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Dwayne McDuffie, RIP

02/22/2011 14:56:45 PM

Static creator, Justice League story editor, and one of the key contributors to the DCAU, Dwayne McDuffie, passed away earlier today.  The CBR story is here; Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Entertainment, gives the company’s thoughts here.  ...

Young Justice 1×03: “Welcome to Happy Harbor”

01/22/2011 06:33:18 AM

While waiting for their first mission, the team has to deal with a villain with a suspiciously familiar set of powers. … Continue reading →

Batman: The Animated Series, Epsiode 081: “Harley’s Holiday”

12/01/2010 22:26:46 PM

Finally declared sane and released from Arkham, Harleen Quinziel tries to put her criminal past behind her, and is actually successful... for ten minutes. … Continue reading →

Justice League 2×19-20: “The Secret Society”

11/28/2010 23:58:51 PM

Gorilla Grodd assembles a team of his own to battle the Justice League, who seem to be falling apart at the seams. … Continue reading →

Young Justice: “Independence Day, Parts 1 and 2″

11/27/2010 19:32:39 PM

After a disappointing first day in the Hall of Justice, Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad investigate a situation at Cadmus Labs that rapidly spirals out of control. … Continue reading →

Pre-Long-Weekend Quickie Aside: New JLU Figures

05/19/2010 21:35:46 PM

A quick look at five very awesome JLU figures on their way in 2010. … Continue reading →

Batman: The Animated Series, Episode 94 – “Growing Pains”

05/19/2010 21:22:35 PM

Robin becomes involved with a young girl, only to find that her father is hiding a dark secret. … Continue reading →

Weekend Aside: Justice League Task Force (SNES)

05/09/2010 18:17:31 PM

A look at Blizzard and DC's forgotten contribution to the fighting game genre, Justice League Task Force. … Continue reading →

Static Shock 036: “Toys in the Hood”

05/03/2010 19:18:53 PM

Toyman arrives in Dakota on the trail of an old friend, but it turns out that they're conspiring to threaten Static's girlfriend. … Continue reading →

Justice League 2×17-18: “Hereafter”

05/02/2010 22:05:39 PM

Superman is apparently killed, and while the League mourns his loss he has to team up with Vandal Savage to fight killer cockroaches. … Continue reading →