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Dogs are pretty self-centered, really.

02/12/2014 06:09:24 AM

I love my dog, Gordon. I’ve always assumed Gordon loves me, too.  And why wouldn’t he? I feed him, pet him, pick acorns out of his paws and let him out when he needs to do his business. I’ve never suggested he get a job. But I̵

Celebrity Hunger Games

02/04/2014 17:39:03 PM

Celebrity Hunger Games: Katniss vs Other Action Heroes It was only a matter of time until someone tried to make even more money off The Hunger Games, and how better to capitalize on its success than cameos by celebrities? Celebrity Hunger ...

There’s an octopus in my toilet

01/31/2014 04:29:02 AM

Ever look at your toilet and think, “Hmmm… I wish my throne was more threatening, but in a whimsical tentaclely way…” Now you’re in luck! Check out this beauty I (noted octopus freak) bought from Amanda on Etsy at Good G

Mourning the B-Side

01/29/2014 06:18:29 AM

My husband and I share a long L-shaped desk. It isn’t the perfect situation, particularly when I’m trying to concentrate and he’s exploring new musical artists by playing 90-second blips of songs. A woman warbles. A man wails. A gui

The Highs and Lows of Drinking in a Microcosm

01/23/2014 06:44:23 AM

HIGH Ladies night out. There will be wine.  Specifically, a wine tasting, followed by dinner. Post-wine tasting, my friend Sue and I go to a nearby restaurant and order another bottle to accompany our dinner. The guacamole is sublime. Sue ...

Living on the Edge of Stupidity

01/21/2014 04:17:58 AM

I’ve been living on the edge. I don’t mean I’ve been flying F-16s or having unprotected sex with howler monkeys or willfully not measuring ingredients when I bake a cake. I mean I’ve been nearly breaking my ankle on the edges

Wine Review: Bodegas Avante Tineta 2011

01/17/2014 08:40:23 AM

Bodegas Avante Tineta 2011 Tempranillo Review: 4.5 out of 5 wine glasses for the money ($16) Bodegas Avante Tineta 2011  is a Spanish Tempranillo, and has rapidly become one of our affordable favorites. If it was $10 it would definitely be ...

Unsubscribe from Email Lists and Join the Idle Rich

01/15/2014 05:49:15 AM

Unsubscribe from Email Lists and Enjoy the Glamorous Lifestyle You Were Born to Live Hey! How are you? I’m talking to you from the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise, which is the name of my lawn chair where I am tanning and working on my ve ...

How to Remove Search Protect by Conduit

01/14/2014 06:08:59 AM

Remove Search Protect by Conduit – It is evil! I visited my sister-in-law recently to find her computer almost completely unusable thanks to the fact every search page was being hijacked by malware known as “Search Protect by Conduit.&# ...

2009 Fontezoppa Rosso Marche Review

01/10/2014 06:42:27 AM

2009 Fontezoppa Rosso Marche Review: 4 out of 5 wine glasses for the money ($10-$15) 2009 Fontezoppa Rosso Marche (an Italian wine – duh)  is another one of our pasta wines. Wines we drink with pasta, that is. Not wines made out of pasta. ...

An Eating Tour of Charleston Restaurants

01/09/2014 10:22:51 AM

I have a secret about Charleston Restaurants. It’s pretty shocking, so you should get your self some smelling salts. You’ll have to travel to a 1940s screwball comedy or maybe a BBC Victoria drama to find some, but go ahead, I’ll wa

When Two Brains that Operate as One are Separated

01/08/2014 06:26:35 AM

My husband Mike and I recently stayed at the Planter’s Inn in Charleston, South Carolina. The Planter’s Inn has a main building and an auxiliary building overlooking a central courtyard. When the hotel staff took us to our room, the f ...

Review: The Planters Inn – Charleston, South Carolina

01/07/2014 06:11:53 AM

Planters Inn Review: 4 out of 5 wine glasses: My husband and I didn’t plan to stay at The Planters Inn – we’d made reservations at The French Quarter Inn for Christmas vacation. But after we discovered the French Quarter’s re

Writers Join the Shia Slam! Original Responses to Shia LaBeouf’s Plagiarism

01/04/2014 07:13:14 AM

Shia LaBeouf plagiarized a writer’s work. But it gets worse. And as a writer, I’m pissed. Actor Shia LaBeouf plagiarized a writer’s work, then mockingly “apologized” by plagiarizing apologies. Then tried to explain himse