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Cutter® Insect Repellents Dramatically Amplify Summer Fun #CutterRepellents #ad

07/01/2014 23:32:12 PM

Protect You and Your Family from Identity Theft With LifeLock #Lifelocksafety #Sponsored

06/30/2014 12:06:43 PM

‘Broken Branch Falls’ Virtual Book Tour & $20 and Book #Giveaway @taratylertalks

06/28/2014 15:02:50 PM

Petbrosia Pet Food, Petsmart Giftcard & Pet Supplements #Giveaway (RV $70)

06/27/2014 21:07:25 PM

Conveniently Pay with the Tap of Your Phone with Isis Wallet #PaySmarter #MC #Sponsored

06/26/2014 17:20:20 PM

‘Wytchfire’ Virtual Tour Review and RAP Swag #Giveaway @mrmeyerhofer

06/24/2014 21:00:22 PM

‘Go Math! Academy’ Makes Math Learning Fun for Kids #Sponsored

06/23/2014 00:46:46 AM

Social Media: The Digital You and The Social Stalker

06/20/2014 23:00:11 PM

Find the Best Gifts for Networking Graduates at Best Buy #Greatestgrad #Sponsored

06/20/2014 12:53:11 PM

Long Live the Undies with U by Kotex®: #Sponsored #Free Samples #Freebies

06/19/2014 12:05:27 PM

10 Fabulous Places to Find Incredible Blog Post Images FREE

06/17/2014 23:00:52 PM

4 Tips to Create a Blog that Fits Your Personality #blogtips #bloggers

06/16/2014 23:01:12 PM

Discover Boating and the Joy of Being on the Water #MC #Sponsored #Discoverboating

06/16/2014 21:37:25 PM

‘American Past Time’ Excerpt and Thoughts on Control with Author Len Joy

06/15/2014 17:45:22 PM

Qure Water is the Cure for Thirst and Body PH Balance #Sponsored #healthandwellness

06/13/2014 11:44:44 AM

Leven Rose Jojoba Oil Leaves My Skin Quenched and Radiant #Sponsored

06/12/2014 22:07:55 PM

Revolution Foods Meal Kits Weren’t too Impressive #MC #Sponsored

06/11/2014 18:26:34 PM

Revolution Foods Meal Kits are a Great Convenience #MC #Sponsored

06/11/2014 18:26:34 PM

Simply Summer #Cash and Goodies #Blogger & #Business #Giveaway Sign-Ups (1st Link #FREE)

06/11/2014 13:46:41 PM

5 Blogging Jewels Who Will Make You Better Bloggers

06/10/2014 23:00:44 PM

Milt Mays’ ‘The Guide’ Excerpt and Cover Reveal

06/10/2014 20:09:57 PM

Searching for Your Muse? Check Out Your Shoes #musewearflipflops #Sponsored

06/10/2014 13:35:43 PM

Amazon Studios Scores with Preschool Children with their ‘Tumble Leaf’ Series #MC #Sponsored

06/06/2014 22:00:45 PM

‘The Artful’ (Shadows of the City) Book Tour & $20 Amazon GC and Book Giveaway

06/05/2014 23:01:09 PM

Cogito Watches Combine Tech and Fashion for the Ideal Father’s Day Gift

06/05/2014 16:56:09 PM

‘To Sleep…Perchance to Die’: A Tightly Woven Tale of Betrayal, Murder, and Seduction

06/04/2014 01:53:08 AM

Beat the Heat $500 #Cash #Giveaway

06/03/2014 23:01:56 PM

5 Ways to Find Blogging Motivation

06/02/2014 23:00:12 PM

‘Binds That Tie’ Tour and Writing Wisdom with Kate Moretti & Swag #Giveaway

06/02/2014 15:11:51 PM

Ann Noser’s ‘How to Date Dead Guys’ Cover Reveal

06/02/2014 13:26:25 PM

The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Techie Dads from Best Buy #Greatestdad @BestBuy #Sponsored

06/01/2014 22:28:25 PM

New Release: ‘Guardian’ (Proxy #2) by Alex London & Book Giveaway @ca_london

05/29/2014 18:32:21 PM

Foxbrim Vitamin C Serum Continues to Keep my Skin Beautiful #Sponsoredreview

05/28/2014 16:01:45 PM

US Performing Arts Summer Camps for Teens Launches Scholarship and More Rewards Program

05/27/2014 19:50:11 PM

InstaNatural 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is an Ideal Skin Moisturizer

05/23/2014 19:22:11 PM

InstaNatural Organic Rosehip Seed Oil Has Multiple Beauty Uses

05/22/2014 23:01:54 PM


05/22/2014 23:00:54 PM

My 5 Weird OCD Twitter Rituals You Should Try

05/22/2014 23:00:46 PM

instanatural Phytoceramides Beautify from the Inside Out

05/20/2014 23:01:01 PM

Valentia Even Glow Serum Makes My Face Happy

05/20/2014 23:00:10 PM

12 Curious Cures for Hangovers From Around the World [Infographic]

05/20/2014 13:14:52 PM

Virtual Book Tour: Burt Weissbourd’s ‘In Velvet’ Cover Reveal and Excerpt

05/19/2014 20:30:24 PM

ibitz GeoPalz® Wireless Pedometers are Amazing @BestBuy #ibitzatBestBuy #Sponsored

05/16/2014 23:36:44 PM

It’s Unclear if LAC Taut Premium Collagen Masks Work #Sponsoredreview

05/16/2014 14:17:47 PM

Enjoy a “Home Spa” Day with the Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask #SponsoredReview #Beauty

05/14/2014 23:01:00 PM

#Blogging Basics: Editing is Evil But Necessary in Blogging

05/14/2014 23:00:18 PM

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Pouches: Healthy, Tasty, and Delicious #MC #Sponsored

05/14/2014 17:59:37 PM

The Video Cable Companies Don’t Want You to See and Why #NetNeutrality

05/13/2014 13:01:42 PM

Nothing Trumps Authenticity and Sincerity in Blogging

05/12/2014 23:00:34 PM

EXCITING Double Cover Reveal From Ascendant Series

05/12/2014 21:37:53 PM

BioTerra Herbs Vision (zoom) Helped My Eye Infection Heal Quickly #Sponsoredreview

05/09/2014 16:16:54 PM

#Blogging Basics: Knowing Your Demographics is Critical

05/08/2014 23:00:57 PM

Book Review: ‘Almost Night’ is Full of Heart and Unique Imagination

05/07/2014 15:44:04 PM

‘Love Box’, Positivity Bracelets, and Awesome Beauty Products #Giveaway (RV $200)

05/07/2014 13:44:32 PM

$500 May Flowers Cash #Giveaway

05/06/2014 23:01:50 PM

Love Your Skin with Mystellic Beauty Nature’s Best Vitamin C Serum #Sponsoredreview

05/05/2014 23:00:27 PM

Blogging Basics: How to Bring the Fire to a Bland Blog Post #blogtips

05/04/2014 23:00:51 PM

Book Review: ‘Courier’: Fantastic Execution of Historical Fiction

05/02/2014 19:34:12 PM

‘Zero Alternative’ Book Blitz & Book Giveaway

05/02/2014 17:01:30 PM

How to Get People to Listen to You

05/02/2014 15:51:11 PM

‘Renovating a Heart’ Cover Reveal and Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway

05/02/2014 12:29:37 PM

LeTote is Like Netflix for Fashionistas #Sponsoredreview

04/30/2014 23:01:15 PM

3 Stars for ‘Foresight’ & Dragon Touch® 7” Android 4.1 Tablet #Giveaway

04/30/2014 23:00:40 PM

Should You Get an AGA Cooker?

04/30/2014 13:57:49 PM

‘The Author Training Manual’ Should be on Every Writer’s List #writers #authors

04/30/2014 12:37:59 PM

‘Leticia’ Official Book Blast & Super Swag Pack #Giveaway

04/29/2014 22:09:17 PM

Apothederm™ Skin Care Science Acne Treatment Gets the Job Done #Sponsoredreview

04/29/2014 21:00:23 PM

The Bulu Box Just Isn’t My Thing but it Might be Yours #Sponsoredreview

04/29/2014 18:00:04 PM

‘The Challenge’ Official Book Blast and $25 Amazon GC and Books #Giveaway

04/29/2014 14:30:47 PM

Kickass Ways to Structure Your Blog Posts #blogging

04/27/2014 23:00:35 PM

What Have I Done with my Life?

04/22/2014 21:26:28 PM

Udemy Offers Free and Paid Educational Online Courses and Monthly Competitions

04/22/2014 16:42:41 PM

‘These Gentle Wounds’ #CoverReveal and #BookGiveaway

04/20/2014 23:00:35 PM

‘Summoned’: A Dark, Twisted Spin on Traditional Genie (Djinn) Folklore & $100 Amazon GC #Giveaway

04/19/2014 18:57:07 PM

5 Ideas For Awesome Weekend in Budapest

04/18/2014 13:35:47 PM

Academic Advice for College Freshmen

04/18/2014 13:21:19 PM

Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner Makes Wood Floors Shine #Giveaway #Sponsoredreview

04/17/2014 08:26:29 AM

My Ergonomic Walking Cane with 2 Cane Expressions Cover Combines Fashion and Function #Sponsoredreview

04/16/2014 23:00:11 PM

The Great Easter Peep Heist

04/14/2014 23:00:00 PM

‘Foresight’ Book Blog Tour & Dragon Touch® 7” Android 4.1 Tablet #Giveaway

04/14/2014 11:05:40 AM

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

04/13/2014 17:05:41 PM

Book Review: Fae is a Wickedly Wild Anti-Faerie Tale (Plus Stellar Auri Wars Prize Pack Giveaway)

04/10/2014 11:47:32 AM

PURE SAFE-SHELL Explorer Clear Coated Reusable Glass Bottle #Review & #Giveaway (RV $25)

04/09/2014 14:20:04 PM

$500 Cash April Showers #Giveaway to One Lucky Winner! Happy Spring!

04/09/2014 11:30:25 AM

Book Review: Return of the Ascendant is Intergalactically Superb & $15 GC, Book, and Swag Giveaway

04/08/2014 17:12:08 PM

Who Else Can Say they Get a Luxurious Foot Massage Every Day?

04/07/2014 17:06:26 PM

Betty Crocker Watermelon Cake & Frosting: A Delicious Baking Fail

04/07/2014 13:13:23 PM

Home Renovation Tips to Maximize Your Return on Investment

04/05/2014 15:39:28 PM

BioTerra Herbs, Mental Focus (huh?) Help Combat Mind Fog #sponsoredreview

04/03/2014 23:00:21 PM

How to Grow Your Email, Mobile, and Social Audiences [Infographic]

04/03/2014 16:00:24 PM

Spring #Giveaway Bash: Jewelry, Totes, & Stress Relief Kit (5 Winners, RV $200 EACH)

04/02/2014 16:41:41 PM

4 Effective Ways Of Getting Social On Social Media

03/31/2014 23:00:29 PM

The Pro Travel Planner App Makes Organizing a Trip Super Easy #SponsoredReview

03/30/2014 18:14:03 PM

Living Well: 3 Things to Pursue to Live Your Best Life

03/30/2014 15:53:00 PM

Kohl’s ‘Peter Som’ Spring Fashion Collection is Fabulous

03/30/2014 15:03:32 PM

5 Tips to Litter Train Your Kitten

03/30/2014 13:29:02 PM

How to Prepare for a Vacation to Alaska

03/28/2014 14:24:44 PM

The Importance of Monitoring Your Business’s Reputation

03/27/2014 10:23:14 AM

‘Float’ Official Virtual Book Tour & Kindle Fire HD #Giveaway

03/25/2014 08:21:12 AM

Venice: The Perfect Romantic City For Your Luxury Vacation

03/25/2014 07:56:07 AM