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Sexy Boutique!?

06/11/2010 13:34:00 PM

So I'm researching lingerie today. Not a

The Dork Side of the Moon.

06/10/2010 19:19:00 PM

I feel sorry for Mexicans. They always look so sad.What are you known for holograph man?! Sliced bread!I'm still sorry bread.I have a best man. Well see if he really is... *squint*BOD. Bong of Destiny. Book of Death. Badger of Destruction. ...

Did you know that...

06/10/2010 17:02:00 PM

Sarah enjoys the finger of authority!Breakfast foods DONT make for good scrotal baggage.and the letter W makes much more sense in French..lla si tahT

My stomach is telling me to write.

06/10/2010 14:36:00 PM

Desperation is a stinky cologne.Life as an actor would be fucking great. Pretending to be anyone Im not at the moment would be a refreshing change. That and the


06/09/2010 14:57:00 PM

Im leaving this open for things to fly in. It makes sense to me.

06/08/2010 23:37:00 PM

Sometimes I think that cats have a secret agenda. Nothing too diabolical. But something. Oh yes, they're planning something.Long ago in

I like this because it feels like poetry.

06/08/2010 23:08:00 PM

I wrote this post because I had something funny to say. I have since forgotten. Iblamebong.I nodded at the end of the last post. Sarah was amused by this.Sarah is myAnimation is the bringing of life to an inanimate artwork. Murder is the artwork ...


06/08/2010 22:58:00 PM

Did you know that any and every form of beam can be reflected back to earth with 100x the force by any satellite in our atmosphere?

Why stop now?

06/08/2010 17:18:00 PM

Thinking of meaningful things to say is next to impossible for me. Thus the things I say have come to have little or no meaning.I like secrets. They sound like breathmints smell. Minty and refreshing, and with just a hint of morningshitbreath ...