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When You Need READ NEXT During Reading of INDEXED Files in COBOL

03/17/2016 02:54:24 AM

INDEXED files cam be access in 3 ways (Refer previous post). There are key difference on the options especially how they support differenct file options. Below is the complete list file options. Continue reading →

3 Ways of Reading VSAM Files with START and READ NEXT

03/16/2016 06:14:02 AM

You can read VSAM files in COBOL with 3 ways. Sequential Reading, Random reading and Dynamic reading. Access Modes: Sequential read – Only sequentially you can read. First you need to give START command to establish a key. Then READ NEXT ...

4 Most Popular Technics for Managing Storage with GETMAIN and FREEMAIN in CICS

03/16/2016 02:12:16 AM

4 Most searched Technics on how to manage storage using GETMAIN and FREEMAIN commands in CICS. CICS makes working storage available within each command-level program automatically, without any specific request from the application program, and ...

The Modern Rules Of COBOL Figurative Constants

03/15/2016 10:42:54 AM

HIGH-VALUE, HIGH-VALUES –Represents one or more occurrences of the character that has the highest ordinal position in the collating sequence used. HIGH-VALUE is treated as an alphanumeric literal in a context that requires an alphanumeric ...

3 Teradata Certifications that Add Value to ETL Career

03/15/2016 04:54:44 AM

The Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) team, in partnership with our Teradata education team, exam development partners, premier subject matter experts and an experienced, dedicated Certification team, develop and manage all Teradata ...

How to Open a Queue in MQseries with MQOPEN

03/14/2016 07:39:54 AM

Below is a list which shows the list of options available for MQOPEN: •Open a queue and specify that all messages put to that queue must be directed to the same instance of it •Open a queue to allow you to put messages on it •Open a queue ...

Why DBDGEN System Utility You Need in IMS DB before Writing a Program

03/13/2016 23:11:38 PM

The DBDGEN utility generates DBDs for a database based on the type of database that is using the utility. The DBDGEN program accepts several types of control statements. The DBD statement names the database being described and provides DL/I ...

Think You’re Cut Out For Doing IMS DB Interiew? Read This Post

03/11/2016 06:32:24 AM

The below is the complete list you need to refresh before you take for IMS DB interview: IMS DB Architecture IMS DB DBD declaration. What is PSB and PCB IMS DB DL/I entry. different Calls in IMS DB Tools being used to browse IMS DB database ...

10 Impressive DB2 Explain Plan Validations You Need for SQL Performance

03/10/2016 23:15:10 PM

The best syntax for EXPLAIN PLAN -EXPLAIN——————————————————> >–+-+-PLAN-+–+———————+–FOR–explainable-sql-statement-+-><    | ‘-ALL–‘ ‘-SET QUERYNO=integer-‘ |       ...

10 Awesome Steps to Writing SAS program in Zo/s

03/10/2016 08:38:18 AM

Basics about writing SAS program Every SAS statement ends with a semicolon (forgetting the semicolon is cause of many headaches among novice users) SAS statements can extend over multiple lines provided you do not split a word of the statement ...

How to Run a Query in QMF Automatically

03/10/2016 03:02:16 AM

Before Write a Proc do the below Steps: Create and save the query and form. Enter: RESET PROC The PROC panel displays. Example Proc: /* This procedure checks to see what day it is. If it's Monday, it runs a query and prints a report. If it isn't, ...

How to Sort Input Data set without Header and Trailer

03/09/2016 09:26:59 AM

The logic is again in two ways: Method-1 Use IDCAMS utility skip header record and trailer record. IDCAMS Skip record code snippet: // EXEC PGM=IDCAMS //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=A //SYSIN DD * Skip(1)count(48) /* Method-2 Use IFTHEN in sort on input ...

10 Killer Tips to Write Zo/s PLI program

03/09/2016 05:28:27 AM

Source programs may be written in upper or lower case. There is no difference between the cases, except within strings. Varying strings (declared with the attribute VARYING) are similar to C’s char. For an exact equivalant, in Enterprise PL/I ...

How to Interprete Zo/s PLI Boolean Values

03/08/2016 13:41:30 PM

In PL/I bit (1) strings represents single boolean values: '1'B is interpreted as True '0'B is interpreted as False Bit (1) strings may be used as boolean expressions in conditional and loop statements. declare my_bit bit (1); my_bit = ( 1 < ...

12 Zo/s PLI Program Error Handling Condtions

03/08/2016 08:59:11 AM

OVERFLOW ==>exponent overflow UNDERFLOW ==>exponent underflow FIXEDOVERFLOW ==>fixed-point overflow SIZE ==>fixed-point overflow ZERODIVIDE ==> division by zero SUBSCRIPTRANGE ==> subscript bound error STRINGRANGE ==> substring error STRINGSIZE ...

Mainframe Batch JCL to Compile PL/I Program

03/07/2016 23:24:18 PM

The below JCL helps to compile your PL/I program with IBMZCBG cataloged procedure acts as PL/I compiler. The generated load module, stores in a OUT data set as “NMEM”. //SRINIMFJOB  JOB //TREX EXEC IBMZCBG //PLI.SYSIN DD * NMEM: PROC O ...

How to Convert SQL Error Code into Text Message -DSNTIAR

03/07/2016 11:03:12 AM

You can use the subroutine DSNTIAR to convert an SQL return code into a text message. DSNTIAR takes data from the SQLCA, formats it into a message, and places the result in a message output area that you provide in your application program. ...

Free Online JCL test for Mainframe Developers

03/07/2016 00:01:25 AM

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5 More JCL Interview Questions

03/06/2016 05:20:48 AM

Q.1) How many ways a COND Parameter control Job execution? 2 Ways. One is by using COND in Step. Second by using COND in JOB Q.2) How to find reason when a Job is failed with S0c7? S0c7 is a data exception error. Use Abend-aid to get offset ...

Credit Cards Domain -Types of Different Payment Solutions

03/05/2016 22:28:39 PM

Business-to-Consumer Payment Terminal – A piece of hardware that allows a merchant to swipe or key-in credit card information as well as any other information required to process a credit card transaction. Point-of-Sale (POS) System – A ...

Credit Card Domain -Key Exchange Technics

03/04/2016 21:35:19 PM

Suppose you are a customer using a credit card to order an item from a website. An obvious threat is that an adversary would eavesdrop on your network communication, reading your messages to obtain your credit card information. It is possible ...

These areas need more focus in COBOL Language

03/04/2016 05:40:30 AM

Below are the list of topics, where every COBOL programmer mostly confused Editing characters. How MOVE will happen during data movement and what could be the end-result. Differences for COMP, Comp-3, COMP-4 and Comp-5 data types Handling internal ...

How Program Control happens in COBOL Run-unit

03/03/2016 04:58:31 AM

A run unit is a particular number of executable programs that act as a logical unit at run time. A run unit may consist of – one or more separately compiled programs, – one or more nested programs, – a combination of separately compiled ...

Why PIPELINE Scan is Needed during CICS Webservices

03/02/2016 06:42:25 AM

Use the PERFORM PIPELINE command to initiate a scan of the web service binding directory that is specified in the WSDIR attribute of the PIPELINE definition. If the WSDIR attribute is not specified, there is nothing to scan, and control returns ...

What is Data Stack in TSO Rexx

03/02/2016 00:56:41 AM

REXX in TSO/E uses an expandable data structure called a data stack to store information. The data stack combines characteristics of a conventional stack and queue. Stacks and queues are similar types of data structures used to temporarily hold ...

8 Key Points You Need to Know about DB2 Buffer pools

03/01/2016 07:38:06 AM

The most important reason to use more than one user table space is to manage buffer utilization. A table space can be associated with only one buffer pool, but one buffer pool can be used for more than one table space. The goal of buffer pool ...

Searching COBOL Table With SEARCH and Without Serach

03/01/2016 01:07:53 AM


Top 5 Legacy Skills in Demand

02/29/2016 04:18:40 AM

COBOL- One of the powerful language still being used in many financial projects MAINFRAME- Powerful systems, still being used, also suitable for handling big data C- Most popular language. Current days languages Python and PHP adopted many features ...

DB2 Express Edition for Transaction Processing. Read More!

02/29/2016 00:35:02 AM

An entry-level budget friendly database system, designed for small and medium businesses IBM® DB2® Express Server Edition is an entry level database system designed for transaction processing and handling complex query workloads. It provides ...

2 Key Points You Never Ignore in JOINKEYS of DFSort

02/26/2016 08:22:39 AM

Best example for JOINSKEYS in sort to get output file only records of matching keys from two input files: JOINKEYS F1=IN1,FIELDS=(22,3,A,55,9,D) JOINKEYS F2=IN2,FIELDS=(15,3,A,1,9,D) – You should not use same DD name on two statements (in ...

COBOL Strings -How to handle Spaces without Using “Trim” function

02/25/2016 10:58:26 AM

 In COBOL -85 there is no TRIM function. Below are the best methods to track spaces in input strings. Delimiter is one of the best method to remove spaces. String FIRST-STRING DELIMITED BY SPACES ' ' DELIMITED BY SIZE SECOND-STRING DELIMITED ...

Informatica Lookup Transformation -Quiz

02/24/2016 20:36:31 PM

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2 Powerful Tools for CICS Web services Development in Zo/s

02/23/2016 20:39:53 PM

Service oriented architecture (SOA) is a business-driven IT architectural approach that supports integrating the business as linked, repeatable business tasks, or services. General outline of how web services works in Zo/s context Batch Utilities:  ...

The 9 Best Things About IMS DB HDAM Database

02/23/2016 04:50:11 AM

All 9 points about IMS DB HDAM database: An HDAM database consists of one data set which is split into two parts: the root addressable part and the overflow part. The data set is a VSAM ESDS or OSAM data set. Click here HDAM Database Diagram ...

CICS File Read Command Option “CONSISTENT”

02/22/2016 21:31:22 PM

A tricky file handling point in CICS. During Read how CICS handles integrity. There are two ways -One wait till update, and option -2 is first READ completes and then UPDATE completes. Details of CICS READ: The record is read with a level of ...

How to get SQLCODE in DB2 COBOL Program without SQLCA

02/21/2016 06:48:51 AM

Below are the best techniques either ways you can use: Declare SQLCODE and SQLSTATE (SQLCOD and SQLSTA in Fortran) as stand-alone host variables. If you specify the STDSQL(YES) precompiler or SQL statement coprocessor option, these host variables ...

HP Non-Stop Tandem Quiz -Srinimf

02/20/2016 05:17:21 AM

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Mainframe IT Skills Demand Survey

02/20/2016 04:43:46 AM

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All about EIB fileds in CICS program

02/18/2016 22:59:04 PM

An application program can access all of the fields in the EIB by name. The EIB contains information that is useful during the execution of an application program, such as the transaction identifier, the time and date (initially when the task ...

10 Informatica ETL Questions asked at CGI

02/17/2016 00:03:48 AM

10 best selected interview questions asked at CGI. Continue reading →

5 Best Questions Asked on EIBDATE in CICS

02/15/2016 21:53:00 PM

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10 Amazing Uses of Different Linux Distributions

02/15/2016 21:30:01 PM

The below is complete list of different uses of variety of distributions.Keep in mind that any of the below Linux distributions can be a stable server and a nice graphical desktop client. Red Hat Enterprise (RHEL) -You are a manager and you ...

3 IT Skills Make You King Maker in Digital Career Age

02/12/2016 08:28:58 AM

As technology is changing tremendously and rapidly. At the same time your IT skills also becoming out of date. Hence, the time arrived especially for Mainframe programmers, this is good opportunity to learn these programming skills. Java C++ ...

Are You Using UNIX on Zo/s -Read this!

02/12/2016 05:06:42 AM

UNIX on Zo/s is not a new concept. Still you need to know basic commands. Go to TSO main menu to get into UNIX shell. -Oget -> To copy a dataset from OMVS to TSO -Oput -> To copy a dataset from TSO to OMVS -Oedit -> To edit a file The above ...

Top 4 Linux Distributions Currently Hot in the Market

02/10/2016 21:46:38 PM

These four Linux distributions are currently huge demand in the market: Red Hat – Red Hat is a billion dollar commercial Linux company that puts a lot of effort in developing Linux. They have hundreds of Linux specialists and are known for ...

When You Never Use DYNAM Compiler Option

02/10/2016 04:53:16 AM

The DYNAM compiler option must not be used in the following cases: COBOL programs that are processed by the CICS translator or the CICS compiler option COBOL programs that have EXEC SQL statements and are run under CICS or DB2 call attach facility ...

JCL evergreen Interview Question on COND Parameter

02/04/2016 21:00:40 PM

Almost in all interviews this question asked. The basic usage of COND parameter is to control execution of job steps. Some rules for JCL COND parameter Use the COND parameter to test return codes from previous job steps and determine whether ...

COBOL mostly asked Interview Question on Files

02/04/2016 05:00:00 AM

  Question is there are two files in  a COBOL program one is Master file and the other one is Transaction file, and how to compare records these two files and write the data into master file finally. Experienced programmers can write this ...

DB2 Column Access Control with GROUP BY

02/04/2016 01:05:14 AM


JCL Different Phases of Job Execution

02/03/2016 20:36:13 PM

ZO/S uses Job Entry Sub-system(JES) to receive jobs into operating system: The following are the different phases in Job execution: Input Phase Conversion Phase Execution Phase Output Phase Purge Phase Input Phase: -JES2 jobs can be entered ...

How much Java Skills You Need for Hadoop Career

02/03/2016 04:30:49 AM

Hadoop projects slowly coming to all big companies. This is the time to refresh your skills, and try for good opportunities. Many programmers including Mainframe developers asked this question. I would like to share the best Java skills for ...

How to SORT 3 Input files Using DFSORT Utility in JCL

02/02/2016 20:54:41 PM

DFSORT is a sort utility. If you are aware how to use this utility, you can perform your reporting tasks more effectively and with less time. In all financial projects like Banking, Capital Market and Insurance projects do use DFSORT utility ...

DFSORT Best Example for Multiple Overlay

02/02/2016 04:30:34 AM

Example for Multiple OVERLAY: OPTION COPY OUTREC IFTHEN=(WHEN=INIT, BUILD=(1:1,40,50:106,4,60:170,4,BI,EDIT=(TT.TT),70:170,4)), IFTHEN=(WHEN=(50,4,CH,EQ,C’COR’,AND,70,4,BI,GT,+2000), OVERLAY=(70:C’20%’,X)), IFTHEN=(WHEN=(50,4,CH,EQ, ...

QMF Export Report to Excel or Word document

02/01/2016 20:35:31 PM

EXPORT : Sends Queries, forms, procedures, reports, charts, and data from temporary storage to a TSO data set Queries, forms, procedures, and tables from the database to a TSO data set Syntax: Export  Report/Query/Form  to   data set Name ...

How to give VB Record in Linkage Section

02/01/2016 03:35:09 AM

Many mainframe programmers asked -Can give VB record in Linkages Section. The answer is yes. Below is the best example for VB Record: LINKAGE SECTION. 01 RECORD-FLAGS PIC 9(8) BINARY. 88 FIRST-REC VALUE 00. 88 MIDDLE-REC VALUE 04. 88 END-REC ...

You Never miss Different JCL Steps in a DFSORT Job

01/31/2016 22:24:50 PM

The job control language (JCL) you need to do a sort depends on whether you run DFSORT directly or call DFSORT from a program. For now, concentrate on running DFSORT directly. The below are the list of Parameters to be used in DFSORT job: Required ...

You Never miss Different JCL Steps in a DFSORT Job

01/31/2016 22:24:50 PM

The job control language (JCL) you need to do a sort depends on whether you run DFSORT directly or call DFSORT from a program. For now, concentrate on running DFSORT directly. The below are the list of Parameters to be used in DFSORT job: Required ...

DB2 Synonyms Vs Alias -7 Top Differences

01/31/2016 04:42:39 AM

DB2 Synonyms Synonyms can be thought of as alternative names for tables and views. No authorization is required to define a synonym. A synonym designates a synonym when it is preceded by the keyword SYNONYM, as in CREATE SYNONYM and DROP SYNONYM. ...

Using Data isn’t really what we mean by “Data Science” -Why?

01/30/2016 20:40:30 PM

The Web is full of “data-driven apps.” Almost any e-commerce application is a data-driven application. There’s a database behind a web front end, and middleware that talks to a number of other databases and data services (credit card ...

How to Change Table Column Data type in DB2

01/30/2016 08:55:03 AM

Query to change Data Type ALTER TABLE BOOKS ALTER BOOKNAME SET DATA TYPE VARCHAR(200) ALTER ISBN SET DEFAULT ‘UNKNOWN’; Certain characteristics of a table cannot be changed. For example, you cannot change the table space in which the ...

Data Science For Mainframe Developers

01/30/2016 04:44:34 AM

This video covers all basics for every mainframe programmers must know. Also tells how to enter into this career, and roles and responsibilities as Data Science developer. Also the below points covered: Data Manipulation Data Analysis with ...

5 Frequently Asked Questions on JCL Cataloged Procedures

01/30/2016 02:34:42 AM

1. What is in-stream procedure? A) An in-stream procedure is a named set of job control statements in a job that can be re-executed within that job, simply by invoking the name of the procedure. 2. What is Cataloged procedure? A)A cataloged ...

Apply these Technics to handle Null-terminated Strings in COBOL

01/29/2016 04:32:52 AM

Even though I was busy in my work, I decided to spend some time for our readers on technical help.  COBOL strings is a key subject  and across all the big mainframe projects (Finance, Insurance and Manufacture) without strings there is no ...

The Role of IBM Z13 in Mobile World and Fraud Detection

01/28/2016 22:51:25 PM

IBM took the wraps off a new mainframe computer on Tuesday, promising it will help customers to detect more fraud in real time and plow through billions of transactions generated each day by smartphones and tablets. Related: How Z13 Mainframe ...

DB2 Error while Inserting a Record -It is not Duplicate Record why?

01/28/2016 20:31:37 PM

What are basic rules of INSERT in DB2? The INSERT statement inserts rows into a table or view or activates the INSTEAD OF INSERT trigger. The table or view can be at the current server or any DB2® subsystem with which the current server can ...

What Mainframe Programmers should Learn Next

01/27/2016 20:35:21 PM

The demand for mainframe skills in the market is dwindling. At the same time Pay packages also not that much attractive compared to modern technical skills. Why mainframe skills not only enough? The reason is Mainframe works still on legacy ...

Idea -Temporary Data Set with Disp ‘KEEP’ or ‘CATLG’

01/27/2016 04:30:09 AM

If the DISP parameter for a temporary data set specifies KEEP or CATLG, the system changes the disposition to PASS and deletes the data set at job termination. However, the system does not change the disposition for a data set when all of the ...

COBOL File Status Codes and Their Meanings

01/27/2016 00:25:38 AM

In COBOL You can see during execution you will come across different error codes. The error codes are as follows: 00 – Successful means no error 1X -These errors come during AT END conditions 2X -Invalid Key errors 3X -Permanent errors 4X ...

How to Browse TCT, PPT, FCT, PCT entries in CICS

01/26/2016 09:24:43 AM

How to browse TCT table data? Use command DSPCICSTCT to browse entries in TCT (Terminal Control Table). Only you can browse the data, but you cannot change or delete it. How to browse PCT table data? Use command DSPCICSPCT to browse entries ...

COBOL -CICS Program Tips and Technics for Developers

01/26/2016 04:05:20 AM

Identification Division. ==>No differences Environment Division ==>MUST be EMPTY in CICS Program! No SELECT statements allowed! Data Division ==>No FILE SECTION – (No SELECTS) Data Division WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. Switches, Flags, Variables, ...

IMS DB Command Code Vs Proc Option

01/25/2016 23:37:10 PM

What is command code in IMS DB? Its benefits? Command codes in a SSA makes the call powerful since DL/I treats such SSA’S differently from those without the command codes while performing some special functions. Command codes save programming ...

2 New COBOL Compiler Options in V5.1 for Zo/s

01/25/2016 04:37:13 AM

Enterprise COBOL for z/OS , V5.1 introduces two significant compiler options. Based on new code generation and optimization technology the new ARCH -The syntax is ARCH(n). Parameter n is an integer between 6 and 10 inclusive, specifying the ...

DB2 In CURSOR with Multi Record Fetching

01/24/2016 21:21:19 PM

5 different best examples with Rowset positioning in DB2. These example also you can use for DELETE, UPDATE and SELECT multiple rows. Retrieve first 20 rows with rowset positioning-  EXEC SQL FETCH NEXT ROWSET FROM C1 FOR 20 ROWS INTO :HVA-EMPNO, ...

4 Different Flavours of NetCOBOL

01/24/2016 09:13:08 AM

NetCOBOL for .net The Fujitsu NetCOBOL® for .NET COBOL compiler enables access to the latest web technologies. COBOL applications can easily integrate with Internet XML Web Services and ASP.NET applications. The NetCOBOL for .NET compiler produces ...

2 Incredible DFSORT Insert Separators Examples in JCL

01/24/2016 04:30:33 AM

The best example is how you can insert separators: OUTREC FIELDS=(1,8,20C'*',9) or OUTREC BUILD=(1,8,20C'*',9) In the above example, inserting ‘*’ of 20 times. The following are valid separators: blanks zeros strings current date future ...


01/23/2016 08:43:35 AM

COBOL loop – Use of PERFORM VARYING  option. For example, you have loaded a file into internal array, then to search internal array you need PERFORM option. PERFORM paragraph-name VARYING a-variable-value FROM start-value BY increment-value ...

DB2 Stored Procedures in 10 Days (Part-1)

01/23/2016 04:22:23 AM

Today’s post -What is stored procedure? -How many types of stored procedures? -What are those? A stored procedure  is a user-written program that can be called by an application with an SQL CALL statement. It is a compiled program that ...

DB2 Complex SQL Query on Self-join example

01/22/2016 22:24:08 PM

Why Self-join you need? To refer fields within the same table you can go for self-join. The below is the example SQL query for self-join. Let us first create two copies of the same table MATCH, M1 and M2: CREATE TABLE M1 AS SELECT * FROM MATCH; ...

IBM Debugger Break Point Commands

01/22/2016 00:14:27 AM

LIST AT -Display a list of all breakpoints in the log FINDBP -Find the next statement breakpoint and position the source window to it CLEAR AT -Clear all breakpoints in the current enclave A or AT Line command:- set a breakpoint at the selected ...

5 Ways How Data sharing Happens in CICS Transactions

01/21/2016 20:32:42 PM

Below is the list of 5 ways how data sharing happens among CICS transactions: DFHCOMMAREA in RETURN command Common Work Area (CWA) Using CHANNEL command in RETURN Using DISPLAY screen -Data can be stored between pseudoconversational transactions ...

2 Best Ideas on How to Re-order fields with BUILD option in DFSORT

01/20/2016 20:36:28 PM

There are 2 ideas you can do re-order the fields in the output file. Option -1 is you need to write a COBOL sort program. You need to code the fields how you want and write into output file. Click here to know sample COBOL sort program. Option-2 ...

2 Incredible Ideas on Deleting a VSAM record in CICS

01/20/2016 09:19:03 AM

The first thing any CICS programmer must do is proper plan for coding. What step first and what step next gives a fair idea on CICS coding. This question asked in CICS interviews many times. Related: Python+Jobs+Best skill by Udemy First option ...

5 Thoughts on CICS RIDFLD Updating a VSAM record

01/20/2016 04:33:12 AM

Below is the flow chart that states how to UPDATE a VSAM record in CICS: Step:1 First step is you need to read a record from file with UPDATE option. Else, CICS treats it as READ only EXEC CICS READ FILE(FILEA) INTO(Record1) RIDFLD(Key1) UPDATE ...

DFSORT -How to Delete Fields with FIELDS or BUILD

01/19/2016 22:47:25 PM

Let us take an example and see, how we can delete fields with FILEDS or BUILD The SORT, SUM and OUTREC statements are as follows: SORT FIELDS=(106,4,CH,A) => It sorts records based on fields given SUM FIELDS=(162,4,BI,166,4,BI) ==> It sums the ...

Take Advantage of DB2 v11 Isolation Levels -Read these 10 Tips

01/19/2016 21:57:35 PM

List of DB2 V11 Interview Questions on isolation levels: 1) What is default isolation level? A) If we do not mention isolation level. DB2 consider it as RR. The package Isolation level overrides other isolation level like Result table isolation ...

15 Precious Uses of INREC,OUTREC and OUTFIL in JCL DFSORT

01/19/2016 04:30:38 AM

With INREC, OUTREC, and OUTFIL, you can perform a wide variety of tasks while sorting, copying, or merging, including the following: Delete fields. Reorder fields. Insert separators (blanks, zeros, strings, current date, future date, past date, ...

How to call SORT from COBOL Program

01/18/2016 20:12:13 PM

How to Code SQL in PL/I Program (Part-1 of 2)

01/18/2016 00:54:49 AM

SQL Query to UPDATE in PL/I: EXEC SQL UPDATE DSN8A10.DEPT SET MGRNO = :MGR_NUM WHERE DEPTNO = :INT_DEPT ; The above SQL statement you can use in your PL/I program. The terms EXEC and SQL should be in one line. If you need you can use comments ...

Tricky CICS Interview Question on Updating VSAM records

01/16/2016 05:02:54 AM

The length of records in an ESDS, a fixed-length RRDS, or a fixed-length KSDS must not be changed on update. However, the length of the record can be changed when rewriting to a KSDS with variable-length records. For a file defined to CICS as ...

IDCAMS -How to COPY VSAM data Set to NON-VSAM Data Set

01/16/2016 04:42:41 AM

Yes, you can copy a VSAM data Set to a Sequential Data Set. The below helps to achieve this: //COPY JOB ,'your name',CLASS=class,TIME=(mm,ss),LINES=lines /*ROUTE PRINT node.location // EXEC PGM=IDCAMS //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=A //VSAM DD DSN=UF ...


01/15/2016 20:37:32 PM

COBOL default date format is YYYYMMDD. The below list of COBOL intrinsic functions help to get different DATE related things: CURRENT-DATE None Alphanumeric Current date and time DATE-OF-INTEGER 1 integer Integer Standard date equivalent (YYYYMMDD) ...

5 Power Thoughts on DB2 V11 Date Subtraction

01/15/2016 06:46:55 AM

Subtracting dates: Idea-1 The result of subtracting one date (DATE2) from another (DATE1) is a date duration that specifies the number of years, months, and days between the two dates. Idea-2 The data type of the result is DECIMAL(8,0). If DATE1 ...

COBOL Date Logic to Find Number of Days

01/13/2016 23:33:32 PM

You need to know what date is 150 days from today.  Convert today to an integer date, add 150 to it and convert it back. No more checking which months you’re going through to see if it’s a 30 day or 31 day month. No more leap year calc ...

DB2 Alternate Isolation Level Option for ‘UR’

01/08/2016 08:30:09 AM

The isolation level option usually improves performance compared to other options. This reads all uncommitted data. No need to wait for till lock is released on the page or row. The other option is SKIP LOCKED DATE Example: SELECT ELEMENT FROM ...

JCL for VSAM alternate index cluster with explanation

01/07/2016 23:24:22 PM

VSAM alternate index is built by IDCAM BLDINDEX perameter. In the below JCL the IDS is ESDS base cluster. The ODS is Alternate index. //BIX1 EXEC PGM=IDCAMS //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSOUT DD SYSOUT=* //SORTWK01 DD SPACE=(CYL,(50,50)) //SORTWK02 ...

5 Tricky Questions on VSAM alternate Index

01/07/2016 20:46:35 PM

VSAM -Alternate index only allowed on KSDS and ESDS, but not on RRDS Alternate index should be declared for alternate key,and a path. So alternate key is different from alternate index. The path behaves like we are accessing a record from KSDS ...

5 Top Limitations of COBOL SEARCH ALL

01/07/2016 09:36:47 AM

The condition following the word WHEN can test only for equality: Valid: WHEN T-CUSTOMER-NO (X1) = CUST-NO-IN Invalid: WHEN T-WEIGHT-MAX (X1) < WEIGHT-MAILED If the condition following the word WHEN is a compound conditional: a. Each part of ...

DSLIST or 3.4 Option -Different View Modes of Data Sets

01/07/2016 04:30:47 AM

DSLIST commands for data sets lits Continue reading →

How to know new ISPF version changes with SAREA command

01/06/2016 23:18:59 PM

Keeping up with changes to ISPF can be well worth a little effort. When you encounter a new release of ISPF, the first thing you should do is check out the “Changes for this release” Help option, paying particular attention to the Program ...

Best Example for COBOL SEARCH and WHEN condition

01/05/2016 22:52:48 PM

The below flow chart shows how Search works. So, SEARCH is a serial search. SEARCH ALL is a binary search. Key points: Multiple WHEN conditions you can give AND , ‘=’ , ‘>’, ‘