Find Your Best Cajon Today – 4 Favorites for 4 Purposes

09/18/2016 12:55:11 PM

Estimated reading time: When my band mates came up to me saying I had to learn cajon in order for us to play our sets “unplugged” I resisted. I didn’t want to change from sitting behind my shiny, big drum set to squatting on a sma

Sonor Martini Review – It Could Be For Your (Even If You Don’t Drink)

09/11/2016 10:36:39 AM

Estimated reading time: I’m guessing you don’t associate “shaken, not stirred” with a drum kit. But apparently Sonor did, and so they called their compact drum kit the “Sonor Martini”. But is this kit really as goo

Ludwig Breakbeats Review: When a Drumming Star Designs a Kit

09/04/2016 11:11:10 AM

Estimate reading time:  When I ordered the Ludwig Breakbeats, I wasn’t sure if it would live up to my expectations. After all, it was a Ludwig drum kit and Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, drummer of Jimmy Fallon’s house band, had

Best Headphones for Electronic Drums

08/28/2016 12:32:49 PM

I got my first headphones for free alongside my first electronic drum set and didn’t bother about these things at all…Until I got a pair of brand ones much later and was blown away by the difference they made. So once you’ve found

This Alesis Nitro Review Will Help You Find Your Electronic Kit Today

08/21/2016 10:05:40 AM

I bought my first electronic drum set in 2002. Back then, these things were freakin’ expensive (1000$+). And when prices started to decrease shortly after that, quality more often than not decreased as well. Now, the Alesis Nitro is one of ...

The Best Double Bass Pedal for the Money? Find Yours Today!

08/14/2016 16:00:01 PM

“When Mr. Ludwig invented the bass-drum pedal, that’s what made the drum set possible” (Neil Peart) So double bass pedals are crucial to your drumming – for sure! But they can also suck up a lot of time when it comes to tweaki

Best Budget Cymbal Pack 2016 – 3 Options, 1 Winner

08/10/2016 06:15:54 AM

Aren’t crappy cymbals one of the most discouraging things about being a drum beginner or drummer on a budget? You can tune your drum heads very easily and make even the cheapest kit sound fairly good. But the cymbals are just there. You ...

7 Songs to Play Drums to That Will Keep You Fit and Concentrated

08/07/2016 15:38:26 PM

I think you’ll agree that drumming to actual songs is one of the most enjoyable activities ever. Often I can just about remember I’m not Taylor Hawkins after having smashed my way through a Foo Fighters song. But it seems you’re o

Best Drum Heads 2016: These Make Any Drum Set Sound Amazing

08/02/2016 15:10:13 PM

Of all parts of a drum set, drum heads have the greatest influence on how your drums sound. A high-end set can sound cheap with low-quality drum heads, and a cheap drum set can sound amazing with amazing heads. But finding the best drum heads ...

Alesis DM10X Review: Great Value for the Money. Period.

07/28/2016 09:50:49 AM

I think you’ll agree that the Alesis DM10X is an exceptionally good looking piece of an electronic drum set! But do you actually know what’s under the hood? Is the module any good? What about the sound quality? And will either the me ...

Discount Drum Sets – How to Quickly Find the Best Deals on Amazon

07/24/2016 17:14:33 PM

In the age of the internet discount drum sets are often just a few clicks away. And Amazon in particular offers lots of ways to save lots of money. So I’ll show you 9 simple ways to find budget drum sets on Amazon. You can instantly ...

Best Drum Set for Kids – A Teacher’s Guide For Parents

07/20/2016 09:59:39 AM

Choosing a first drum set for your child can be difficult. What age is a junor drum set for? Which brands are good? And what after all is the best drum set for kids? But the whole matter becomes much easier once you know what to look for and ...

Ludwig Jr Drum Set Review – All Questions Answered

07/17/2016 09:19:03 AM

Other Ludwig jr drum set reviews tell you about how famous Ludwig is as a drum brand and how Ludwig used to be endorsed by Beatles drummer Ringo Star in the late 1960s. But we’re talking about the Ludwig junior drum set for less than 300$ ...

7 Health and Money Benefits of Playing Drums

07/13/2016 08:19:51 AM

Yes, drumming is a lot of fun. But beyond that, it can also improve your health as well as your finances. How? Here are 1 money and 6 health benefits of playing drums… 1. Makes you fit Have you ever tried to produce 232 strokes with your ...

Alesis DM6 Review – What It Can And Cannot Do

07/10/2016 12:56:06 PM

Finding the right electronic drum set isn’t easy. There are questions about the module, the pads and how to connect this thing to a computer. That’s what you might think. But actually, it’s not that hard to find out whether the Ale

Yamaha DTX450K Review – Answering The FAQs

07/05/2016 10:55:59 AM

I think you’ll agree with me that finding the right electronic drum set can be tough: there are so many good options out there. And at some point it just doesn’t help to read yet another list of best electronic drum sets. That’s wh

4 Most Popular Places To Buy Drums Online – Find Your Best Deal

07/01/2016 14:48:03 PM

You want to buy drums online but don’t know all the good places? After all, a bit of comparing will get you a much better price in most cases. So I’ll give you a quick overview of what I think are the best places to buy drum sets onli ...