Theme Day: The Beauty of Simplicity

04/01/2016 15:01:00 PM

Strawberries &

Happy Easter and Chag Pesach Sameach

04/05/2015 11:04:00 AM

Happy Easter and Chag Pesach Sameach to everyone. May your day be filled with peace, hope and love. Wherever you are, have a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye and a friend to share it with.With all the trouble in various parts of the ...

Theme Day - Landmark

11/01/2014 09:06:00 AM

Above: Flinders Street StationEasily the most recognisable of Melbourne's landmarks is Flinders Street Station on the corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets. This grand old Edwardian baroque building of red brick and golden cream stucco was ...

Lightning Lashes Melbourne

10/27/2014 03:05:00 AM

From an early morning storm which began at 1.40 am this morning, Melbourne's skies were lit an eerie glowing pink. As the thunder rolled, the lightning cracked, you could be forgiven for thinking you were facing your personnel Armageddon. Wild ...

Talk Like a Pirate Day

09/18/2014 15:00:00 PM

Avast ye, matey! - it's that time o' year again - t' day when people around t' world suddenly break out into unintelligible words an phrases. September 19 be "Talk like a pirate day" and this young fellow be all dressed up for t' part. ’Tis ...

Theme Day ~ Rust and Ruin

09/01/2014 04:36:00 AM

The Lonely ChimneyAbove: The ruins of a homeThis is all that remained of a home burnt in a devastating bushfire - everything was gone except for the chimney which was still standing, a rusty pipe and some twisted metal.Today's quote: People ...

Melbourne ~ World's most liveble city ...again!

08/21/2014 02:40:00 AM

For the fourth time in a row, my city (Melbourne) has been named the world's most liveable city. Melbourne outperformed 139 cities to top the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Survey and achieved a perfect score in healthcare, ...

Theme Day ~ Zest

06/01/2014 19:23:00 PM

Seafood & raw fish with Tobiko (Salmon roe)Some people have a zest for living, some have a zest for life, and some have a zest for all things fishy...This is Sashimi - thinly sliced, raw food, it is one of the most famous dishes in the Japanese ...

Theme Days ~ Squares

04/30/2014 16:09:00 PM

The Green, Green Grass of SquaresAbove: Urban Garden Amphitheatre.This is the Urban Garden Amphitheatre;Lie on the grass, pull up a seat,Sit for a while, take the weight off your feet.Surrounded by zinc-clad walls, this homey little snug is ...

Easter Sunday Lunch

04/20/2014 08:46:00 AM

Easter Sunday Lunch at my place with the family - 7 children under 10, screaming, yelling little blighters, food spilt, a delightful mess, drinks tipped over and best of all, those wonderful ear splitting screeches when they don't get their ...

Theme Day - Triangles

04/01/2014 21:05:00 PM

Le Gâteau de TriangleOnce again we have Theme Day and this month it is triangles, instead of spires, wires and architecture, I give you ~ Le Gâteau de Triangle. Photo taken at a friend's party, and, btw, it tasted as good as it looked!Above: ...

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh - Happy Saint Patrick's Day

03/17/2014 07:00:00 AM

Well now, today is Saint Patrick's Day, the day all Irish people and those who wish they were Irish celebrate the wearin' o the green, drink Guinness (made by Arthur Guinness, who founded the brewery in Dublin in 1759) and have a rip snortin' ...

Theme Day ~ People on the Street

03/02/2014 02:43:00 AM

Anyone for a Beer?Above: Outside the Leinster Arms On a sunny Saturday afternoon, what better than sitting outside a local pub downing the amber fluid with a few mates? Convivial conversation, relaxed atmosphere, these blokes have the right ...

Theme Day ~ Entry

02/01/2014 20:15:00 PM

Grandeur of the 1880'sAbove: The StaircaseThis is the entrance of the Grand Hotel, Healesville. It is an elaborate hotel designed by the famous architect, William Pitt. With fifty rooms, the large two storey solid brick hotel was built in 1888 ...

Theme Day ~ Photo of the Year

12/31/2013 09:01:00 AM

Happy New Year 2014

12/31/2013 01:35:00 AM

Wishing you a New yearWhich will look as one as one for youMay you be able to walk even though you are drunkBefore starting the new year celebrationMake sure that you are calling a Taxi To take you homeHappy New Year

Christmas in Australia

12/24/2013 13:00:00 PM

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

12/24/2013 02:02:00 AM

Many years ago, a talented American gent Clement Clarke Moore, wrote a poem about Christmas Eve and how Father Christmas or Santa Claus flies through the sky in a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer and how he lands on the rooftops and comes down ...


12/10/2013 18:12:00 PM

Theme Day ~ Looking Out

12/01/2013 18:22:00 PM

Playground Bridge

11/16/2013 21:53:00 PM

The Laughing Kookaburras

11/15/2013 13:49:00 PM

Remembrance Day 2013

11/12/2013 06:22:00 AM

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th monthRemembrance Day (also known as Armistice Day or Poppy Day) is the day we remember those who sacrificed their lives so we may be free. Across Australia hundreds of memorial services around the country ...

Queen's Birthday

06/10/2013 00:39:00 AM

Today is the Queen's Birthday in Australia, (except in Western Australia where it is celebrated at the end of September/beginning of October) or rather the public holiday for it is. On an English website I read her actual birthday is in April, ...