with this month’s theme on Migraine.com, some of us are writing about our own pets, and how they’ve helped us and comforted us through our illness. This is the... READ MORE

Ripple Effect: The impact of chronic migraines on the entire support structure

02/24/2017 10:00:36 AM

Migraines not only cause comprehensive pain to the patient, but also a corresponding, deep and widespread ripple effect among all those surrounding that person. Recognizing this fact and encouraging all involved to... READ MORE

Why You Should Tell Your Migraine Story

02/23/2017 08:39:27 AM

In a writing class recently the teacher brought up something I hadn’t considered. He talked about why story is important. From Greek myths and the Epic of Gilgamesh to Star Wars (yes,... READ MORE

Evaluating the Headlines

02/22/2017 09:10:16 AM

We all pay attention whenever migraine is in the news. Our first impulse is to think, “Finally, someone is paying attention!” All too often though, our longing to be taken seriously often... READ MORE

Lucy Postins on Keeping Your Pet Healthy

02/21/2017 06:23:13 AM

My pets mean everything to me – they are a huge source of comfort. It’s hard to care for your pet when you are in the midst of a migraine. I’m pretty... READ MORE

The Pros and Cons to Adopting a Cat

02/20/2017 10:01:30 AM

I’m not sure when it started, but somewhere in my childhood I became obsessed with cats. My family had a turtle and two gerbils, but I begged my parents for a cat.... READ MORE

If There Were a Fantasy Migraine Shop, I Would Buy…

02/17/2017 06:13:27 AM

If there were a fantasy migraine shop it would have low lighting, no perfumes and no music. The cashiers wouldn’t ask you how you are feeling—they already know it’s not good. There... READ MORE

Dear Doctor, I Have Trust Issues

02/16/2017 05:56:10 AM

Dear Doctor, I have trust issues. “Why?” you ask. “Shouldn’t we start out in a trusting relationship?” I wish, but it’s really difficult. Here are the reasons: Misdiagnosis According to the Migraine... READ MORE

Your Less Talked About Symptoms of Migraine

02/15/2017 05:49:45 AM

Recently, a story was published to our site detailing one of our member’s struggles with the lesser-known symptoms of migraine.  Visual aura, pain, nausea, and vomiting are all symptoms known too well... READ MORE

Circle of Life: Parenting a Child who has Migraine

02/14/2017 05:33:02 AM

Seeing your child in pain is one of the worst feelings a parent can experience. Looking back on my childhood and teen years, I can only imagine the agony my parents went... READ MORE

Pets: Giving Company and Comfort

02/12/2017 16:33:17 PM

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a family of women. Whatever the reason, both times I was pregnant I was certain I would have a girl. Both times, I was wrong.... READ MORE

Migraines Have a Mind of Their Own

02/10/2017 05:11:21 AM

anthropomorphism definition. (an-thruh-puh-mawr-fiz-uhm) The attributing of human characteristics and purposes to inanimate objects, animals, plants, or other natural phenomena, or to God. Do you ever feel as if your migraines are a living,... ...

Not to Blame and Not a Victim

02/09/2017 18:21:16 PM

Comments like these are all too familiar for many of us in the migraine community: “You should stop stressing so much.” “If you ate better, you’d probably have less headaches.” “You’re just... READ MORE

Hiring the Right Doctor

02/08/2017 08:42:11 AM

You’ve probably heard that if you have migraine, the best kind of doctor is a headache specialist. You’ve probably also heard that there aren’t very many of them, you’ll probably have to... READ MORE

SSRIs + NSAIDS = A Therapeutic Combo with Potential Problems

02/08/2017 08:30:44 AM

Antidepressants, especially selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (or SSRIs), and NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) are two classes of drugs commonly prescribed to patients with migraine disease. SSRIs, such as Fluoxetine (Prozac), ...

Pet Therapy and the Healing Power of Pets

02/05/2017 12:02:23 PM

As someone who has dealt with migraines throughout my life, one of my biggest triggers is stress. My pets provide me an endless supply of emotional support and comfort  which help me... READ MORE

The Pain Scale Predicament

02/03/2017 05:53:06 AM

Ask any person who deals with pain how they feel about the 0-10 pain scale commonly used in doctor’s offices and hospitals, and you will likely get a very colorful answer. And... READ MORE

Show Me (more than) the Money! Results from the Cost of Care Survey

02/02/2017 05:37:27 AM

Cost is a major factor in managing a chronic health condition, such as migraine. There are many things people do to save money and cut costs, but not everyone is aware of... READ MORE

Spotlight: Pets and Health

02/01/2017 05:55:04 AM

There is no question that our pets help to bring an incredible sense of support and comfort when we are feeling bad both physically and emotionally. The unconditional love they provide can... READ MORE

The Day It All Went to Hell

01/31/2017 05:57:28 AM

Many of my articles are fact-based, sharing information with you rather than sharing my thoughts and emotions about my life with migraine. I do this because of a passion that education empowers... READ MORE

Reminding Others of the Importance of Self Care

01/30/2017 05:52:43 AM

In January, Migraine.com is focusing on #SelfCareAware, a concept that many of us ignore. We are too busy trying to make up for the get togethers, baseball games or work days we... READ MORE

Embracing Migraine’s Limits

01/30/2017 05:50:14 AM

Do you ever feel held back or limited by migraine? Are there things you wish you could do, but can’t because it would trigger an attack? Do you feel discouraged or depressed... READ MORE

We Get Knocked Down But We Get Up Again

01/27/2017 05:57:11 AM

Like a car screeching to a stop, or a light switched off.  Like a helium balloon floating away. Who am I?  Where did I go? How is it possible?  Just three days... READ MORE

Will Soaking Your Feet in Hot Water Relieve a Migraine?

01/26/2017 04:51:21 AM

You’ve probably seen that photo on social media. It depicts a woman sitting on a counter with her feet soaking in the sink basin and an ice pack on the back of... READ MORE

My Experience with Oxygen Therapy

01/25/2017 06:33:34 AM

In early June, 2014, I was sitting with my mom in my headache specialist‘s office, nervously wringing my hands while speaking to the headache nurse coordinator. I rarely got to see the... READ MORE

Did I Mention I Moved Across the Country?

01/24/2017 05:46:03 AM

At the end of every year, I use one of those online photo places to collect pictures of all the things my boyfriend, Archer, and I did that year to make a... READ MORE

Terrified of Air Travel? See you on the Road

01/23/2017 14:42:13 PM

I was recently looking at our migraine.com facebook page and encountered a flurry of exchanges between members on the topic of travel.   Here’s just a sampling: “Am I the only one who... READ MORE

Changing the Way We Talk About Headache

01/20/2017 08:29:18 AM

Lately I’ve been thinking about that phrase we all love to hate. “It’s just a headache” has to be one of the most hated phrases in the migraine community. We have fought... READ MORE

Fumbling Around in the Dark

01/19/2017 08:08:20 AM

On November 20, lying in bed on a dreary day with a migraine no medicine had yet vanquished, I sent a text to John, which is often our primary means of communication.... READ MORE

The Death of an Advocate

01/18/2017 06:05:19 AM

I couldn’t stop weeping yesterday. Every new photo, tweet from one of her co-stars, or thoughtful personal statement from a Facebook friend would bring me to fresh tears. Even though I am... READ MORE

Spotlight on: #SelfCareAware

01/17/2017 08:34:19 AM

Living with migraine can be extremely challenging. Some (really most!) days, it can be difficult to simply get out of bed, complete the tiniest of tasks, make it through a work day,... READ MORE

Provider Profile: Dr. Susan Hutchinson

01/17/2017 08:33:00 AM

I wanted to start a new series of articles highlighting headache specialists, who are in high demand, but short supply. There are currently 520 doctors who have gone through additional training to... READ MORE

Patient Perspective: Kratom for Pain Relief

11/22/2016 06:18:07 AM

I recently talked with Migraine.com contributor Sarah Hackley about my personal experience with kratom. If you’ve never heard of this natural supplement, you’re not alone. It’s become a hot topic as the... READ MORE

Speaking the Same Language

11/21/2016 06:26:04 AM

Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who speaks another language? It can be frustrating, painfully slow, and rife with misunderstanding. Without an interpreter, pointing and hand gestures will only get... READ MORE

Is it Cluster Headache or Something Else

11/20/2016 14:28:25 PM

Many women with Cluster Headache are often misdiagnosed with Migraine because of the incorrect assumption that only men get Cluster Headache. As difficult as it is to obtain a diagnosis of Cluster... READ MORE