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If There Were a Fantasy Migraine Shop, I Would Buy…

02/17/2017 06:13:27 AM

If there were a fantasy migraine shop it would have low lighting, no perfumes and no music. The cashiers wouldn’t ask you how you are feeling—they already know it’s not good. There... READ MORE

Dear Doctor, I Have Trust Issues

02/16/2017 05:56:10 AM

Dear Doctor, I have trust issues. “Why?” you ask. “Shouldn’t we start out in a trusting relationship?” I wish, but it’s really difficult. Here are the reasons: Misdiagnosis According to the Migraine... READ MORE

Your Less Talked About Symptoms of Migraine

02/15/2017 05:49:45 AM

Recently, a story was published to our site detailing one of our member’s struggles with the lesser-known symptoms of migraine.  Visual aura, pain, nausea, and vomiting are all symptoms known too well... READ MORE

Circle of Life: Parenting a Child who has Migraine

02/14/2017 05:33:02 AM

Seeing your child in pain is one of the worst feelings a parent can experience. Looking back on my childhood and teen years, I can only imagine the agony my parents went... READ MORE

Pets: Giving Company and Comfort

02/12/2017 16:33:17 PM

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a family of women. Whatever the reason, both times I was pregnant I was certain I would have a girl. Both times, I was wrong.... READ MORE

Migraines Have a Mind of Their Own

02/10/2017 05:11:21 AM

anthropomorphism definition. (an-thruh-puh-mawr-fiz-uhm) The attributing of human characteristics and purposes to inanimate objects, animals, plants, or other natural phenomena, or to God. Do you ever feel as if your migraines are a living,... ...

Not to Blame and Not a Victim

02/09/2017 18:21:16 PM

Comments like these are all too familiar for many of us in the migraine community: “You should stop stressing so much.” “If you ate better, you’d probably have less headaches.” “You’re just... READ MORE

Hiring the Right Doctor

02/08/2017 08:42:11 AM

You’ve probably heard that if you have migraine, the best kind of doctor is a headache specialist. You’ve probably also heard that there aren’t very many of them, you’ll probably have to... READ MORE

SSRIs + NSAIDS = A Therapeutic Combo with Potential Problems

02/08/2017 08:30:44 AM

Antidepressants, especially selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (or SSRIs), and NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) are two classes of drugs commonly prescribed to patients with migraine disease. SSRIs, such as Fluoxetine (Prozac), ...

Pet Therapy and the Healing Power of Pets

02/05/2017 12:02:23 PM

As someone who has dealt with migraines throughout my life, one of my biggest triggers is stress. My pets provide me an endless supply of emotional support and comfort  which help me... READ MORE

The Pain Scale Predicament

02/03/2017 05:53:06 AM

Ask any person who deals with pain how they feel about the 0-10 pain scale commonly used in doctor’s offices and hospitals, and you will likely get a very colorful answer. And... READ MORE

Show Me (more than) the Money! Results from the Cost of Care Survey

02/02/2017 05:37:27 AM

Cost is a major factor in managing a chronic health condition, such as migraine. There are many things people do to save money and cut costs, but not everyone is aware of... READ MORE

Spotlight: Pets and Health

02/01/2017 05:55:04 AM

There is no question that our pets help to bring an incredible sense of support and comfort when we are feeling bad both physically and emotionally. The unconditional love they provide can... READ MORE

The Day It All Went to Hell

01/31/2017 05:57:28 AM

Many of my articles are fact-based, sharing information with you rather than sharing my thoughts and emotions about my life with migraine. I do this because of a passion that education empowers... READ MORE

Reminding Others of the Importance of Self Care

01/30/2017 05:52:43 AM

In January, is focusing on #SelfCareAware, a concept that many of us ignore. We are too busy trying to make up for the get togethers, baseball games or work days we... READ MORE

Embracing Migraine’s Limits

01/30/2017 05:50:14 AM

Do you ever feel held back or limited by migraine? Are there things you wish you could do, but can’t because it would trigger an attack? Do you feel discouraged or depressed... READ MORE

We Get Knocked Down But We Get Up Again

01/27/2017 05:57:11 AM

Like a car screeching to a stop, or a light switched off.  Like a helium balloon floating away. Who am I?  Where did I go? How is it possible?  Just three days... READ MORE

Will Soaking Your Feet in Hot Water Relieve a Migraine?

01/26/2017 04:51:21 AM

You’ve probably seen that photo on social media. It depicts a woman sitting on a counter with her feet soaking in the sink basin and an ice pack on the back of... READ MORE

My Experience with Oxygen Therapy

01/25/2017 06:33:34 AM

In early June, 2014, I was sitting with my mom in my headache specialist‘s office, nervously wringing my hands while speaking to the headache nurse coordinator. I rarely got to see the... READ MORE

Did I Mention I Moved Across the Country?

01/24/2017 05:46:03 AM

At the end of every year, I use one of those online photo places to collect pictures of all the things my boyfriend, Archer, and I did that year to make a... READ MORE

Terrified of Air Travel? See you on the Road

01/23/2017 14:42:13 PM

I was recently looking at our facebook page and encountered a flurry of exchanges between members on the topic of travel.   Here’s just a sampling: “Am I the only one who... READ MORE

Changing the Way We Talk About Headache

01/20/2017 08:29:18 AM

Lately I’ve been thinking about that phrase we all love to hate. “It’s just a headache” has to be one of the most hated phrases in the migraine community. We have fought... READ MORE

Fumbling Around in the Dark

01/19/2017 08:08:20 AM

On November 20, lying in bed on a dreary day with a migraine no medicine had yet vanquished, I sent a text to John, which is often our primary means of communication.... READ MORE

The Death of an Advocate

01/18/2017 06:05:19 AM

I couldn’t stop weeping yesterday. Every new photo, tweet from one of her co-stars, or thoughtful personal statement from a Facebook friend would bring me to fresh tears. Even though I am... READ MORE

Spotlight on: #SelfCareAware

01/17/2017 08:34:19 AM

Living with migraine can be extremely challenging. Some (really most!) days, it can be difficult to simply get out of bed, complete the tiniest of tasks, make it through a work day,... READ MORE

Provider Profile: Dr. Susan Hutchinson

01/17/2017 08:33:00 AM

I wanted to start a new series of articles highlighting headache specialists, who are in high demand, but short supply. There are currently 520 doctors who have gone through additional training to... READ MORE

Patient Perspective: Kratom for Pain Relief

11/22/2016 06:18:07 AM

I recently talked with contributor Sarah Hackley about my personal experience with kratom. If you’ve never heard of this natural supplement, you’re not alone. It’s become a hot topic as the... READ MORE

Speaking the Same Language

11/21/2016 06:26:04 AM

Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who speaks another language? It can be frustrating, painfully slow, and rife with misunderstanding. Without an interpreter, pointing and hand gestures will only get... READ MORE

Is it Cluster Headache or Something Else

11/20/2016 14:28:25 PM

Many women with Cluster Headache are often misdiagnosed with Migraine because of the incorrect assumption that only men get Cluster Headache. As difficult as it is to obtain a diagnosis of Cluster... READ MORE

Migraine Patient or Administrative Assistant?

11/18/2016 06:07:07 AM

Lately I’ve been feeling better after a good gripe. Today’s gripe has to do with the grave injustice (forgive the hyperbole… it helps) of having to spend hours every week dealing with... READ MORE

Migraines and our Emotions: An Interview with Psychotherapist Nathan Feiles

11/17/2016 06:33:37 AM

Do you think your emotions and your migraine attacks may be related? Or do you find no connection? A few years back I sought out a migraine support group and attended a... READ MORE

Let’s complain for a minute, shall we?

11/16/2016 06:30:15 AM

Longtime readers of my articles know I try to remain as positive as possible, even in the face of a particularly bad migraine flare-up. But sometimes my attitude turns sour, and I... READ MORE

Nighttime Headaches after Age 50

11/16/2016 06:29:27 AM

In April 2016, Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain published the results of the largest study to date on a rare primary headache disorder called Hypnic Headache. Initial onset begins... READ MORE

Volunteering while Disabled with Chronic Migraine

11/15/2016 06:18:13 AM

The frequency and severity of chronic migraine pain and its accompanying symptoms can be consuming to manage.  For people who’ve been disabled by chronic migraines, volunteering can provide a sense of purpose... READ MORE

When a Loved Event Becomes a Trigger

11/14/2016 05:16:28 AM

My hometown has a wonderful, well known early fall art and music fair called The Black Swamp Arts Festival. The Fest is nearing its 25th anniversary, and almost from its inception, I... READ MORE

A Strange Headache Disorder

11/13/2016 20:44:07 PM

While Migraine may be the most common headache disorder, it is certainly not the only one to produce strange symptoms. Although rare, Nummular Headache has some pretty odd symptoms, too. People affected... READ MORE

Take-aways from Turknett’s The Migraine Miracle

11/13/2016 20:09:01 PM

Note: These are my impressions after reading and applying Dr. Turknett’s recommendations. These are my personal opinions and responses to his book. (Turknett, Josh. The Migraine Miracle: A Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Ancestral Diet... READ M ...

Not a Human Doing – A Human Being

11/11/2016 06:03:25 AM

Ever heard the phrase “Elevator Speech”? In my past life as a fundraiser it was a well-known term that referred to the important ability to quickly and compellingly summarize a mission statement... READ MORE

Disclosing Migraine and an Unexpected Response

11/10/2016 10:22:07 AM

The general public is so dismissive of migraine that those of us who have it often never mention it. Why open ourselves up to the hurt of dismissal and invalidation? While I’m... READ MORE

A Love Letter to Endorphins

11/09/2016 07:20:00 AM

In my recent post “You should exercise more!” I laid out several reasons why living with migraine has typically made aerobic exercise a risky venture for me. I also hypothesized that if... READ MORE

Migraine as Art

11/08/2016 06:41:23 AM

In the Fall of 1992, I believe, or maybe Spring 93, I took an Intermediate Poetry class with an instructor and poet named Tom Andrews. He was bald, soft-spoken. I think he... READ MORE

Diagnosing Migraine – ICHD-3 versus ICD-9

11/07/2016 06:04:12 AM

Health care providers, like patients, often feel hamstrung by insurance companies that dictate who gets paid, how much they get paid, and for what diagnoses payment is made. US-based insurance companies only... READ MORE

The pain-in-the-butt trip that was totally, completely worth it

11/07/2016 06:03:07 AM

To my happiness, many of my dear friends have decided to get married over the last few years. Many of these people are strong, smart, and independent creatives who have been with... READ MORE

I Ran a 5K with Miles for Migraine

11/06/2016 18:53:44 PM

Miles for Migraine hosted a fundraising event on Saturday, October 8th in Philadelphia. This was the third and final race of the year for this organization whose goal is not only to... READ MORE

Practical strategies to avoid scent triggers

11/04/2016 06:30:27 AM

Many of you have shared that scents are a difficult trigger to avoid, particularly when shopping or in the workplace. We do our best to avoid perfume counters and keep our own... READ MORE

Triggered by Weather? This Medication May Help

11/03/2016 05:43:37 AM

It’s fall in Texas, which means one to two months of intense oscillations between 90+ degree, summer-like temperatures and 30-50 degree winter temperatures – all within the same week, if not (as... READ MORE

A Patient Voice in Clinical Trial Development?

11/02/2016 12:46:19 PM

As many of you may already know, a clinical trial is a research study that tests how safe and effective a new treatment, diagnostic test, or other medical intervention is. This type... READ MORE

Pain at the Polls: Voting with Migraine

11/02/2016 05:38:41 AM

Picture this: you emerge from a restless sleep with your head pounding. Quickly assessing yourself head to toe you determine that yeah, this is a bad one. You’re already at a 7.... READ MORE

To work or not to work on this half-migraine day

11/02/2016 05:36:55 AM

(Written on a Tuesday in August, 2016) It’s 10:52 am on a Tuesday, and my regular shift at the bookshop started nearly two hours ago. This morning, I was up at 7... READ MORE

Can we talk about bras?

11/01/2016 04:58:22 AM

Allodynia, or “central pain sensitization” can make regular, everyday sensations feel painful. It’s a part of living with migraine for many people, and it can turn pony tails, wool sweaters, and ill... READ MORE

How the DEA’s Second Look at Kratom Impacts Migraineurs

10/31/2016 19:52:27 PM

The kratom plant has become big news over the last few months largely as a result of the DEA’s expressed desire to ban the herb and label it a Schedule 1 drug.... READ MORE

The Shoulds, Woulds, and Coulds of Migraine Attacks

10/31/2016 06:06:14 AM

“All you have to do for the next few minutes is just be.” A yoga teacher I sometimes take classes with gives this instruction as we settle in to meditate at the end... READ MORE

Migraine, You Can’t Scare Me

10/30/2016 19:05:08 PM

I’ve seen what you can do, the destruction you leave in your wake. As if the physical pain and misery weren’t enough, you pile on hallucinations and other strange symptoms that make... READ MORE

Election Season = Migraine Season

10/30/2016 19:04:18 PM

No matter whether you are a democrat, republican, independent or libertarian, this election season has surely presented a unique experience for all of us. For nearly two years, and for a myriad... READ MORE

Kids with Migraine Respond Differently to Preventive Treatment

10/29/2016 19:00:57 PM

Few drug trials are ever conducted on children owing to ethical concerns about exposing children to potential adverse events. Pediatricians and specialists who treat children and adolescents have very little clinical evidence... READ MORE

Your Experience with Migraine and Heightened Sensitivity

10/28/2016 05:03:45 AM

We recently shared an article with you in the migraine community that talked about the potential link between sensory processing sensitivity and migraine. This can otherwise be translated to being a highly... READ MORE

Confronting Migraine Stigma

10/27/2016 05:24:33 AM

Stigma is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.” Migraine stigma encompasses all the negative stereotypes, false assumptions, and disbelief... READ ... Patient Perspective – Kratom

10/27/2016 05:18:02 AM

The kratom plant has received enormous attention over the last few months, primarily because the U.S. DEA proposed a Sept. 30 ban that would reclassify the previously legal herb as a Schedule... READ MORE

Getting Sick… while already sick

10/26/2016 05:51:29 AM

I have a cold. A throat-tickling, nose-dripping, eye-watering 100 degree fever scorcher of a cold that is making me feel terrible. My muscles feel like lead; whenever I move it’s as if... READ MORE

Being a Master of Disguise Has a Price

10/26/2016 05:50:52 AM

One of the toughest aspects of stigma is facing the accusation that you are faking symptoms to get attention or as an excuse to avoid responsibility. Trying to explain to someone that... READ MORE

Travel Triggers and How to HALT Them

10/25/2016 05:56:44 AM

The movie “Sully” opened recently to mixed reviews. My favorite take on the film came from  Washington Post writer, Elahe Izadi, who writes: “Tom Hanks is a great actor and seems like... READ MORE

What did you accomplish today?

10/24/2016 05:56:52 AM

When your day is lost to a migraine, and the pain and related symptoms sicken and paralyze you, it can feel as if you missed out on all the fun, or that... READ MORE

Just a Headache

10/23/2016 18:17:17 PM

Before I knew what to look for, I assumed that any mild head pain was a “tension headache” and more severe pain was “migraine”. I also assumed that the severity of the... READ MORE

A Tale of Two ER Visits

10/21/2016 06:02:12 AM

Like most of you, I dread going to the emergency room. Lately I have been very lucky, despite my visits being somewhat frequent due to changes in admitting policies and urgent care.... READ MORE

A Migraine Quality of Life

10/20/2016 07:16:18 AM

Recently someone said to me, “It’s good that migraine isn’t interfering with your quality of life.” My first impulse was to think, “Yeah, right. If she only knew.” I know she meant... READ MORE

The Messy Wake of Destruction YOUR Migraine Can Leave Behind

10/19/2016 05:02:08 AM

Recently, patient expert Janet Geddis, otherwise known as “The Migraine Girl”, posted about her experience with the household destruction she finds after being out of commission with a longer-term migraine. The post... READ MORE

My Experience with Onzetra Xsail, the Sumatriptan Nasal Powder

10/19/2016 04:57:25 AM

I had an appointment with my new neurologist last Friday. He’s just a local guy, and the story of why I stopped seeing my renowned headache specialist can be saved for another... READ MORE

Sometimes Gratitude Leaks from my Eyes (or An Awkward Visit to Community Acupuncture)

10/18/2016 06:24:33 AM

In my very first article I confessed to crying at the doctor’s office. This is a recurring event, but not the only public place in which I find myself with a... READ MORE

The desperate decisions brought on by meal skipping

10/18/2016 06:23:39 AM

Like many community members I’ve spoken with, I am an infamous meal-skipper. It’s never intentional, and I don’t have any sort of eating disorder. In fact, I have a really high... READ MORE

Five Ways to Create a Normal Life

10/17/2016 06:07:14 AM

Have you ever felt like life will never be normal again? You’ve tried dozens of different treatments and nothing seems to make a difference. The dream of a normal life feels out of... READ MORE

Hurricanes, Pain, Migraines & Change

10/16/2016 12:20:22 PM is alive with articles about the impact of weather on migraines. Still, with the gigantic 900-mile wide hurricane that swept through several southern states recently, I can’t help but think about... READ MORE

Seven Ways to Lessen Migraine’s Impact on Your Family

10/14/2016 05:55:11 AM

“I feel so guilty for what my migraine attacks do to my kids!” If you’re a parent with migraine, you’ve likely had a similar thought about your own children. It’s impossible to... READ MORE

Getting to Know hollybee + a Recipe

10/13/2016 05:54:52 AM

You know what’s contributors and moderators think about migraine, but there’s more to us than migraine. We’re doing a Getting to Know… series to introduce you to the people behind the... READ MORE

The Big Lie

10/13/2016 05:52:50 AM

When I first started getting migraine attacks, I had the distinct advantage of being surrounded by loved ones who recognized the symptoms and validated my pain. You would think that with all... READ MORE

Don’t Give In to Desperation

10/12/2016 09:55:52 AM

Several years ago, I reached a point of desperation with migraine and decided on a course of action that could have ended in medical and financial disaster. I will be forever grateful... READ MORE

Stimulus Overload

10/12/2016 07:14:30 AM

Recently, we had friends from Albuquerque visiting, so we went out for dinner on Saturday night. We ordered our food and got our drinks and then the fire alarm went off…and it... READ MORE

CGRP Treatment #3

10/11/2016 08:07:17 AM

I have had a week of not being sure what is going on with me. Two days in a row, I developed a moderate migraine in the mid-afternoon and needed to take... READ MORE

Has migraine made me weaker? Part 2

10/10/2016 05:58:11 AM

In “Has migraine made me weaker? Part 1” I concluded that migraine has not made me literally or physically weaker overall, but rather has changed the ways I use, care for, and... READ MORE

Green Light for Migraine? New Study Indicates It Could Help

10/09/2016 18:21:22 PM

We all know the horrors of photosensitivity – when even the smallest hint of light feels like a sledgehammer across the temple. When a migraine attack hits, many of us find ourselves... READ MORE

Getting to Know Tammy

10/09/2016 18:19:52 PM

You know what’s contributors and moderators think about migraine, but there’s more to us than migraine. We’re doing a Getting to Know… series to introduce you to the people behind the... READ MORE

Pain + Insomnia = Painsomnia

10/06/2016 06:02:35 AM

Whether it is because of medication side effects, pain itself, or just life, a lot of us with migraine also deal with occasional insomnia. For me, it happens most frequently when I’m... READ MORE

Getting to Know Kerrie

10/05/2016 21:25:07 PM

You know what’s contributors and moderators think about migraine, but there’s more to us than migraine. We’re doing a Getting to Know… series to introduce you to the people behind the names. We’re sharing... READ M ...

Has Living with Migraine Changed Your Life?

10/05/2016 21:22:06 PM

Recently a migraine story posted to our community followed one community member’s struggle with migraine taking over her life. From difficulties at work, to problems on family trips, and even an entire... READ MORE

Migraine Gets on My Nerves

10/05/2016 05:51:46 AM

Have you heard of the trigeminal nerve? It’s also called the 5th cranial nerve and is responsible for motor control, touch sensation, and pain perception throughout the eyes, face, cheeks, jaw, and... READ MORE

You, Health Information, & the Internet

10/04/2016 18:41:11 PM

The internet and social media are amazing resources for people seeking health information, especially for people living with chronic conditions. While many people appreciate having quick access to a great deal of... READ MORE

The noisy pool party

10/04/2016 12:06:55 PM

Late last fall, I was on a vacation with some friends. I had left my bathing suit behind in Georgia because I had no idea—zero, in fact—that the weather would be unseasonably... READ MORE

Has migraine made me weaker? PART 1

10/04/2016 12:06:12 PM

Like most of us, I have struggled with loving my body. I’m no jock, but the things I love about my body are mostly about what it can do with it. I... READ MORE

Migraine and Inflammation Linked in Young Adults

10/04/2016 06:16:41 AM

Inflammation gets a lot of blame for triggering and exacerbating health conditions, including migraine. The link between inflammation and migraine was reinforced by a study presented at the American Headache Society’s scientific... READ M ...

Failure is Part of the Process

10/02/2016 17:18:36 PM

It can get so discouraging when looking for the right treatment for migraine. There are hundreds of options to try and not enough time to try them all. When faced with one... READ MORE

Amgen Releases Positive Results from Phase 3 ARISE Study

09/30/2016 17:12:50 PM

Amgen has released information regarding their Phase 3 ARISE study, indicating that the study has met its primary endpoints. The study centers around a new treatment co-developed by both Amgen and Novartis... READ MORE

Tornado Warning and No Emergency Migraine Kit

09/30/2016 06:19:36 AM

Right now I’m sitting in my mostly unfinished, concrete basement with my family, along with the cat and dog. My migraine body has been telling me all day that storms were coming,... READ MORE

Take the Cost of Healthcare Survey

09/29/2016 08:30:23 AM

Cost is a major factor in managing a chronic condition such as migraine. There are many things people do to save money and cut costs, however not all patients are aware of... READ MORE

Images of an Invisible Illness 2016

09/29/2016 08:27:37 AM

What Does A Migraine Feel Like? A migraine feels likes a million pokers in my eye. It feels like there’s a cactus in my brain. It feels like I’ve completely lost, not... READ MORE

There is More Than One Path to Living Well With Migraine

09/28/2016 06:28:36 AM

After­­ presenting my winning entry to the “Migraine Moment” short film contest at the American Headache Society and American Migraine Foundation’s 58th Annual Scientific Meeting, I had the fantastic opportunity to stand... READ MOR ...

Getting to Know Janet (“The Migraine Girl”)

09/27/2016 21:37:36 PM

What’s your favorite color? Red (a deep red as opposed to a tomato red). How old are you? 36 What’s your dream vacation? Can I pick, like, five?  Just kidding. At the... READ MORE

The Kid Conundrum

09/26/2016 05:41:02 AM

I have four munchkins in my life. My two closest girlfriends both have two boys each. They range in ages from 1 to 4 years old. I’m godmother to one, but Auntie... READ MORE

A Review of Soothe, “the Uber of Massage”

09/25/2016 11:48:11 AM

A sore neck, shoulders, and back pretty much come with the territory of chronic migraine. When my health insurance covered massage, I had a 90-minute appointment every week. That kept the body... READ MORE

My Migraine is a River: Coming to Terms With My Chronic Illness

09/23/2016 05:43:15 AM

Nearly all of us with chronic illness know the feeling of constant struggle. There is the fight to move through your day normally and to do the usual tasks that need to... READ MORE

Sometimes I Feel Like a Broken Record

09/22/2016 05:47:49 AM

I’ve come a long way in terms of accepting a life with migraine. After four years of frequent disability I no longer worry about this disease ruining my life, in fact I’m... READ MORE

When My Doctor Gave Up on Me

09/21/2016 05:11:30 AM

The headache specialist said: “Research is finding new treatments, but nothing is available to help you now. You’re the same age as my daughter. I would want her to have relief while she waits... READ MORE